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Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Manipulation With the lifting of the grain blockade, flour prices in Ukraine will increase significantly

This message is promoted by pro-Russian telegram channels, in particular "Splietnitsa" (Gossip girl) and "MediaKiller". Reports say that allegedly Ukrainians need to prepare for a shortage of flour due to its sale to the West. The authors are trying to intimidate and hide the main facts.

In fact, according to the head of the Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club, Ukraine grows flour 3-4 times more than it consumes. So with the pressure of oversupply on the domestic market, of course, prices collapsed. For example, according to the Ministry of Finance, this summer the price of flour was 1.69 UAH/ kg less than usual.

Therefore, with the opening of ports, prices will not rise rapidly, but will stabilize. In addition, according to the expert, the price will rise slowly and its level will remain low for now. Everyone is interested in raising prices, since farmers will not have the financial opportunity to continue their production.

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