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Fake The White House allegedly announced that Biden's IQ is 187

Propagandists are spreading a fake on social networks, allegedly the press secretary of the White House, Karin Jean-Pierre, in the morning briefing on January 29, 2024, reported that the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden, passed the IQ test and received 187 points. Like, that makes him “the smartest president in the history of the United States”. However, this is a fake.

Specialists of the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that the propagandists were referring to a press briefing that took place on January 29, 2024, but that briefing was about the foreign policy of the United States. No one discussed the subject of the president's IQ during his time. Even on the official website of the White House and in the American media, there is no mention that Joe Biden's IQ is 187.

The topic of IQ level has already been used as an argument in political disputes, in particular, Donald Trump unjustifiably denigrated his rival Joe Biden, exposing him as less intelligent. Detector Media wrote about Donald Trump's social network, where there are even more personal jokes against Biden and anti-Ukrainian rhetoric.

Fake Bellingcat allegedly found evidence that Gunther Biden is a monopolist in the production of church supplies in Ukraine

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric on social networks are distributing a video allegedly made by a team from the British broadcaster BBC. It claims that Bellingcat investigators have obtained documents linking US President Joe Biden's son Gunter Biden to the production of church supplies in Ukraine. According to these data, Gunter Biden, with the help of his assistant, collaborating with a Ukrainian manufacturer of church supplies, monopolized their sales in 2020. However, this is fake.

The VoxCheck fact-checker drew attention to it. They found that Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins responded to the video by calling it another Russian fake. In addition, there is no information about this on the official Bellingcat website or the official BBC YouTube channel. The fake video was released on January 6, 2024, but the design of the British media looks completely different. For example, the original BBC videos have black text on a white background, surrounded by a red frame.

The video also mentions the Ros-Vinnytsia enterprise, which is associated with Gunther Biden and is called a monopolist in the church supplies market, but on the Internet you can find many advertisements for the sale of church utensils from companies that are not its subsidiaries. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Biden’s son or his representatives are not among the owners of Ros-Vinnytsia.

Propagandists are spreading this fake news to support their narrative about the Bidens' corruption in Ukraine. It is especially relevant in the context of the election campaign before the US presidential elections in 2024. Detector Media wrote about a conspiracy theory in this regard.

Fake The Nation published a cover with Zelenskyi with a credit card, and Kissinger and Biden in hell

Propagandists are circulating a cover on social media that they claim is a special issue of The Nation magazine. It depicts Volodymyr Zelenskyi, Joe Biden and Henry Kissinger. It is noted that the issue is timed to coincide with the death of Kissinger, who, according to the cover, went to hell and is trying to take Biden with him. In the picture you can see the publication date – November 30, 2023. However, this is fake.

The VoxCheck team noticed it. It found out that The Nation magazine had not published a single issue with such a cover. The publication's website and its pages on social networks do not contain the mentioned issue. In addition, the publication does not have a November 30, 2023 issue.

Propagandists continue to create and distribute fake covers of global publications to create a false impression of resistance to support for Ukraine among foreigners. Thus, they also want to personally discredit the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi.  Detector Media also refuted other propaganda fabrications directed against him.

Fake Zelenskyi allegedly called Biden a “hypocrite”

Social media users spreading pro-Russian rhetoric are disseminating information that allegedly during a telephone conversation, President Zelenskyi expressed a negative attitude towards US President Joe Biden, calling him a “hypocrite” and US Secretary of State Blinken a “clown”. However, the audio recording of this conversation is fake.

This was brought to the attention of the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. They found out that the audio recording of the conversation was fake and that it was mainly distributed on the X network (formerly Twitter). This is a recording made with the participation of actors with a distinct Russian accent and pronunciation vaguely reminiscent of Zelenskyi and his wife.

By spreading such fakes, propagandists aim to antagonize world leaders and create preconditions for the withdrawal of financial and military support for Kyiv.

Disclosure Turkish publication LeMan allegedly published a cover with a caricature of a dead Joe Biden

Propagandists are spreading images on social media of a purported cover of the Turkish satirical magazine LeMan, depicting a dead Biden and a calm Xi Jinping. Along with the illustration is a Turkish phrase: “If you sit by the river for a long time, you can see the body of your enemy floating by”. The reports came after Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping from November 15 to 17 in San Francisco, during which Joe Biden called him a dictator. However, this image is fake.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that LeMan magazine had not published an issue with such a cover. It contains the following data - date and issue number: November 17, 2023, issue 45 since the beginning of the year, as well as another issue number - 1652. However, they did not find confirmation of this cover on the official LeMan pages on social networks. VoxCheck also checked to see if issue number 45 or 1652 was published on November 17th and found that LeMan had not published any new issues at that time. Issue number 45 (or 1652) did not appear until November 22 and had a different cover dedicated to living conditions in the hostels.

By spreading such fake news, propagandists want to create the impression that the foreign press is skeptical not only of the United States, but of the West as a whole. Creating false covers of foreign publications is a regular practice of Russian propagandists, as Detector Media has repeatedly written about. 

Fake A monument to Joe Biden will allegedly be erected in Kyiv

Anonymous telegram channels spread information that a monument in honor of Joseph Biden would be erected on the site of the recently demolished monument to Pushkin in Kyiv. The authors of the messages add to the publication a plan for creating the monument and its estimate: they explained that they plan to create a monument with Joe Biden shaking hands with Volodymyr Zelenskyi. They also named a real company that would create such a project and added a number of “documents” to the messages. It's a lie.

Analysts from the VoxCheck project investigated his case and determined that the company, which, according to fake documents, is the likely executor of the project, denied the report about the production of a monument to Joe Biden. Their press service explained that they are not working on the construction of the monument and at the same time they have not received such requests.

According to propagandists, the project was allegedly ordered by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. In general, this is an institution that is subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy. However, on the government procurement website Prozorro, for example, there is not a single tender for the installation of a monument to Joe Biden from this government agency. Neither the Ministry of Culture nor affiliated structures mentioned such a project on their social networks.

Manipulation The United States is helping Ukraine as wars are beneficial to the American economy, Biden said

Pro-Kremlin media are disseminating information that US President Joe Biden in his address allegedly admitted that he had deceived the world under the guise of the fight for democracy, and called assistance to Ukraine an investment in murder and the American PMC. Russian propaganda writes that “investment in military conflicts in Israel and Ukraine is necessary for the well-being of the American economy and its VAT”. It is not true.

The case was investigated by the fact-checker of the StopFake project. On October 19, the US President made a special address in which he said that assistance to Israel and Ukraine is an investment for US citizens. However, Russian propagandists took the quote out of context, leaving out the part explaining why Biden used that particular expression.

In fact, Joe Biden noted that there is a direct connection between Ukraine’s victory in the Russian-Ukrainian war and the well-being of Americans. In his address, he spoke about investing in the security and stability of the democratic world, and not about “investing in the death of Ukrainians”. After all, if terrorists do not pay for terror, and dictators do not pay for aggression, they continue to commit crimes, kill and destroy. This unleashes even more unpunished cruelty and permissiveness in the world.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to discredit US President Joe Biden and convince the whole world that America benefits from Russia’s war in Ukraine. They say that while Ukrainians are dying, the US economy is improving, which is why the United States is “helping”. By spreading such manipulation, Russian propagandists seek to antagonize Ukraine with its Western partners and reduce aid. Previously, we refuted the fake that during one of Joseph Biden’s speeches people chanted obscene words.

Fake During one of Joseph Biden's speeches, people chanted obscene words

This information was disseminated by pro-Kremlin media. Reports say that Joseph Biden gave a speech to the Americans. However, according to the authors of the fake message, the crowd was unhappy with the politician and began chanting obscene words in response. The publications add that the angry crowd shouted “f*ck you, Joe”. To support this, the reports add video evidence that appears to be a real recording of the American president’s speech. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck project specialists were able to analyze the case, who verified the authenticity of the video and determined that it was compiled. In fact, obscene exclamations were added to the original audio track, allegedly aimed at the President of the United States. Using a reverse Google search, the fact-checkers also discovered a real video of Joe Biden's speech, which was published back in July 2022. In fact, the official’s clothes, accessories and the location of the shooting coincide with the propaganda heritage - most likely, the authors used this particular video to plant a fake. As for the speech itself, the politician spoke about introducing legislation that would strengthen the security of local communities. For example, the legislative initiative provides for limiting the use of weapons for certain categories of people.

Propagandists exploited a moment in the speech when a listener chimed in on Biden's speech, declaring that “Americans need to do more”. And the politician asked the listener to sit down. Moreover, others began to shout “”Joe Biden! Yes!”, that is, in this way they supported the official’s initiative.

Propagandists of the system are trying to discredit the US President by showing his “clumsiness” and “meaninglessness”. Allegedly, Ukraine’s strategic partner is not competent at all and does not deserve recognition. Thus, the authors ridicule Western leaders. But they are trying to point out that Russian politicians, say, are more conscientious and never have any incidents happen to them: they are “successful”, they are “supported everywhere” and are trying to “imitate”. Thus, Russian propaganda despises, for example, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, contrasting him with the standard bastions of Russian politics.

The analysts of Detector Media recently refuted similar cases about the head of the White House, where they tried to undermine his authority. Read the latest: how Joe Biden allegedly buys books about dementia, “sniffs” a teenager, or supposedly falls asleep during a meeting with the President of Israel.

Fake Child trafficking has been allowed in the United States

Such information was disseminated on social networks and propaganda media. Reports say California has allegedly blocked a bill that would have made trafficking of minors a serious crime. The authors report that California leads the nation in child trafficking cases. And they sum up: “this situation is the result of the policy of Joseph Biden”. It is not true.

Analysts from the VoxCheck project analyzed this case and explained that child trafficking is punishable by law in the United States. In fact, at the time of the spread of messages on social networks, senators unblocked consideration of a bill to make trafficking in minors a serious crime. Accordingly, Joe Biden could not revoke an executive order aimed at combating child trafficking. That is, propagandists distorted information about the bill itself and wrote that it was allegedly blocked. Although in general we are not talking about objecting to the crime of trafficking in children, but only about strengthening the responsibility for the crime. And revision to the law.

Under current California law, trafficking in minors is punishable by up to 12 years in prison. At the same time, sexual exploitation of a minor, accompanied by coercion, deceit, intimidation, can lead to imprisonment for 15 years or life.

Manipulation Joseph Biden says US overcomes cancer

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that during one of the briefings of US President Joe Biden, he said that cancer was “overcome” in the United States. The authors add that Biden once again turned out to be speaking up. The reports are convincing: such behavior indicates the “old age” of the official. This is manipulation.

The fact-checkers of the VoxCheck project took up this case and found that on July 25, 2023, the President of the United States gave a speech about expanding access to mental health care. He also commented on the administration's plans for other aspects of the medical sector. So he said that he seeks to reduce the incidence of cancer in the United States. During the speech, he explained that if he had the opportunity to do anything, he would first of all cure cancer. Currently, he is considering the possibility of reducing the incidence of cancer as much as possible. That is, the propagandists distorted the context of the speech and came up with their own theses.

Propagandists are systematically trying to discredit the US President, showing his “clumsiness” and “senselessness”. Allegedly, the strategic partner of Ukraine is not competent at all and does not deserve recognition. Thus, the authors ridicule Western leaders.

Analysts have recently refuted similar cases about an official where they want to undermine his authority. For example, how Joe Biden seems to be buying books about dementia, “sniffing” a teenager, or, they say, fell asleep during a meeting with the President of Israel.

Fake CBS News spots Joe Biden buying dementia books

Anonymous telegram channels and Russian media are circulating a video of US President Joe Biden reviewing books in the “brain exercises for dementia” section. The video shows a sign “brain exercises for dementia”. The authors report that this was recorded by journalists in one of their stories. It's a lie.

VoxCheck fact-checkers took up this case and found out that the video was edited. The original video was recorded by CBS News back in 2012 and doesn't have a dementia sign on it. The story itself shows then-Vice President Joe Biden visiting the new Costco bookstore in Washington. In the video, one can see that Biden is looking at children's books, and there are no dementia signs nearby.

Dementia is a syndrome characterized by the loss of a person's cognitive functions, that is, the functions of thinking, memory, and the ability to do daily activities. Dementia mostly appears in old age. Actually, this is how propagandists hinted that Joseph Biden was ill and, for example, he could no longer hold the presidency.

Fake Joseph Biden fell asleep during a meeting with the President of Israel

Such information was disseminated in social networks, in particular, on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that during a meeting with Israeli President Joe Biden involuntarily fell asleep. In the publication, the authors add an excerpt from the video of the meeting. It is not true.

VoxCheck fact-checkers determined that the propagandists cut the original video of the meeting at a favorable moment. Then the President of the United States simply lost his mind and put his head down correcting himself. The authors passed it off as a “dream”.

By spreading this fake, the propagandists want to discredit Joe Biden and show that Ukraine is supported by supposedly “unlucky” politicians. The authors have repeatedly spread fakes about Biden, which we have refuted. Among such anonymous telegram channels claimed that Joe Biden “sniffed” a teenager or that three hands were found on an official.

Message Joseph Biden cannot be the President as he is a “pervert”

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say US President Joseph Biden has been looking “not quite healthy” lately. Like, either he talks to himself, or they found three hands in him and so on. In support of this thesis, the authors assured that at one of the meetings with the public, Joe Biden “sniffed a teenager” and showed an “unhealthy interest” in the child. A video from TikTok was added to the publications as proof.

The case was analyzed by VoxCheck project fact-checkers. They determined that the video was changed using a special editor. The authors zoomed in on the image and substituted the sound of air being drawn in, reducing the duration of the recording. In fact, Joseph Biden leaned over the baby, who was held by his mother in her arms, to whisper what he said was a secret. Then he offered to take a picture with the mother of the child. On the original video, one can see the inscription “I met the President of the United States today”,  and the authors of the fake removed this inscription, depriving the context of the entire event.

Manipulation Obama slams Biden for “corruption”

Propagandists on social networks are spreading messages according to which the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, allegedly criticized the current US President Joe Biden for corruption in a recent interview with CNN. Like, one should not consider the Ministry of Justice as one's own personal law firm and one should not ignore legal norms to prevent the influence of personal interests on the work of institutions. They argue that this quote is related to Biden's corruption in Ukraine, which has become more talked about by representatives of the US Republican Party. This is manipulation.

Specialists of the MythDetector project drew attention to it. They found that Obama's statement was published without context and with erroneous descriptions. In the mentioned  interview, it did consider Donald Trump. So Obama answered the question “Will American institutions withstand another Trump victory in the presidential election?”.

Thus, propagandists want to destabilize the situation in the United States, discredit Joe Biden and his support for Ukraine. This manipulation is an example of how Russian propaganda uses the “Ukrainian trace” conspiracy theory in the Biden vice presidency, which we wrote about earlier.

Fake Joseph Biden has three arms, a photo of him is circulating on the network

A screenshot from a video of Joseph Biden standing at the podium is being circulated on the American segment of Twitter, his two hands are slightly raised above it, and the third hand is pressed to the edge of the podium. The spreading image also contains the text: “When you thought you saw everything…”. It's fake.

The fact-checkers of the Reuters media drew attention to the case. They determined that the photo had been edited. The screenshot was taken from a presidential address following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, where only two hands are visible. The video itself is uploaded by the White House.

Thus, they try to discredit the President of the United States and cause distrust towards him. Earlier, Detector Media denied a number of fakes about Joe Biden, in particular, that he allegedly asked the “invisible man” not to jump during his speech.

Fake Joseph Biden proud to be the most pro-Russian president in American history

Anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric are circulating a video of US President Joseph Biden saying he is allegedly proud to be the most pro-Russian president in American history. I promised you that I would. But here's what I'm really proud of: I'm proud to have been re-elected as the most pro-Russian president in history”. It's fake.

The case was investigated by the VoxCheck fact-checker. They found out that the video had been edited: a disfigured Russian translation was superimposed on the original audio track. On June 17, 2023, Biden spoke to union members in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the campaign trail. In fact, at that meeting, the President of the United States said, “I am proud to be the most union-friendly president in American history. I promised that I would. But what I'm really proud of is that I was re-elected as the most pro-union president in history”.

By spreading such fakes, Russian propagandists are trying to discredit Western partners and instill distrust in them. Earlier, Detector Media denied the fake that Joe Biden admitted that Putin could not be defeated.

Manipulation FBI silences $5 million bribe given by Ukrainians to Joe Biden

Propagandists are spreading information that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation allegedly does not provide US Congressmen with details regarding the $5 million bribe that the Ukrainian authorities provided to current United States President Joe Biden during his tenure as Vice President. This is manipulation.

The authors of messages on this topic in anonymous telegram channels that spread pro-Russian rhetoric refer to the corresponding article of the British tabloid The Daily Mail. The article notes that the Republicans in Congress held a closed meeting, where they heard the details of the “bribe”. The authors of this article took a comment from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, who expressed her outrage at the situation. In addition, the emphasis in this case is on the fact that the person who first reported the “bribes” now fears for his safety, allegedly because of the threat of political reprisal. Citing this article, Russian propagandists have already predicted impeachment of Joe Biden, imprisonment for the head of the FBI, and refusal of further assistance to Ukraine. Like, this situation gives the Republicans carte blanche to block aid to Ukraine, and the Americans will only support this, because they are tired of the war.

In fact, the article is intended for a purely American audience, as it adds fuel to the fire of an already existing message that has been manipulated by Republicans from the very beginning of Joe Biden's presidential term. In particular, Biden's “corruption activities” as vice president became the central theme of a whole conspiracy theory against Ukraine, which was publicly supported by US ex-president Donald Trump. The Daily Mail is considered a tabloid by independent British media experts. In addition, the article feels unbalanced coverage of the topic - it contains only comments from congressmen who support the main message of the material. Congresswoman Taylor Green is an odious figure in American politics, as she is one of the most active members of the Trumpist movement within the US Republican Party. Her statements and actions almost always coincide with Trump's rhetoric, and the admins of pro-Russian anonymous telegram channels actively use her as a representative of the American politicians, since she plays along with the messages of Russian propaganda. It is clear that there is no confirmed data on bribes anywhere, and propagandists do not mention specific data that ordinary Americans are tired of the topic of the war against Ukraine in their comments on the material. Although the Trumpist movement has some influence, at the moment it is not so numerous as to launch impeachment proceedings against Biden or completely block aid to Ukraine.

Using such stories, propagandists are trying to cause panic among Ukrainians and distrust of Western partners. In addition, in this way they want to personally discredit Joe Biden and his assistance to Ukraine. Like, he only helps us because he was paid a lot of money. However, the Russians are doing this solely out of their own interest, trying to justify their aggression against Ukraine by “fighting for real values”.

Fake Joe Biden’s press secretary said he would meet “rather with Yeltsin” than with Putin

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that Jen Psaki, Joe Biden's former press secretary, said in a press conference that Biden would meet “rather with Yeltsin” than with Putin. Like, Joe Biden is already dreaming and the press secretary conveys his words. It is not true.

The VoxCheck project specialists worked on the case, and found that the propagandists' messages refer to the former press secretary Joe Biden, who worked until May 13, 2022, and is now a TV presenter on the MSNBC channel. Since at least 2022, she has not been able to hold any press conferences on behalf of the President of the United States. Moreover, no authoritative media reported such an application by Jen Psaki. In addition, the fact-checkers checked the official account of the ex-employee on Twitter: there are no such statements there either.

Let us remind you that the Detector Media previously denied the fake that Joe Biden turned to “invisible people”. We also refuted his statement, in which he allegedly said that he was “ready for negotiations with Horbachov”.

Fake Joe Biden did not recognize British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the airport

Similar theses were heard on the air of Russian propaganda TV channels. Like, Biden came on a visit to Ireland and the UK and seemed to pass by the British Prime Minister, “disparagingly waving to Rishi Sunak, mistaking him either for a lackey, or for a bearer. Instead of the prime minister, he greeted a general”. It's fake.

The Insider drew attention to the fake. In the story itself, the Russian correspondent notes that it was not some kind of general, but a lord lieutenant, and they were not at the airfield, but at Belfast International Airport. Chicago Sun-Times journalist Rummana Hussain points out in one of her articles that the video has been edited. In fact, in the full video, Joe Biden briefly spoke to Rishi Sunak and shook his hand before going to say hello to other officials.

As Rummana Hussain writes, “Right-wing Americans were suddenly crying racism, outraged that the Democrat Biden had the audacity to snub a Brown man. Some on the left who also fell for the deceptive footage were equally perplexed”.

By spreading such fakes, the propagandists want to once again discredit the US President, accuse him of racism and convince everyone that he is “behaving inappropriately”. Earlier, Detector Media denied a number of fakes about Joe Biden, in particular, that he allegedly asked the “invisible man” not to jump during his speech.

Fake Biden asked not to jump an “invisible man” during his speech

Such information is disseminated in social networks and the Kremlin media. A cropped video of US President Joe Biden is added to the messages, where he allegedly addresses someone invisible and asks him to “stop jumping”. The reports also say that “Biden should definitely be elected for a second term, because he clearly hears voices from the other world, sees ghosts and hears entities”. It's fake.

The StopFake fact-checkers drew attention to the case. They found a video of a Joe Biden speech at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), filmed by GB News. The cameraman filmed the President of the United States in close and long shots. In the close-up shot, Biden can be seen addressing people as they stood on the floors above the banner. That is, it is obvious that the President of the United States does not communicate with himself.

However, Russia needs such fakes in order to discredit the US president and convince everyone that he is “behaving inappropriately”. Russian propaganda is trying to create for Biden the image of an elderly and insane man, unable to make decisions, who allegedly cannot be trusted. Earlier, Detector Media denied a number of fakes about Joe Biden, in particular, about the alleged fall from an airplane during a visit to Warsaw or about his statement, where they claimed that Putin could not be defeated. Also, analysts have refuted the manipulation of how Biden allegedly stated that “the doctors had to cut open his skull to make sure he had a brain”.

Fake Kamala Harris believes that Joe Biden's “inadequate behavior” is the business of the Russian special services

Propagandists distribute a “screenshot” of the website of the Russian-language service “Voice of America”. It depicts an “article” stating that, according to US Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden's “inappropriate behavior” is the work of Russian intelligence agencies. It's fake.

Analysts of the MythDetector project drew attention to it. They found out that the photos were not real. In addition, although the “screenshot” refers to Agence France-Presse (AFP) as the primary source, they do not have such articles. Analysts also contacted the Russian-language edition of the Voice of America, which denied the existence of such a publication.

Thus, Russian propagandists want to convince everyone that the West paranoidly blames Russia for all its mistakes, even if it is about the “inadequacy” of the president. Like, Joe Biden barely speaks, so how can he be considered the leader of the free world? This rhetoric is consistent with the messages spread by supporters of the ex-President of the United States Donald Trump, who are supporters of conspiracy theories. It is with them that this fake “plays”.

Fake Joe Biden says he is “ready to negotiate with Mykhailo Horbachov” to achieve peace

Such a message was circulated on social networks, including the Georgian segment of Facebook. Reports say that in one of Joe Biden's last speeches, he declared his “willingness to negotiate with Russia and Mykhailo Horbachov” to achieve peace. Like, the President of the United States no longer understands what he is saying and mixed up the names of the presidents. It is not true.

The fact-checkers of the MythDetector project investigated this case and found out that Joe Biden did not say that in his statement: neither about negotiations with Russia, nor about Mykhailo Horbachov. As the fact-checkers explain, the White House website publishes statements by high-ranking officials, in particular Joe Biden, regarding a particular event. Fact-checkers were unable to find a statement on the White House website about “readiness for negotiations with Mykhailo Horbachov”. The last statement in which Biden mentioned Horbachov was published on the White House website on August 31, 2022, after Horbachov's death. In that statement, Biden noted that Horbachov was “a rare leader who had the vision that another future was possible and had the courage to risk his entire career for it”.

We recall that earlier Detector Media explained a message in which propagandists claimed that the United States plans to hold peace talks with Russia, since it is America that is waging war side by side with Ukraine against Russia.

Fake Joe Biden suffered a bruise after falling down the stairs of a plane during a visit to Warsaw

Such a message was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that US President Joe Biden suffered a bruise as a result of a fall on the airstairs during a visit to Warsaw on February 20, 2023. As proof, the authors of the messages add a photo with a “bruise” on his forehead. It is not true.

Specialists of the VoxCheck project drew attention to the case, who determined that in the photos shown it was indeed not a “bruise”, but follows from the remains of the ashes applied by the priest during Ash Wednesday. At the same time, Joe Biden did not fall down the stairs of the plane, as Detector Media analysts have already mentioned.

As the fact checkers explain, on February 22, 2023, Poland celebrated Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, so Biden joined the celebration. On this day, Joe Biden stayed at the Marriott Hotel, where the Polish priest Wiesław Davydowski held mass in the morning. The priest himself noted on his Facebook page that he had the honor to sprinkle ashes on the head of the US President. On the president's forehead, one can see a Catholic cross made of ashes, which some believers leave on their faces for the rest of the day. On this day, a summit was also held, in the photo of which you can see that the trace at the head of the cross still remains.

Manipulation Joe Biden said the doctors “had to take the top of his head off a couple times, see if he had a brain”

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that during an address by Joseph Biden to members of the International Association of Firefighters, he said that “the doctors were checking his skull to see if there was a brain”. As evidence, a video of the appeal itself is added to the publication, where such a statement can be heard. This is manipulation.

The case was investigated by the fact-checkers of the VoxCheck project, who found out that the propagandists took the words of the US President out of context, then distorted its meaning. As the checkers explain the fact, a recording of this Biden speech was published on the White House YouTube channel. The President of the United States told how firefighters saved his life. At first, he told a joke that the doctors were looking for his brain, but Biden continued to tell the real story. “I came back from a trip, after being away for a couple of days, and — I had these terrible headaches.  I was diagnosed with having a — well, anyway.  They had to take the top of my head off a couple times, see if I had a brain”, he said. Talking about the brain, Biden laughed. Then he said “all kidding aside, what happened was..” and he went on to tell the real story. That is, Joe Biden told a joke, which he said later. However, the propagandists cut out this moment from the video and did not explain that it was a joke.

Propagandists systematically spread fakes about Ukrainian partners in order to discredit them. Thus, Russian propaganda uses the ridicule tactics and tries to create the illusion that Ukrainian partners are despised.

We recall that Detector Media denied a number of fakes about US President Joe Biden, in particular about Biden's alleged fall from an airplane during a visit to Warsaw or about his statement, which claimed that Putin could not be defeated. Analysts also denied the fake about Biden’s meeting with Zelenskyi’s “double” in Kyiv and, against the backdrop of the meeting, explained that representatives of local authorities did not create any instructions “how to deal with an American during a meeting”.

What Russian propagandists wrote about Joe Biden's visit to Kyiv can be read here.

Fake Joe Biden admitted that Putin can not be defeated

Such messages are spread by Russian propaganda media and telegram channels broadcasting pro-Russian rhetoric. As proof of their words, the authors of the messages add an audio recording that they tried to pass off as a “leak” from a meeting of US President Joseph Biden with American congressmen that was closed to the press. Allegedly, Biden officially admitted at this meeting that Putin and Russia cannot be defeated. However, this is fake.

The StopFake fact-checkers drew attention to the case. As it turned out, the propagandists are referring to the audio, which they call “the leak of a conversation between the President of the United States and American congressmen to the network”, however, a male voice that has only a slight resemblance to Biden’s voice sounds on the 15-second recording.

However, the audio recording, according to fact-checkers, does not sound like the voice of President Biden, but his imitation. “StopFake offered to listen to the audio to several Americans, and they all said with confidence that English is not native to the person they are trying to pass off as Biden's words. The audio, allegedly proving the revelation of President Biden, does not sound at all like the voice of the American president, but a clumsy fake with gross phonetic errors”, the fact-checkers write.

However, the dissemination of such fakes is beneficial for Russian propagandists in order to once again show that no one supposedly believes in the victory of Ukraine including its devoted partners. They say that everyone has long understood that there is no point in fighting against Russia, because it is not victorious. Thus, propagandists seek to convince the audience that victory is definitely for Russia.