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Fake During one of Joseph Biden's speeches, people chanted obscene words

This information was disseminated by pro-Kremlin media. Reports say that Joseph Biden gave a speech to the Americans. However, according to the authors of the fake message, the crowd was unhappy with the politician and began chanting obscene words in response. The publications add that the angry crowd shouted “f*ck you, Joe”. To support this, the reports add video evidence that appears to be a real recording of the American president’s speech. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck project specialists were able to analyze the case, who verified the authenticity of the video and determined that it was compiled. In fact, obscene exclamations were added to the original audio track, allegedly aimed at the President of the United States. Using a reverse Google search, the fact-checkers also discovered a real video of Joe Biden's speech, which was published back in July 2022. In fact, the official’s clothes, accessories and the location of the shooting coincide with the propaganda heritage - most likely, the authors used this particular video to plant a fake. As for the speech itself, the politician spoke about introducing legislation that would strengthen the security of local communities. For example, the legislative initiative provides for limiting the use of weapons for certain categories of people.

Propagandists exploited a moment in the speech when a listener chimed in on Biden's speech, declaring that “Americans need to do more”. And the politician asked the listener to sit down. Moreover, others began to shout “”Joe Biden! Yes!”, that is, in this way they supported the official’s initiative.

Propagandists of the system are trying to discredit the US President by showing his “clumsiness” and “meaninglessness”. Allegedly, Ukraine’s strategic partner is not competent at all and does not deserve recognition. Thus, the authors ridicule Western leaders. But they are trying to point out that Russian politicians, say, are more conscientious and never have any incidents happen to them: they are “successful”, they are “supported everywhere” and are trying to “imitate”. Thus, Russian propaganda despises, for example, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, contrasting him with the standard bastions of Russian politics.

The analysts of Detector Media recently refuted similar cases about the head of the White House, where they tried to undermine his authority. Read the latest: how Joe Biden allegedly buys books about dementia, “sniffs” a teenager, or supposedly falls asleep during a meeting with the President of Israel.

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