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Message Joseph Biden cannot be the President as he is a “pervert”

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say US President Joseph Biden has been looking “not quite healthy” lately. Like, either he talks to himself, or they found three hands in him and so on. In support of this thesis, the authors assured that at one of the meetings with the public, Joe Biden “sniffed a teenager” and showed an “unhealthy interest” in the child. A video from TikTok was added to the publications as proof.

The case was analyzed by VoxCheck project fact-checkers. They determined that the video was changed using a special editor. The authors zoomed in on the image and substituted the sound of air being drawn in, reducing the duration of the recording. In fact, Joseph Biden leaned over the baby, who was held by his mother in her arms, to whisper what he said was a secret. Then he offered to take a picture with the mother of the child. On the original video, one can see the inscription “I met the President of the United States today”,  and the authors of the fake removed this inscription, depriving the context of the entire event.

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