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Fake Bellingcat allegedly found evidence that Gunther Biden is a monopolist in the production of church supplies in Ukraine

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric on social networks are distributing a video allegedly made by a team from the British broadcaster BBC. It claims that Bellingcat investigators have obtained documents linking US President Joe Biden's son Gunter Biden to the production of church supplies in Ukraine. According to these data, Gunter Biden, with the help of his assistant, collaborating with a Ukrainian manufacturer of church supplies, monopolized their sales in 2020. However, this is fake.

The VoxCheck fact-checker drew attention to it. They found that Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins responded to the video by calling it another Russian fake. In addition, there is no information about this on the official Bellingcat website or the official BBC YouTube channel. The fake video was released on January 6, 2024, but the design of the British media looks completely different. For example, the original BBC videos have black text on a white background, surrounded by a red frame.

The video also mentions the Ros-Vinnytsia enterprise, which is associated with Gunther Biden and is called a monopolist in the church supplies market, but on the Internet you can find many advertisements for the sale of church utensils from companies that are not its subsidiaries. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Biden’s son or his representatives are not among the owners of Ros-Vinnytsia.

Propagandists are spreading this fake news to support their narrative about the Bidens' corruption in Ukraine. It is especially relevant in the context of the election campaign before the US presidential elections in 2024. Detector Media wrote about a conspiracy theory in this regard.

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