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Fake A monument to Joe Biden will allegedly be erected in Kyiv

Anonymous telegram channels spread information that a monument in honor of Joseph Biden would be erected on the site of the recently demolished monument to Pushkin in Kyiv. The authors of the messages add to the publication a plan for creating the monument and its estimate: they explained that they plan to create a monument with Joe Biden shaking hands with Volodymyr Zelenskyi. They also named a real company that would create such a project and added a number of “documents” to the messages. It's a lie.

Analysts from the VoxCheck project investigated his case and determined that the company, which, according to fake documents, is the likely executor of the project, denied the report about the production of a monument to Joe Biden. Their press service explained that they are not working on the construction of the monument and at the same time they have not received such requests.

According to propagandists, the project was allegedly ordered by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. In general, this is an institution that is subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy. However, on the government procurement website Prozorro, for example, there is not a single tender for the installation of a monument to Joe Biden from this government agency. Neither the Ministry of Culture nor affiliated structures mentioned such a project on their social networks.

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