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Fake After Finland joined NATO, Russia began moving nuclear weapons to the Russian-Finnish border

On April 6, a video began to be distributed in the Georgian segment of Facebook, which recorded the movement of the RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missile system. According to the description, mobile nuclear installations appeared in the border town of Vyborg after Finland joined NATO. It's fake.

Myth Detector specialists drew attention to the case. The video went viral on Twitter, where several accounts were able to determine the location of the vehicle using geolocation. Comparing the location on the video with a Google map, it was determined that the video of the equipment was filmed in the city of Kolchugino, Volodymyr region, not far from Moscow, and not in the city of Vyborg near the border with Finland. The Myth Detector also turned to weapons specialist Gigi Inaishvili. According to him, the range of the RS-24 Yars missile system is up to 12,000 km, “the system is not intended for nearby countries, and the complexes shown in the video were probably preparing for the May 9 parade”.

The distribution of the video, which recorded the movement of equipment allegedly to the border with Finland, was for intimidation. Earlier, Dmytro Polianskyi, first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN, noted that “If NATO units appear in these territories [Sweden and Finland], these territories will become a target or a possible target for a strike”.  Detector Media has already investigated what anonymous telegram channels wrote about Finland's accession to NATO and how Putin accused NATO of “breaking” the promise not to expand to the East.

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