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Фейк The Ukrainian military blew up a nitrogen tank at the Azot plant in Sievierodonetsk

The explosion of a nitrogen tank at the Azot plant in Sievierodonetsk took place on May 31, when an orange-brown glow could be seen over the city. According to StopFake, the fierce battle between the Russian military and the Armed Forces occurred in Sievierodonetsk. According to the Luhansk Regional State Administration and the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine, the Russian military launched an air strike on the building of the Azot plant to drive the Armed Forces out of its fortified area. Around 19:00, the first reports of a nitrogen tank explosion began to arrive from Sievierodonetsk. According to StopFake, the version about the deliberate explosion of nitrogen tanks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Azot plant in Sievierodonetsk to cover the occupied territories with a poisonous cloud seems unreliable. At the time of the explosion, a completely unfavorable wind was blowing, which would have blown away the toxic cloud on the Ukrainian military. We want to remind you that this is not the first time that Russian propaganda has tried to blame the crimes of the Russian army on the Ukrainian military. .

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