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Disclosure Fraudsters pretend to be relatives of military personnel who need help

To do this, they create messages on social networks in order to fake donations supposedly to help wounded soldiers.

The fact-checkers of the project “Beyond the News” checked the message in which the user signed as “Our Victory” calls on those who are not indifferent to help his “brother” Vadym Dobrovolskyi. He is allegedly wounded and in a coma after being hit by debris in the head. The fundraising message (€12,000) was published in early August and went viral with 59,000 shares, 3,500 likes and almost 6,000 comments. However, scammers are hiding under the user who posted the message. Fact-checkers also found another, very similar message about “help” to another “wounded” person.

The message uses two archival photographs from 2015, which have nothing to do with the text of the messages. There is also a discrepancy in other reported information. The phone number +380986704972 of the “brothers” of the wounded was previously used to register a personal Facebook account, which is now blocked due to “impersonating another person and using a fictitious name.”

The phone number +380986704972 was used in another help message. Here it is listed as a phone number “for contacting the parents of the wounded soldier Yurii Sternadchuk”. The message was allegedly made on behalf of the father, Volodymyr Sternadchuk, although it was published in April by a user signed as “Glory to Ukraine”. The photo of “Yuri Sternadchuk” is a screenshot from the video in Tik-Tok on the @muzhikam channel. This user creates a video about the everyday life of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The video from which the screenshot was taken was uploaded on April 17, and the Facebook post about the injury of the so-called Yurii Sternadchuk will appear two days later. On the phone in one of the social networks, they found the real name of the author of the channel, but they did not find any connections of this person with Yurii or Volodymyr Sternadchuk.

The reports about the “wounded” soldiers Vadym and Yurii are almost identical, only the date of the “wound”, the photo and the amount of “help” differ. In the first case, 9 thousand euros were collected “for the wounded”, in the second - 12. Fraudsters see what an emotional response the stories about wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine evoke and come up with stories that are similar to the truth for profit.

Manipulation In the Zaporizhzhia region the hryvnia is devalued and gradually withdrawn from circulation

Russian media write about this with reference to the so-called “head of administration” Yevhen Balytskyi. They reported that from September 05 in the occupied territories the hryvnia will allegedly “cheapen” and amount to 1.25 rubles. Allegedly, soon the “rate” of the hryvnia and the ruble will be 1:1, and then the hryvnia will completely “depreciate”. This is manipulation.

The occupiers are artificially withdrawing the hryvnia from circulation and forcibly making payments in rubles. It is impossible to talk about an economically justified ratio of the hryvnia and the ruble in the occupied territories. The Ukrainian banking system in the temporarily occupied territories does not work, so it is impossible to replenish the turnover of hryvnias.

Thus, due to the “depreciation” of hryvnias, the occupiers are trying to promote the idea of ​​depreciating everything Ukrainian and to emotionally influence the Ukrainians who remained in the occupation.

Earlier, the occupiers spread fakes that allegedly in the shops of Ternopil and Lviv regions prices are indicated in hryvnia and zloty.

The Poles demand that Ukraine return the property lost after the Second World War. Russian media are massively spreading a fake about “thousands of lawsuits” that descendants seem to have filed

Poles who lived in Lviv until 1939, demanding that their apartments be returned to them.

In fact, there are no such claims. In their materials, the Russian media refer to the article of the publication “Strana” (“State”), which for many years promotes pro-Russian theses. This time the publication took a comment from the chairman of the Polish organization “Restitution of Kresov” Konrad Renkas, who stated that such claims are prepared. But during the war they decided not to sue.

At the same time, the Russian media wrote that the Ukrainian courts were already “overwhelmed” with these lawsuits.

Message Fraudsters offer to pay VAT compensation to Ukrainians

Messages with such a proposal are actively distributed on Facebook. In particular, on the pages of Inform UA and UA Media. As they say in the reports, according to the new signed decree, each Ukrainian can receive a payment from eight to ninety thousand hryvnias. However, what kind of decree is in question and who exactly signed it, the reports do not specify. By clicking on the link indicated in the message, on the page where the photo of President Zelenskyi is posted, users are invited to take part in receiving compensation. Next, the user is taken to a page disguised as the websites of official Ukrainian structures: the page is designed in the colors of the websites of government agencies, has a similar design and layout. On this page, the user must enter their email and the last 6 digits of their bank card to check if they can receive a refund. By the way, Facebook has blocked pages in Ukraine from which fraudulent information is disseminated, but these messages are available to users in other countries. In particular, Germany and France, where there are also a lot of Ukrainians now, who are probably targeted by the fraudulent scheme. This is not the first attempt by scammers to lure Ukrainians out of money in this way. Similar schemes were common even before the war, and now they have become even more popular. In particular, sometimes scammers tried to promote their schemes using the faces of public figures, of course, without them knowing about it. We are talking, for example, about Alla Mazur and Lesia Nikitiuk. Recently, Ukraine's government emergency response team CERT-UA identified an increase in the number of fraudulent Facebook pages and published a list of them. The department urges users not to fall for such schemes and to be prudent. "Never enter payment card details on unfamiliar and suspicious websites, and also set up control over the movement of funds (connect SMS-informing, set limits on transactions)", the department urges.

Fake Abroad, Ukrainians will no longer be able to receive sick and maternity leave payments

Such news is spread by local social networks, namely the Real Volyn telegram channel. Reports say that state services have begun to select material assistance for children taken abroad by their parents. It is not true.

According to the fact-checkers of the Brekhunets (Liar) project, despite the forced evacuation abroad, Ukrainians have not lost their right to social protection and can easily receive assistance from the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine. The authors note that this is possible only for employed citizens who are forced to leave the country.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion, the FSSU adapted the procedure for assigning assistance under martial law. This allowed the organization to directly accrue more than 19.5 million hryvnia of sick and maternity leave payments for evacuated employees.

Disclosure In telegram channels, messages are sent to Ukrainians and they are promised payments of 3,500 hryvnias due to Russian aggression

Fraudsters send messages from a hidden user. They say that "today" at 12 o'clock it was decided that every citizen of Ukraine can receive financial assistance in connection with Russia's aggression. Instructions on how to get money on the card are allegedly posted at the link.

Fraudsters do not note who exactly made the decision to pay out. There is a separate link for each bank. The design of the pages is similar to real banking sites. However, the link to the pages of different banks has a similar part "ki-pay.me". This is a sign of a private domain and cannot be owned by an official organization. For the most part, such domains are used by graphic designers, web developers, photographers, etc.

Fake It is almost impossible for pensioners to receive financial assistance from the UN

Such fakes are distributed in the network. They said that the UN primarily helps young people, and then retirees. Allegedly, such assistance is provided for pensioners who have the status of internally displaced persons. However, social insurance for pensioners is issued in the regional center, so a pensioner from the occupied territories will not be able to get there and will not receive payments. It is not true.

Manipulation Payments of 30,000 to Ukrainian soldiers were canceled

Information that the government has changed the terms of payment of 30,000 hryvnias to the military was spread on social media. In messages are written that the money will not be paid to everyone; but only to defenders who are "in the zone of hostilities or temporary occupation and encirclement."

The government changed the conditions for the payment of 30,000 hryvnias, but this resolution does not apply to service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs also noted that the changes provide only a different approach to paying additional remuneration and not its cancellation.