Fake Ukrainian refugees were forcibly evicted from an apartment in Krakow

The Russian media are spreading another fake about Ukrainian refugees who were supposedly forcibly evicted from their home in Krakow. But, as StopFake found out, there is no evidence or mention of such an incident - except for the words of a witness referred to by the Russian media. They also distribute a video that seems to show that Ukrainian refugees had to be expelled from their apartment with a crane.

As fact-checkers write, a video about how the police got through the window in the center of Krakow appeared on the network on October 8, 2021, and there is no relation to the war in Ukraine. There is also no mention of any case of forced eviction of Ukrainians either in the local media, or in the police of Krakow, or in the Polish segment of social networks.

Manipulation Due to the influx of Ukrainian refugees, the number of HIV patients in Poland has increased

Such information is disseminated by Russian propaganda media. Reports say that over the past six months, the number of HIV-infected people has increased significantly in Poland. In the texts, the propagandists refer to the Polish Ministry of Health. Like, the ministry said that the situation with HIV in the country worsened because of Ukrainian refugees. Allegedly, it was they who brought the infection into the country and spread it there. However, this is fake. As StopFake fact-checkers write, in fact, the Ministry of Health of Poland explained that the number of recorded cases of the disease in the country could increase due to the arrival of Ukrainians, among whom there are also HIV-infected. They fit into the overall statistics, and are offered advice and treatment. The fact that in Poland the incidence of HIV infection has significantly increased due to the “influx of refugees” has not been claimed by anyone. Previously, the fake about Ukrainians spreading HIV concerned Estonia. Russian propaganda systematically spreads lies about Ukrainian refugees abroad in order to change public opinion both about the refugees themselves and about what is happening in Ukraine. Russian disinformation about Ukrainian refugees, in particular, is based on differences in people's values. For example, propaganda calls Ukrainians Nazis (in the sense of radical xenophobes) or claims that Ukrainians are not ready to work to provide for themselves, but only live off European taxes. Read more about the disinformation that Russian propaganda is spreading about Ukrainian refugees in the Detector Media investigation.In the texts, the propagandists refer to the Polish Ministry of Health. Like, the ministry said that the situation with HIV in the country worsened because of Ukrainian refugees. Allegedly, it was they who brought the infection into the country and spread it there. However, this is fake. As StopFake fact-checkers write, in fact, the Ministry of Health of Poland explained that the number of recorded cases of the disease in the country could increase due to the arrival of Ukrainians, among whom there are also HIV-infected. They fit into the overall statistics, and are offered advice and treatment. The fact that in Poland the incidence of HIV infection has significantly increased due to the “influx of refugees” has not been claimed by anyone. Previously, the fake about Ukrainians spreading HIV concerned Estonia. Russian propaganda systematically spreads lies about Ukrainian refugees abroad in order to change public opinion both about the refugees themselves and about what is happening in Ukraine. Russian disinformation about Ukrainian refugees, in particular, is based on differences in people's values. For example, propaganda calls Ukrainians Nazis (in the sense of radical xenophobes) or claims that Ukrainians are not ready to work to provide for themselves, but only live off European taxes. Read more about the disinformation that Russian propaganda is spreading about Ukrainian refugees in the Detector Media investigation.

Fake Ukrainians leave for Belarus en masse through the EU countries

This was reported on the website of the Belarusian Border Committee. It is not true. A fake about the mass migration of Ukrainians to Belarus was released by Stanislav Zharyn, authorized representative of the Polish government on protecting the information space of the country.

According to him, “the graph reflects the falsified number of Ukrainian refugees who left for Belarus. According to the information on the migration movement, more than 60,000 Ukrainians arrived in Belarus, including almost 40,000 who had to go through Poland”.

Zharyn noted that Belarusian propaganda hints that Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression are seeking asylum in Belarus, perceiving this country as the safer one than the EU countries.

Fake Messi urged Zelenskyi to "kick out" Ukrainian refugees from Europe

A photo of the famous football player Lionel Messi is circulating on social networks. In the photo, he allegedly holds a piece of paper with the text "Zelenskyi idi ..." (Zelenskyi go..). In the comments, they write that at the opening of the World Cup, Messi voiced his opinion on Ukrainian refugees: “I'm tired of watching this meaningless war! Zelenskyi, take your people and kick them out of Europe, we know the truth!” It is not true.

According to the fact-checkers of the MythDetector project, the photo of Lionel Messi has been altered by software. In the original photo, taken in 2014, Messi was holding a piece of paper with "Fuerza Luca" words written on it, when he was encouraging a 9-year-old fan who was suffering from cancer. Also, in open sources there are no calls by Messi to Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Fake German humanitarian aid is being resold by Ukrainians

Such information is spread on social networks and Russian propaganda media. Reports say that Ukrainian refugees in Germany have opened a second-hand shop there and are selling items that were given to them as humanitarian aid. As evidence, propagandists publish a video filmed by two women, whose voices are heard off-screen.

In the video, they discuss the opening of the Ukrainian second-hand store Sonnechko (The sun) “in the city center”, but do not specify which one. However, this is fake. Fact-checkers from StopFake drew attention to the information about the allegedly second-hand humanitarian aid. According to them, Ukrainians who have opened a second-hand store in Germany are selling things that they officially purchased in the UK. The clothes sold have nothing to do with the German government and any humanitarian and charitable organizations in this country.

However, Russian propaganda needs such a fake to once again discredit Ukrainian refugees and nourish the narrative that they are destroying Europe, cashing in on the assistance provided to them by the governments of partner countries.

Fake In Italy, Ukrainian refugees are being evicted from hotels

The Russian media and social networks are spreading information that allegedly Italy has tightened its policy towards Ukrainian refugees. In support of this, a video from an Italian TV news story is being distributed about how the police massively evict Ukrainian refugees who refused to voluntarily leave the hotel. This is manipulation.

The video of the Italian TV channel tells about the situation with Ukrainian refugees, but it is taken out of context. They are not talking about any "harder conditions". Moreover, Ukrainian refugees in Italy were given separate housing instead of a hotel. That is why the authorities asked the Ukrainians to leave the hotel for separate apartments. However, some Ukrainians did not want to move to new housing, since it is located in another settlement. Because of the move, you need to look for work and school again, to change language courses and so on. Also, some refugees are being treated at a local hospital. That is, it was about the fact that Ukrainian refugees, for certain reasons, do not want to move to another city, and not move out of the hotel.

Disclosure Fraudsters collect information about Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs)

Fraudsters have created a website that pretends to be a resource that allegedly helps Ukrainians affected by the war. Under Facebook posts, bots leave comments like: "We created a project that directly connects donors with individual Ukrainians or Ukrainian refugees who apply for financial assistance" and add a link to a fraudulent site. Instead of helping, this resource actually collects user data.

As noted by the fact-checkers of the NotaYenota project, fraudulent sites basically do not have data about the project team, distribution of duties, responsibility and reporting. Also, there are usually no contacts, only the opportunity to leave your own ones. Although there is a mention of a Facebook page on the site, there is no link to it. There are no reviews from those who have already received help, although scammers usually add fake reviews.

In order to allegedly receive financial assistance, you need to create an account on the Binance cryptocurrency platform. Next, you need to shoot a video up to a minute and send your wallet number to Binance. It is surprising that scammers do not ask for passport details to make sure that it is Ukrainians who are applying for help. It is likely that in the future, scammers will use video recording to deceive facial identification technologies and access to personal data.

The Binance platform has indeed previously participated in a financial assistance project for refugees from Ukraine. However, only those living abroad could receive assistance. Now this project is closed, and it is impossible to get help.

Now the fraudulent site is blocked, but you may see what this resource looked like through the web archive. Despite the constant blocking of such fraudulent resources, new ones are constantly appearing.

Fake Britain plans to cut aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees

Such news is spread on social networks and propaganda media. Reports say British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is allegedly planning to cut aid to Ukraine and its refugees. Propagandists refer to the British edition of the Daily Mail, which allegedly wrote that because of the budget deficit in the country a high-ranking official plans to cut aid. However, this is not true.

According to experts from the Center for Counteracting Disinformation, UK assistance to Ukraine is still ongoing. In particular, the sponsorship scheme "House for Ukrainians" is functioning. If the number of refugees increases, the country may make changes to the program, but they are not going to stop it.

Message Ukrainian refugees aren't waiting "at home"

Pro-Russian Telegram channels write that Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk allegedly said this. In fact, the propagandists distorted the words of Iryna Vereshchuk addressed to the refugees. She asked Ukrainians to stay abroad until spring. Vereshchuk voiced such a request regarding the destruction of critical infrastructure due to Russian missile strikes and increased load on the power system due to the heating season. Propagandists manipulate the fact that Vereshchuk's words allegedly contradict Volodymyr Zelenskyy's message about restoring infrastructure. The messages also add the theses that European countries have already been "quite exhausted" because of the aid to Ukraine, the accommodation of refugees, and the financial crisis. These messages add to enhance the effect of manipulation. So, the West is primarily thinking about dealing with its problems, not Ukraine.

Manipulation The Office of the President "abandoned" forced migrants

Such information is spread by anonymous Telegram channels controlled by the FSB.

Allegedly, people believed Zelenskyy and moved to the controlled territory of Ukraine, hoping that they would be given housing, work, and compensation for the loss of property. Months have passed, but the issue didn't get off the ground.

At the same time, housing is already being built and distributed in Mariupol, and in Ukraine, they have not been able to build a single residential building for people during this time. It is not true.

Ukraine's state and international partners are trying their best to provide housing for forced migrants, provide preferential loans for the purchase of real estate at 3% per annum and motivate entrepreneurs to provide them with jobs. For example, modular towns for refugees were opened in Lviv, Kyiv, and Chernihiv regions, followed by Chernivtsi and Rivne regions.

In territorial communities in safe regions of Ukraine, local people rebuild old houses and give them to resettlers for free and indefinite use. From October 1, the Cabinet of Ministers expands the possibilities of resettlement of internally displaced people, in particular, the amount of compensation for people who provided temporary housing to internally displaced people within the framework of the "Shelter" program is doubled. Homeowners will now receive 900 hryvnias instead of 450 for each such person per month.

The State Youth Credit Fund regularly buys apartments for homeless people. In several regions, plots of land are set aside for the construction of housing for displaced persons. You can already stand in line for apartments. In addition, during martial law in Ukraine, those employers who employ migrants are to be paid UAH 6,500 for each employed person.

Employers can spend these funds on the wages of such employees. Everything is not as smooth as we would like with the arrangement of the displaced persons. Every month, their number grows because the Russian army continues wiping out entire streets and cities in East and South Ukraine.

In July, 6.6 million displaced people were registered in Ukraine and each of them has to start life from scratch due to Russian aggression in their homeland. And the fact that these people were left homeless one day is not the fault of the President's Office, the main blame lies with the whole of Russia. 

Fake German social services pay for hairdressing services instead of Ukrainian refugees

In various messengers and social networks, a story about a Ukrainian refugee who allegedly refused to pay for the services of a hairdresser and manicure in the amount of about 200 euros is spread to a foreign audience. It seems that the social security service should have paid the bill instead. The police allegedly called on this occasion after a short phone call confirmed that Ukrainian refugees have such privileges. This story is fake.

As the German fact-checkers of the CORRECTIVE project found out, similar stories were spread about two different cities. Local police have denied reports of calls. The Ministry of Social Affairs of the federal state of Saxony said that such compensation is not provided and is legally impossible. Since June 1, Ukrainians have been able to receive basic social security in Germany, but it does not cover visits to the hairdresser. Social assistance is the same for everyone and Ukrainians do not have any advantages compared to citizens of other countries.

Russian propaganda systematically spreads fakes that Ukrainian refugees have privileges compared to the help of citizens of other countries. The purpose of such fakes is to create a negative attitude towards Ukrainians abroad and reduce assistance. Previously, fakes were spread that the low-income in Poland were denied free food because of Ukrainian refugees.

Manipulation he head of the German Foreign Ministry recognized the inhabitants of Ukraine as more important than the Germans

Pro-Kremlin publications spread the statements of German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock that support for Ukraine is supposedly more important than the opinions of Germans and she does not care what German voters think about it.

As fact-checkers from Stop Fake noted, Annalena Burbock’s quote was taken out of context, and its meaning was distorted. The head of the German Foreign Ministry did not say that the support of Ukraine is more important for her than her own voters.

Burbock emphasized that the task of European politicians now is the maximum social support for their citizens due to the increase in energy prices this winter, but also unconditional solidarity with Ukraine for as long as it takes.

“We remain in solidarity with the people of our country, just as we stand side by side with everyone in Ukraine”, concluded Annalena Burbock.

Fake Due to the intensive flow of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, there is an "acute shortage of teachers."

This information was disseminated by Russian media and Telegram channels with reference to the German edition of Die Welt. Ukrainians who seek asylum in Germany are not only putting a catastrophic strain on the education system, but are also “behaving arrogantly” and “not following the rules.” This is evidenced by the comments under the publication on the Die Welt website. Allegedly, in the comments under the publication they write that Ukrainians who seek asylum in Germany not only create a catastrophic burden on the education system, but also “behave boldly” and “do not follow the rules.”

In fact, propagandists have significantly distorted the meaning of the article in Die Welt "Good chances for the integration of Ukrainian children - but the lack of teachers becomes dangerous," Stop Fake fact-checkers report. The author of the material, Kevin Chulina, writes that Ukrainian children have every chance of successfully integrating into German society, but the lack of teachers that existed even before the war could become an obstacle in learning the German language.

According to Deutsche Welle, Germany has been experiencing a crisis in the educational system for more than 10 years, including a shortage of teachers.

In addition, Russian propaganda regularly uses the opportunity to influence judgments by presenting individual comments as a general opinion on some issue. In this case, the propagandists applied the same method. Under the publication of Die Welt, you can find individual comments that speak negatively about Ukrainian schoolchildren. However, these individual comments cannot be considered to reflect the true situation.

Message Europe refused to help Ukraine

Anonymous Telegram channels and Russian media are spreading the news that allegedly the six largest European countries have not made new "war promises" to Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of the "special operation". They said that military aid could weaken precisely when Kyiv announced a counteroffensive. Allegedly, this is stated in an article by Politico.

As StopFake writes, the Politico article does not contain any information that European countries have abandoned their promises. The article deals with two problems: the reduction of weapons stocks at the moment in those countries that have actively helped Ukraine since the beginning of the war, as well as the delay in the supply of weapons from Germany and France. The article emphasizes that Germany and France should better fulfill their promises and help more actively.

Disclosure German edition spreads Russian propaganda about “speculation with the help of the West” in Ukraine

German fact-checkers of Correctiv found out that Unser Mitteleuropa (Our Central Europe) published a false article alleging that the director of the Economic Security Bureau, Vadym Melnyk, admitted that "Ukraine is selling military aid" to the West and "mass appropriation of Western funds." It seems that he said this in an interview with the Ukraine 24 channel.

Neither the Correctiv publication nor the editors of the Media Detector could find Melnyk's interview with the Ukraine-24 channel of July 5, where he stated this. Also, no other sources contain such a statement by Melnyk. The article in the German edition is, in fact, a literal translation of the news of the Russian media that was massively distributed on July 6. It was in them that Melnyk's statement was quoted and noted that he told the Ukraine-24 channel about this, and there is no link to the interview in both Russian and German media.

Fake Ukrainian children were surreptitiously taken to Turkey for the sake of British Satanists

False information is spreading on Facebook that supposedly Ukrainian orphans were secretly taken to Turkey without the permission of relatives or guardians, where they are now in the Larisa Beach Club hotel. The author of the post offered to come to the hotel with "gifts" - sweets or fruits. "Satanists from Britain paying for orphans to stay in a hotel will see that the people know about the children and therefore will be afraid to do something bad to them." The Georgian publication Myth Detector drew attention to the post.

The editors turned to the hotel administration and found out that Ukrainian children do live in the hotel, but not by themselves, but with teachers and guardians. At the moment, there are 1,000 children and 500 adults in two hotels of the chain - and they can live in hotels until the end of the war thanks to the Childhood Without War charity program. This program is supported by the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey and the Ukrainian Consulate in Antaliia at the expense of large Ukrainian companies that finance the stay of children, especially orphans and children in difficult circumstances.

Manipulation The British have decided when they will kick Ukrainians out of their homes

The Russian media are spreading another manipulation about refugees - this time they write that the British have decided when they will kick Ukrainians out of their homes. As always, the Russians are manipulating the data of the survey conducted by the National Statistical Office of Great Britain. StopFake drew attention to the manipulation.

The purpose of the survey was to find out the portrait of people who took part in the Homes for Ukraine program, as well as to establish the period during which they are ready to provide housing to refugees and under what conditions.

“There were differences in how long the current sponsors wanted the long term appointment arrangement, with 19% intending to provide accommodation for the originally agreed period of six months, while just under a quarter (23%) intended to provide accommodation for more than 12 months', write the authors of the study.

In addition, the survey showed that of those planning to provide housing for a period of 6 to 12 months, 70% said that further monthly payments of 350 pounds sterling encourage them to make Ukrainians leave longer. 21% of program participants noted that their willingness to help Ukrainians is influenced by the rising cost of living. But it does not follow from the data of this survey that the Ukrainian refugees are being “expelled”, or that the British are tired of the “Ukrainian refugees”. On the contrary, almost half of the respondents propose to provide housing for refugees for a period longer than originally planned. And the British authorities, for their part, are working to expand and extend assistance to the British participating in the program so that they continue to host Ukrainians. There are currently 100,000 Ukrainians in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine program.

Manipulation Russia sheltered the most refugees from Ukraine

Such information is spread by Russian media and anonymous Telegram channels. They said that this shows that Russia is unfairly accused of "unthinkable crimes against Ukrainian refugees", and that now "another of the main myths of Ukrainian propaganda" has been allegedly refuted by the "dry statistics" of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. It does not.

As StopFake writes, in fact, the Russian agitprop "forgot" to mention that, unlike other countries, data on Ukrainian refugees residing in Russia was provided with a caveat. Indeed, according to UN data, as of August 2, Russia has the largest number of Ukrainian refugees - 1,968,127 people. But the Office notes that "the figure is an estimate, as potential further movements or returns cannot be taken into account at this time." That is, data on the number of refugees from Ukraine who requested temporary asylum in Russia and the number of refugees who then re-crossed the border to return to Ukraine are not submitted to the UN. Therefore, the exact number of Ukrainians in Russia is unknown.

In violation of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of the Civilian Population in Time of War, Russia carries out forced deportations, and Ukrainians have to pass through so-called "filtration" camps. Children are taken to Russia and are deliberately separated from their parents. According to the deputy head of the US mission to the OSCE, Courtney Austrian, at least 18 infiltration camps were discovered in Russia on both sides of the Ukrainian-Russian border, which Russia had prepared even before the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, some of the "refugees" ended up in Russia against their will.

Manipulation Ukrainians are masse returning to the temporarily occupied territories

This is reported by the Russian media with reference to the CNN story. He said that the report was a "miscalculation of the Western media", which "suddenly admitted" that "what is happening in Ukraine". This is manipulation.

The Russian media used the CNN story, distorting its essence. As the StopFake fact-checkers write, it is actually about people who are forcibly returning to the territories occupied by Russia for various reasons. At the same time, the Russians do not allow Ukrainians who, on the contrary, would like to leave the occupation. Journalists also say that traffic from the occupied territories was blocked on the day of the shooting. According to CNN, 6,000 people were stuck on the Russian side, only 76 were able to pass through the checkpoint. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine also confirmed that the movement at the Kamianske checkpoint is mostly due to the occupation, but on that day the Russians blocked Ukrainians from leaving. Currently, this is the only way to get to the occupied territories, traffic on other roads is blocked for various reasons. Russian mass media do not talk about it.

People who entered the territory occupied by Russia said that they did not want to leave their relatives there. However, pro-Kremlin media made their own "conclusions". In their opinion, these people finally decided to leave Ukraine. This is allegedly indicated by the large number of things they carry with them. Some of the cars in the plot do carry a large number of personal belongings. However, most of them are not. This is visible in the general footage present in the CNN story. Therefore, the conclusion that everyone returns to the occupied territory for permanent residence is an exaggeration. The CNN journalist does not draw such conclusions but notes that those who want to stay on the Russian side may not admit it. The stories of the heroes of the plot also do not contain grounds for such conclusions.

Fake In Spain, it was forbidden to use Ukrainian flags in the refugee center

This was reported by the Russian media and the official account of the Russian Embassy in Spain. Allegedly, in one of the centers for refugees, Ukrainians were forbidden to hang their national flag. This is evidenced by the photos, which allegedly show graffiti with the inscription "no Ukrainian flags" on the wall of the building next to the center. Pro-Russian telegram channels spread these messages in the Ukrainian infospace. This is a fake.

Graffiti photos are another photo montage. This was pointed out by Twitter users in the comments under the publication of the account of the Russian Embassy in Spain. Twitter users geolocated the location on the photos. The building in the photo is actually in Benalmadena, it belongs to the EpicGym gym. The owners of the hall confirmed on August 5 that such an inscription was never on the wall and provided a video of the facade of the building - it does not contain any graffiti. An analysis of photos circulating online indicates that the "graffiti" was painted over the gym's logo - the edge of the "graffiti" features the letter "E", which corresponds to the first letter of the gym's name, "EpicGym". On social networks, "EpicGym" published a message in which they called the fakes "disgusting and unacceptable" and emphasized that the information on the Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Spain is not true. The owners also reported that the people involved in their business do not support Russia in the war going on in Ukraine.

StopFake fact-checkers verified the published photos using the Forensics image verification tool. The check showed a different level of compression at the location of the graffiti - this may indicate that the image has been edited.

Fake Ukrainians want to make Ukrainian the second official language in Poland

Russian propaganda presented the Facebook post of Ukrainian activist Ihor Isayev as a general opinion of all Ukrainians, which, of course, was spread by the pro-Kremlin media.

An article appeared on the Wyborcza. pl website with the title "Almost every third resident of Wroclaw is Ukrainian. And there are more and more of them." The article discussed a study by the Polish Metropolises Union, which showed that Wroclaw is the second Polish city after Warsaw in which the largest number of Ukrainians live. Ihor Isayev reacted to the article with a Facebook post (at the same time, the Russian agitprop claimed that these were comments on the publication, it is also false - ed.), that "the law on national minorities allows the introduction of an auxiliary language (as well as bilingual signs) in the commune if there is at least 20% of minority representatives. We don't have an interpretation of emigrants' amount, although the law does not explicitly say so. Nevertheless, in large Polish cities, we can already fight for the Ukrainian language to become the second state language."

In general, there is no mention of any demands from the Ukrainian refugees. Moreover, it is legally impossible. Polish is the only official language in the Republic of Poland. This is stipulated in the Constitution, Article 27. Read more.

Fake Ukrainian refugees wanted to burn the Russian flag and burned 31 hectares of Spanish forest

Some Russian media spread a video showing a large-scale fire in Spain with captions stating that Ukrainian refugees were allegedly the cause of it. Ukrainians allegedly wanted to burn the Russian flag, but they set the forest on fire. It is not true.

StopFake fact-checkers found the original video. It is indeed footage of a fire that has been raging in the Spanish provinces for several weeks. The announcer says that there is a possibility of deliberate arson. But there is no mention in the story that it was the Ukrainians who caused the fire. The archive also contains the original video with the news feed at the bottom of the screen. In fact, the credits reported the arrest of a taxi driver for assaulting a passenger and driving while intoxicated. Therefore, the information about the participation of Ukrainians in the arson was added deliberately. Probably to discredit Ukrainians who seek refuge in Spain because of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Fake Scantily clad Ukrainian "Nazi refugees" pose for a photo in Croatia

Photos of two men with Nazi tattoos allegedly depicting Ukrainian refugees in Rijeka (Croatia) are spread on social media. In some posts, the photo serves as a justification for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, it is a fake.

Fake In Poland, local women fought with refugees from Ukraine

Such information is spread on social networks, adding an alleged fight video. In the messages to the video, they add that Polish women recently fought with Ukrainian refugees. However, it is not true. According to VoxCheck, a reverse TinEye search shows that the video appeared online in 2016 on the Polish website wykop.pl.

According to several Polish media, the fight took place at the beginning of July in the Polish resort town of Władysławowo and gained wide publicity. It recorded the participation of three girls and several men who tried to separate them. The exact cause of the fight is unknown. In the comments under the video, it is noted that such cases are often associated with excessive alcohol consumption and frequently occur at summer parties.

There is no mention of the nationality of the participants, so there is no reason to talk about a conflict between Poles and refugees from Ukraine either. It is not the first time Russian propaganda has spread fakes about refugees from Ukraine in various states that accepted them because of the war. In this way, the propaganda seeks to discredit the refugees from Ukraine themselves and to create the appearance that the attitude towards Ukrainians is deteriorating in the countries that receive them.

Fake Ukrainian refugees in Poland should recognize Stepan Bandera as a terrorist

Such information is distributed in the Georgian segment of social networks in Russian. For example, during registration in Poland, Ukrainian refugees fill out a questionnaire where they are forced to write that Stepan Bandera is a terrorist. The messages are accompanied by an alleged photo of the questionnaire and claim that if a person does not recognize Bandera as a terrorist, he will not receive the special identification number in Poland.

In fact, the information about Ukrainian refugees in Poland receiving an identification number and signing a statement that Stepan Bandera is a terrorist, and Ukrainian nationalists are responsible for the Volyn tragedy is fake.

According to fact-checkers from Myth Detector, the document published on social networks is fabricated, and the authentic version of the document is available on the official website of the Polish government. In the original version of the questionnaire, there are no questions about Bandera and the Volyn tragedy.