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Message Ukrainian charitable foundations accumulate large amounts of funds in their accounts and do not send them to assist

This thesis was spread in the Ukrainian segment of social networks, in particular, on TikTok. Users distributed a video of a girl in which she talks about fraud by Ukrainian charitable foundations. Like, they allegedly keep significant funds on their accounts from the donations of Ukrainians and do not spend them on the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

VoxCheck fact-checkers investigated this case and explained that it is important for funds to have a certain amount of funds for large purchases or emergencies. Charitable foundations use funds to help the military. If possible, they report this on their websites or social media pages. For example, Taras Chmut, head of the Come Back Alive Foundation, explained in a report by Ukrainska Pravda that from time to time there are opportunities to purchase super-important equipment on the market, but other countries or organizations can buy it as well. Therefore, it is important for charitable foundations to have money for the future.

Moreover, Ukrainian funds, as a rule, report on the funds used. The Serhii Prytula Foundation or Come Back Alive reports both regular purchases and special fees. That is, they try to be as transparent as possible.

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