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Disclosure On Facebook, scammers urge Ukrainians to apply for financial assistance

Several pages of alleged Facebook users leave comments under posts on the pages of Ukrainian authorities and other organizations. The comments call on Ukrainians to apply for “financial assistance along with the Uappl project”.

There is no information about the organization providing assistance on the site posted on the link. It is designed solely to collect data from people who need help and those who want to become a volunteer. After registration, you need to record a video message for help, which is redirected to the TikTok page of this volunteer organization. All video messages end with a fake QR code supposedly to help with this message. However, this code does not recognize either a smartphone or online verification sites. Also, according to their requirements, it is necessary to create an account on Binance, to which allegedly funds will be received. No information about those who received assistance could be found.

The site is located on the same server with a resource related to cryptocurrencies. There is also a similar site focused on Poland.

This help is advertised on pages that attract attention because they are registered in foreign names, but most of the messages on them are in Ukrainian. In addition to the main photo, place of residence and educational institution, there is no other personal information. Most allegedly live in London and graduated from various British educational institutions. The pages are generally active. Moreover, one of the bots left a comment with the “help” advertising on another fake page. Of the four verified accounts, two downloaded avatars on June 10, and the next two - on June 12.

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