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Fake Biden asked not to jump an “invisible man” during his speech

Such information is disseminated in social networks and the Kremlin media. A cropped video of US President Joe Biden is added to the messages, where he allegedly addresses someone invisible and asks him to “stop jumping”. The reports also say that “Biden should definitely be elected for a second term, because he clearly hears voices from the other world, sees ghosts and hears entities”. It's fake.

The StopFake fact-checkers drew attention to the case. They found a video of a Joe Biden speech at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), filmed by GB News. The cameraman filmed the President of the United States in close and long shots. In the close-up shot, Biden can be seen addressing people as they stood on the floors above the banner. That is, it is obvious that the President of the United States does not communicate with himself.

However, Russia needs such fakes in order to discredit the US president and convince everyone that he is “behaving inappropriately”. Russian propaganda is trying to create for Biden the image of an elderly and insane man, unable to make decisions, who allegedly cannot be trusted. Earlier, Detector Media denied a number of fakes about Joe Biden, in particular, about the alleged fall from an airplane during a visit to Warsaw or about his statement, where they claimed that Putin could not be defeated. Also, analysts have refuted the manipulation of how Biden allegedly stated that “the doctors had to cut open his skull to make sure he had a brain”.

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