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Fake CBS News spots Joe Biden buying dementia books

Anonymous telegram channels and Russian media are circulating a video of US President Joe Biden reviewing books in the “brain exercises for dementia” section. The video shows a sign “brain exercises for dementia”. The authors report that this was recorded by journalists in one of their stories. It's a lie.

VoxCheck fact-checkers took up this case and found out that the video was edited. The original video was recorded by CBS News back in 2012 and doesn't have a dementia sign on it. The story itself shows then-Vice President Joe Biden visiting the new Costco bookstore in Washington. In the video, one can see that Biden is looking at children's books, and there are no dementia signs nearby.

Dementia is a syndrome characterized by the loss of a person's cognitive functions, that is, the functions of thinking, memory, and the ability to do daily activities. Dementia mostly appears in old age. Actually, this is how propagandists hinted that Joseph Biden was ill and, for example, he could no longer hold the presidency.

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