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Fake Joe Biden did not recognize British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the airport

Similar theses were heard on the air of Russian propaganda TV channels. Like, Biden came on a visit to Ireland and the UK and seemed to pass by the British Prime Minister, “disparagingly waving to Rishi Sunak, mistaking him either for a lackey, or for a bearer. Instead of the prime minister, he greeted a general”. It's fake.

The Insider drew attention to the fake. In the story itself, the Russian correspondent notes that it was not some kind of general, but a lord lieutenant, and they were not at the airfield, but at Belfast International Airport. Chicago Sun-Times journalist Rummana Hussain points out in one of her articles that the video has been edited. In fact, in the full video, Joe Biden briefly spoke to Rishi Sunak and shook his hand before going to say hello to other officials.

As Rummana Hussain writes, “Right-wing Americans were suddenly crying racism, outraged that the Democrat Biden had the audacity to snub a Brown man. Some on the left who also fell for the deceptive footage were equally perplexed”.

By spreading such fakes, the propagandists want to once again discredit the US President, accuse him of racism and convince everyone that he is “behaving inappropriately”. Earlier, Detector Media denied a number of fakes about Joe Biden, in particular, that he allegedly asked the “invisible man” not to jump during his speech.

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