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Message Fraudsters offer to pay VAT compensation to Ukrainians

Messages with such a proposal are actively distributed on Facebook. In particular, on the pages of Inform UA and UA Media. As they say in the reports, according to the new signed decree, each Ukrainian can receive a payment from eight to ninety thousand hryvnias. However, what kind of decree is in question and who exactly signed it, the reports do not specify. By clicking on the link indicated in the message, on the page where the photo of President Zelenskyi is posted, users are invited to take part in receiving compensation. Next, the user is taken to a page disguised as the websites of official Ukrainian structures: the page is designed in the colors of the websites of government agencies, has a similar design and layout. On this page, the user must enter their email and the last 6 digits of their bank card to check if they can receive a refund. By the way, Facebook has blocked pages in Ukraine from which fraudulent information is disseminated, but these messages are available to users in other countries. In particular, Germany and France, where there are also a lot of Ukrainians now, who are probably targeted by the fraudulent scheme. This is not the first attempt by scammers to lure Ukrainians out of money in this way. Similar schemes were common even before the war, and now they have become even more popular. In particular, sometimes scammers tried to promote their schemes using the faces of public figures, of course, without them knowing about it. We are talking, for example, about Alla Mazur and Lesia Nikitiuk. Recently, Ukraine's government emergency response team CERT-UA identified an increase in the number of fraudulent Facebook pages and published a list of them. The department urges users not to fall for such schemes and to be prudent. "Never enter payment card details on unfamiliar and suspicious websites, and also set up control over the movement of funds (connect SMS-informing, set limits on transactions)", the department urges.

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