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Manipulation Russia will not suffer from the alleged explosion at the ZNPP

Such messages are spread by pro-Russian propagandists, including Anatoliy Shariy. His reports say that the entire radiation cloud will go to the West: Poland will get the most of it and generally Western Europe will suffer, but not Moscow at all. However, this is only a concealment of the true facts.

According to Enehoatom, as of July 29, 2022, in the event of a severe accident at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, a radiation cloud will cover part of the south of Ukraine and the southwestern regions of Russia in accordance with the wind rose. Everything will depend on the direction of the wind, however, Russia is close to the ZNPP, which means it is unlikely that it will not suffer at all. So there is such a possibility.

Propagandists are spreading this news to promote the message that the war in Ukraine will not affect Russia in any way. Allegedly, Ukraine itself and its partners will suffer.