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Fake A new morgue is going to be opened in Zaporizhzhia due to heavy losses at the front

Anonymous telegram channels write about this. Like, the morgues of Zaporizhzhia are overflowing with the bodies of the dead Ukrainian military, so the city council decided to create another morgue. It is not true.

The original source of the fake was the telegram channel of the collaborator from Zaporizhzhia Volodymyr Rohanov. According to the fact-checkers of the Zaporizhzhia Investigation Center, in fact, the city council decided to create a public utility company “Patological and anatomical bureau”. The need to create such a bureau is justified by the fact that Zaporizhzhia has communal hospitals that do not have pathoanatomical departments. The pathological and anatomical bureau has nothing to do with the storage of the bodies of the dead in Zaporizhzhia: neither civilians nor military personnel.

Also, the fact checkers established that the picture published by Rohov was actually taken in the morgue of the Russian city of Novokuznietsk in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.