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Manipulation Ukraine seems to have gone on the defensive along the entire front line

Pro-Russian resources are spreading information that the Ukrainian army has stopped attacking and gone on the defensive, and the Russian military is stretching the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the entire front line. In asserting this, propagandists refer to an interview with former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maliar, which she gave to the online publication Liga.net.

Experts from the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security developed this case. It turned out that the Russians manipulated Maliar’s words. In the interview, she made an assumption about the task of the Russians: to prevent the Ukrainian army from concentrating forces in a specific place. Also, the former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine noted that it is the Russian army that is stretching its troops along the front line in order to exhaust the Ukrainian defenders and prepare itself for offensive actions. In the end, there were no statements from Maliar that Ukraine was no longer advancing.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to discredit the Ukrainian counteroffensive and assure everyone around that the advantage on the front line lies in Russia. Previously, we refuted the information that Valerii Zaluzhnyi allegedly ordered preparations for defense between Mykolaiv and Odesa.

Disclosure To win the war, almost 29 million Ukrainians must die

Social networks began to spread messages in Ukrainian with the information that “our army liberated 270-300 km², losing 71 thousand soldiers killed”. The publications also say: in order to de-occupy all territories, it will be necessary to “kill” almost 29 million Ukrainians.

Specialists from the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security analyzed such messages. They found out that such publications are Russian IPSO. As for the deoccupied territories, this is the case – as of September 10, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually liberated about 270 km². However, the data on the number of Ukrainian military deaths during hostilities is invented, since this information is a state secret and will be made public by Ukraine only after the end of the war. It turns out that the “calculation” of future losses was made on the basis of imaginary data, so it cannot be considered reliable.

Propagandists manipulate information and create facts because they see this as effective and potentially influential on Ukrainian society. Such disinformation is spread with the aim of demoralizing Ukrainians and making them think about giving up. When reading similar cases that can evoke strong emotions, we encourage you to think critically. We also worked on the Russian information campaign, when on behalf of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, recipes for dishes from pigeons and dogs were sent to Ukrainians in connection with the alleged crisis in the agricultural sector in Ukraine.

Message The goals of “SVO” will supposedly be achieved at any cost

Self-proclaimed colonel, collaborator and war criminal Eduard Basurin claims that “denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine continues”. In general, the Russian leadership and propagandists are promoting the message that the so-called “special operation” is constantly ongoing, and all its goals will certainly be achieved.

Experts from the Center for Countering Disinformation drew attention to this repeated mantra. For example, Volodymyr Putin announced the two above-mentioned goals of the SVO on February 24, 2023. Moreover, another reason for the full-scale invasion, according to him, was “the protection of the residents of Donbas”. Over time, the Kremlin has already changed entire war goals against Ukraine many times, which indicates its confusion and misunderstanding between the military-political leadership of Russia.

Read also: The main goal of the so-called “SVO” is supposedly not to seize Ukraine, but to ensure the security of Russia

Message Ukraine allegedly “massively” uses prohibited weapons against civilians

This thesis was spread by pro-Kremlin media. Reports say that Ukraine seems to be using prohibited methods of warfare, in particular using prohibited weapons. They say this is stated in the Landmine Monitor 2023 report, compiled by independent experts from different countries, which was presented to the UN on November 14, 2023.

The case was studied by StopFake project specialists and explained: the analysts who worked on the report reported that Ukraine began an investigation into the case of how the Ukrainian Armed Forces “used anti-personnel mines in the city of Izium and its environs in 2022, when the city was under Russian control”. The report emphasized that Ukraine then used mines against Russian military targets, but as a result, “civilians suffered”. This case in relation to Ukraine is isolated, and international experts have recorded hundreds of facts of widespread use of prohibited weapons in Ukraine by Russian occupiers.

Among other things, the document wrote that Russia, probably with the help of neighboring Belarus, is actively using anti-personnel mines in Ukraine. According to the data presented in the report, in Ukraine in 2022 there was a tenfold increase in the number of victims of anti-personnel mines compared to the year before the full-scale Russian invasion.

Russia tries to ignore cases of the use of prohibited weapons and pays attention only to Ukrainian actions - although the case of the use of an anti-personnel mine is isolated, and it was primarily used to replace a Russian military facility.

The online media of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, ArmyInform, explains that the Ottawa Convention of 1997 provides for a complete cessation of the use of non-directional anti-personnel mines, a cessation of their production and accumulation. Ukraine signed the mine ban agreement on February 24, 1999 in New York and ratified it on December 27, 2005, becoming a state party on June 1, 2006. Russia is not a party to the Convention, so it has been using them since the beginning of the war back in 2014.

Message The main goal of the so-called SVO is supposedly not to seize Ukraine, but to ensure the security of Russia

This information is promoted by Spiridon Kilinkarov, a former Ukrainian politician, a traitor to Ukraine. He is hiding in Russia and speaking on Kremlin propaganda channels. In his opinion, Russia’s aggression is justified because it guarantees the country’s security. Kilinkarov argues that we are not talking exclusively about new territories for Russia, but about the exhaustive implementation of the assigned tasks for the Russian army.

The experts from the Center for Countering Disinformation examined this case. It turns out that by spreading such a message, the traitor makes Russia a victim of circumstances. They say that Russia must defend itself from NATO and the collective West, and therefore is forced to resort to armed confrontation on neutral territory, in Ukraine, playing ahead. A similar version of the reason for the full-scale invasion was voiced by the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Oleksandr Lukashenko: Russia launched a “preventive strike” because Ukraine was allegedly planning an attack on Belarus.

Fake In October 2023, Russia allegedly destroyed 37 Ukrainian Air Force aircraft

Pro-Kremlin resources are disseminating the words of Russian Defense Minister Serhii  Shoihu, who stated that in October the Russian army allegedly managed to destroy 37 Ukrainian combat aircraft. This is almost 2 times more than the promised number of F-16s for Kyiv. Despite the supply of new types of “NATO” weapons, Ukraine seems to continue to lose. However, this is a fake.

The specialists from the Vox Ukraine team analyzed this case. They found that OSINT analysts did not record large losses of the Ukrainian Air Force in October 2023. The Dutch open-source reconnaissance site Oryx found only one destroyed Su-25 during this period. In addition, according to the agreements of the Ukrainian authorities and partner states, Ukraine should receive more than 18 F-16 aircraft - propagandists are manipulating information. On August 21, 2023, Volodymyr Zelenskyi announced that Ukraine would receive 42 aircraft from the Netherlands and 19 from Denmark. Later, a clarification appeared: the Netherlands will transfer some of the mentioned 42 aircraft to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and some will be left for pilot training. On August 24, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stør also announced the transfer of F-16 aircraft to Ukraine. In the end, Belgium will also join the supply of equipment of this type from 2025. It should be noted that Norway and Belgium still did not specify the number of aircraft that they are ready to transfer.

Russian propaganda exaggerates the achievements of the Russian army, trying to spread another “victorious” story from the front line among ordinary Russians. That is, propagandists engage in eye-catching activities and publish fake information from the combat zone. After all, we previously published information that Shoihu “knocked down”  a bunch of planes and ATACMS in five days.

Fake Ukraine allegedly passed a law to “conceal torture in prisons”

Media spreading pro-Russian rhetoric are spreading a fake news story about the Ukrainian parliament passing a law that allegedly aims to “hide up torture in prisons”. According to it, since other countries refuse to extradite detained Ukrainians to Ukraine due to “non-compliance with human rights” there, the Verkhovna Rada decided to pass a law that will protect such prisoners. This, it would seem, is being carried out with the goal of “convincing partners to hand over persons unpleasant” to the regime to the neo-Nazis. However, this is manipulation.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They point out that propagandists not only misspelled the name of the Verkhovna Rada deputy who co-authored the bill — not Vadym Bozhyk, but Valerii Bozhyk — but also distorted the content of the legislative initiative for propaganda purposes. We are talking about bill No. 9451, the purpose of which is to ensure respect for the rights and freedoms of convicted Ukrainians extradited to Ukraine for prosecution or execution of a sentence. The explanatory note notes that the law was proposed due to the refusal of many countries to fulfill requests for extradition to Ukraine due to violations in Ukrainian penal institutions of Article 3 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms on the prohibition of torture, as well as due to the inability to ensure security during the stay of persons in penal institutions under martial law.

Bozhyk explained that because of this law, the Ministry of Justice receives the authority to approve a list of correctional labor or educational colonies to which Ukrainians from extradition will be transferred. It is also indicated that such institutions will fully comply with both the requirements of national legislation and Ukraine’s international obligations in the field of human rights.

Propagandists spread such manipulations to discredit Ukraine and portray it as a country that systematically violates international law. Detector Media has already repeatedly refuted other Russian video fakes.

Fake Zelenskyi allegedly called for “immediately leaving” Avdiivka

Media and social media users spreading pro-Russian rhetoric claim that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi ordered the Ukrainian military to “immediately leave” the city of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region, supported by a corresponding video. However, this video is fake.

Analysts from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found out that the video used old footage and a voice similar to the voice of the Ukrainian president. In addition, it is distributed only by users of social networks, pro-Russian sites and Telegram channels. Not a single authoritative Ukrainian or English-language media reported such a “loud” order from the Ukrainian president. In addition, this video distributed by Russian propaganda is not on Zelensky’s official pages on social networks, where he usually publishes his addresses.

Secondly, with a detailed review of the fake “video message”, it is noticeable that Zelenskyi’s facial expressions do not correspond to his language. StopFake specialists discovered an identical video with Zelenskyi dated October 31, 2023. However, in the original video, the president does not issue any “orders” regarding Avdiivka, but talks about the situation in the Black Sea, the work of the “grain corridor”, international support, and so on. To create a fake, audio with an artificially created voice of Zelenskyi about the order to leave Avdiivka was simply superimposed on this video, using the corporate style of the 1+1 TV channel for greater credibility.

By spreading such fakes, propagandists want to cause panic among Ukrainians and personal distrust of Zelenskyi. Like, Ukraine is losing. However, Detector Media also refuted other fakes and manipulations on a similar topic, where propagandists manipulated the President of Ukraine.

Manipulation The EU allegedly admitted Ukraine's loss in the war

Russian media are disseminating information that supposedly the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the European Union recognized Ukraine’s loss in the war. However, this is manipulation.

Analysts from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found that propagandists used Borrell's statement, taking it out of context. In fact, the diplomat had no doubt about the prospect of ending the war in Ukraine’s favor. The quote was taken from the speech of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security during the Congress of the Party of European Socialists in Malaga, Spain on November 11. Borrell said that EU countries must be prepared to continue to support Ukraine in countering Russian aggression.

Although Borrell did say that Ukraine's victory over Russia “does not happen overnight”,  Russian media deliberately skipped a significant part of the European diplomat's speech that followed this phrase. Borrell emphasized that the greatest security guarantee that the EU can provide to Ukraine is its membership in the “European family”. However, for this to happen, the Union must remain united and prepare for a longer conflict than Russia had planned, which hoped to take over the country in two weeks and establish its own puppet regime, similar to the Belarusian one. Borrell emphasized that, despite the expectations of dictator Putin, Ukraine not only did not fall, but is also recapturing its territories. This became possible thanks to Ukraine's fierce resistance against the Kremlin regime and the support of its allies. Thus, according to the EU representative, Ukraine is the EU's top priority, and work to support the country must continue until it wins the war.

Propagandists spread such fake news because they want to convince Ukrainians that even their closest allies have allegedly turned their backs on them. Like, if the EU has already recognized Ukraine’s loss, the situation is definitely catastrophic. However, this is not the case, and Detector Media has repeatedly refuted such fakes and manipulations of Russian propaganda.

Manipulation Russian troops are regrouping to more advantageous positions in the Kherson region

Propaganda resources are trying to disorient the Ukrainian Defense Forces with messages about the alleged withdrawal of the Russian army from some temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. Thus, on the morning of November 12, pro-Russian media published news about the regrouping of Russian troops near Dnipro, and on November 13 they deleted their publications and reported that the preliminary information was canceled.

The Center for National Resistance investigated this case and stated that the regrouping of Russian troops in the Kherson region has not been recorded. This was reported to the Center by local residents of the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of the Kherson region, which are discussed in the “news”. It looks like this case is an information operation against Ukraine. The Center for National Resistance also added that the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kherson region is a matter of time.

Message The war in Ukraine and Israel is “not an accident” as the United States creates unstable zones with its own hands

This thesis was spread on social networks in the Russian segment. Reports say that in fact, all current wars are the result of the US aggressive policy in the world. And they explain that the reason for the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as the Israeli war against Hamas, is the White House, which seeks to create “zones of instability” and sow discord.

Analysts from the EU vs Disinfo project took up the case and explained that this is a typical conspiracy theory of Russian propagandists. So they are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for military aggression, explaining it by external influences. The authors convince us that most often, peaceful people who suffer from “external control” pay taxes “God knows where”, are zombied by “Western values” and have literally lost the right to be heard. That is, they show that such an “impact” is not good and leads to stagnation in all spheres of people’s lives. To strengthen their argument, they add information about Israel's war with the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas. Accordingly, the war in Israel was caused by the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023.

Consequently, the Kremlin benefits from aggravation in the Middle East, because it distracts attention from what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine.

Let us recall that the Institute for the Study of War's statement as of October 7 said that the Kremlin is using the Hamas attack on Israel for information operations aimed at weakening support for Ukraine by the United States and other Western partners.

Manipulation In the Gaza Strip, the number of victims is greater in 25 days than in Ukraine in 563 days

In the pro-Kremlin media and in the Russian segment of the Facebook social network, information is spread that in 25 days almost as many civilians have been killed in the Gaza Strip as allegedly killed in Ukraine in 563 days, that is, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian propaganda presents an infographic comparing the number of victims. This is manipulation.

The case was investigated by the fact-checkers of the StopFake project. In the graphs published by Russian propaganda, it is stated that 8 thousand 796 people died in Gaza during the 25 days of the conflict, of which 3648 are children. There were 24,000 wounded, of which 9,600 were children. These data are provided by the UN.

During the 563 days of the full-scale war in Ukraine, 9,614 people died, including 554 children. 17,535 people were injured, of which 1,180 were children. However, the Office of the United Nations and High Commissioner for Human Rights believe that “the actual figures are much higher”, because the organization's calculations do not take into account data from occupied cities where fierce fighting took place, such as Mariupol, Lysychansk, Popasna and Sievierodonetsk, where there are reports of numerous victims among the civilian population.

This was also stated by the spokesman of the UN Office for Human Rights in Ukraine, Kryshtof Yanovskyi. He noted that it is impossible to provide exact figures from Mariupol. Ukrainian human rights activists believe that in Mariupol alone, the Russian invaders killed about 100,000 people.

By manipulating numbers and using a sensitive topic for this, Russian propagandists are trying to put psychological pressure on Ukrainians. Russians also want to whiten themselves: as if against the background of Israel, which, regardless of morality, kills people, Russia looks like a humanistic country, because it supposedly protects Ukrainians. Earlier, we refuted the fake that Economy Minister Svyrydenko said that Ukraine would restore the Gaza Strip.

Fake Ukraine will restore the Gaza Strip, Economy Minister Svyrydenko said

Russian media broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric are spreading the statement of Ukraine's Economy Minister Yuliia Svyrydenko that Kyiv is bound to restore the Gaza Strip after the end of the conflict. It is not true.

The case was investigated by the fact-checkers of the StopFake project. They established that Yuliia Svyrydenko did not make such statements, and the quote used by Russian propagandists is completely fabricated. There were also no statements by the minister or anyone from the department in the official communication channels of the Ministry of Ukraine.

Russian propaganda spread a fictional quote in the context of the fact that Ukraine will once again “beg for money” from the West for its supposedly new project.

In this way, Russian propagandists try to discredit Ukraine, undermine the narrative about its lack of independence and show it as a “beggar country”, and as a result reduce the support of Western partners. Earlier, we refuted the fake that Israel is calling Ukrainians to join the IDF.

Fake It is absurd to talk about the prospects of Ukraine's victory

Russian high-ranking officials claim that it is absurd to talk about the prospects of Ukraine's victory. They said that all the goals that were set for the special military operation will be fulfilled.

Specialists of the Center of Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine drew attention to this message. They found such statements to be manipulative and contrasted with Russia's front-line failures, sanctions pressure, and heavy casualties during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

By spreading such messages, propagandists are trying to establish among Russians the myth of the power of the Russian army. Moreover, such reports also aim to show that everything is supposedly under control in Russia. They seek to create the impression that Russia is in a winning position and will fight against Ukraine until it achieves its own goals. There were more such messages against the background of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, which Russian propagandists repeatedly tried to discredit. Detector Media wrote about this, refuting a number of fakes and messages on this topic.

Fake Zelenskyi surrendered to Russia over the weekend

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric in the English-speaking segment of social networks claim that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, has surrendered, and Ukraine has been under the complete control of Russia since this weekend. The primary source is an unknown tweet with the following content: “Zelenskyi surrendered. Ukraine has fallen. Israel is next”. This is a fake.

Specialists of the Associated Press drew attention to him. They found that the tweet had been shared/liked more than 10,000 times as of Monday, November 5. A number of high-ranking officials, especially Volodymyr Zelenskyi, emphasize that there is no question of a truce, just like there is no draw in the war. Russian aggression against Ukraine over the weekend did not stop, as evidenced by Russia's air attack on 10 regions of Ukraine, which led to the destruction of civilian infrastructure.

By spreading such fakes based on the statements of Ukrainian high-ranking officials, propagandists want to distort reality and create a false identity between Russian aggression against Ukraine and the war in Israel and Palestine. In addition, they use the increased level of coverage of events in the Middle East to try to convince foreigners that they are right. Detector Media refuted other Russian messages, manipulations and fakes on the topic of events in Israel.

Fake Zaluzhny recognized the failure of Ukraine in the war

Russian media reacted to the article by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, for foreign media, presenting individual quotes from him as evidence of the “failure of the Ukrainian army” on the battlefield and suggesting that he “announced the inevitable surrender” of Ukraine. However, this is a fake.

Specialists of the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found out that Zaluzhnyi actually emphasized: Ukrainians in practice demonstrated their willingness to “put their soul and body down for their freedom”. He noted that Russia, having an advantage in resources, could not implement the plans of its general staff. In the interview, the Commander-in-Chief identified five priority directions for the development of Ukraine to avoid turning the war into a war of position. In his opinion, at this moment Ukraine, limited in resources, has reached parity with Russia in such areas as air warfare and radio-electronic warfare.

In addition, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces emphasizes the importance of increasing the effectiveness of the management of the Ukrainian forces through the widespread use of modern information technologies. Zaluzhnyi also emphasized the need to improve the logistical support of the country's defense. He noted that the situation “requires the search for new and non-trivial approaches to avoid military parity with the enemy”.

By spreading such fakes based on the statements of Ukrainian high-ranking officials, propagandists want to distort reality and cause disputes between representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted fakes and messages directed directly against Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

Fake Ukraine can carry out provocations with biological weapons “under a false flag”

Propaganda resources are disseminating information that allegedly the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine “under a false flag” may resort to provocations related to biological weapons. The head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection forces of Russia, Ihor Kyrylov, said that according to the scenario, first in the Mykolaiv region the emergence of cases of infectious disease with the bird influenza virus will be recorded, and then Russia will be blamed for this. It's fake.

The case was documented by the fact-checkers from the Center for Countering Disinformation. They found out that the information about provocations has nothing to do with reality, that is, fake. In addition, over the past 20 years, neither the Ukrainian side nor the WHO have reported cases of human infection with bird flu in Ukraine.

This case of disinformation primarily targets ordinary Russian citizens and fuels the Russian narrative about biological weapons in Ukraine. Previously, we refuted information that the authorities in Odesa were destroying traces of US military biological laboratories.

Manipulation More than 500 American volunteers died in the war in Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin resources are spreading disinformation about the losses of American troops in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Propagandists refer to an interview with American volunteer Matthew Van Dyke, published on the YouTube channel Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom. In it, a volunteer allegedly stated that 510 American volunteers who joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces died. This is manipulation.

The Center for Countering Disinformation worked on this case. They found out that during a volunteer’s answer to the presenter’s question about the number of American soldiers killed in the war in Ukraine, Van Dyke voiced the figures of five to ten people. He also added that many American volunteers were wounded.

Russian propagandists exaggerate the achievements of the Russian army in the war against Ukraine to fuel the narrative of the “second army of the world”. On the other hand, by manipulating information, Russian propaganda is trying to convince everyone around that mobilization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is useless - and so everyone will die, and therefore it is easier for Ukraine to surrender now. Previously, we denied information that American students were allegedly being recruited into the Foreign Legion of Ukraine.

Fake Israel calls on Ukrainians to join the IDF

Pro-Kremlin media are distributing a video of an alleged advertising video on YouTube, in which a military man in an Israeli army uniform is supposedly campaigning in Ukrainian to join the IDF - the Israeli Defense Forces - and fight against Hamas. It's a lie.

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council analyzed this case and found that such advertising from the official representative of the Israeli Ministry of Defense does not exist. It was compiled: after all, using a reverse search on Google, experts found that to create a fake advertising video, the authors used a TikTok video from the official account of the Israeli Defense Forces on this social network. And later a voice in Ukrainian was superimposed on the video.

Let us recall that the Institute for the Study of War’s statement on October 7 said that the Kremlin is actively using the Hamas attack on Israel for information operations aimed at weakening US and Western support for Ukraine. And the thesis about “mobilizing people to Israel” is used by fake bots to, first of all, convince that the Ukrainian leadership sees only military force in men and women - and officials, say, will use this for their own purposes. Even for mobilization to other countries.

Previously, we have already documented a propaganda campaign, supposedly Ukrainians were given draft notices to mobilize into Israeli volunteer battalions.

Manipulation “The occupied territories are no longer Ukraine”, Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klychko said

A video is being distributed on social networks in the Russian segment in which the mayor of Kyiv, Vitalii Klychko, allegedly proposed voting not to consider the occupied territories part of Ukraine. This is manipulation.

The VoxCheck analysts analyzed the case and found out that this quote was taken out of the entire video. In fact, Klychko spoke about the reasons that make it impossible to hold elections. Among them, in particular, is the fact that some people are in the occupied territories and will not be able to vote. He spoke about this on the television channel “Kyiv”.

“Those territories that are occupied are no longer Ukraine, because there will be no representatives [of Ukraine at the polling stations]. How do we take these territories into account or not?” - said the official.

That is, he did not claim that the occupied territories are not Ukrainian, but explained that elections there are not yet possible. For example, because representatives of Ukraine will not be able to establish polling stations there due to active hostilities.

Using quotes from public figures, military officers, politicians and other public figures, Russian propaganda is trying to convince consumers of disinformation of the authenticity of such expressions. Like, if a Ukrainian official himself stated this, he can be trusted as he is an authoritative source, although the authors do not explain how reliable the information presented in the manipulative publication is. This is how propagandists use the tactic of appealing to authority.

Fake “If Ukraine loses the war, it will be because of the Jews”, Zelenskyi said

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric on social networks claim that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi allegedly said that “if Ukraine loses the war, it will be because of the Jews”. This is a fake.

Analysts of the Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security Council of Ukraine and the Georgian MythDetector project drew attention to it. They found out that the circulated quote is a fake, because it cannot be found either on the official pages of the President, or in Ukrainian or Western mass media. On the contrary, Zelenskyi condemned the actions of Hamas and drew parallels between the current events in Israel and the Russian-Ukrainian war. He condemned terrorism and emphasized Israel's right to self-defense.

By spreading such fakes, propagandists want to convince Ukrainians that after the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, Western countries will redirect the aid intended for Ukraine to Israel and Ukraine will not have the support of the international community.  Detector Media explained how propagandists still manipulate the topic of events in Israel.

Manipulation “Ukraine will not be able to return all the “lost territories”, political scientist Francis Fukuyama said

Enemy resources are disseminating information that supposedly American political scientist Francis Fukuyama, in an interview with Radio Svoboda (Liberty), spoke about the impossibility of Ukraine returning all occupied territories. This is manipulation.

The case was studied by the fact-checkers from the StopFake project. The American philosopher noted that the only possible option in which Russia would leave the occupied territories is the victory of Ukraine on the battlefield. Also in the interview, Fukuyama said that it is possible that Ukraine will face a situation where not all 100% of the territories can be unoccupied and that the war could continue for a long time. That is, the political scientist spoke only about the “probability” that not all territories of Ukraine will be liberated, but did not claim that this is the only possible scenario.

During the interview, Francis Fukuyama was careful with his statements regarding territorial concessions, and inserted remarks such as: “As a foreigner, I cannot give advice on this issue. This is a question that Ukrainians themselves must answer and make a decision”. Regarding the end of the war unleashed by the Kremlin, the political scientist said that “none of us can predict how long this war will last”. Ultimately, he suggested that the situation could become similar to Israel's as long as Russia continues to exist as a state.

Russian propaganda nourishes the narrative that Ukraine is unable to de-occupy all of its territories and win the war against Russia. With the help of fakes of this kind, propagandists are trying to dissuade the Ukrainian people from victory over Russia and sow fear, uncertainty and doubts in the future.

Manipulation In the Gaza Strip, Romanians ask for help, but Bucharest “first of all saves Ukrainians”

On the Internet, propagandists began to spread information that Romania is in no hurry to help evacuate its “stranded” citizens in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Hamas attack on Israel. Bucharest is supposedly engaged in saving Ukrainians, that is, it puts them as a priority. This is manipulation.

The fact-checkers of the StopFake project looked into this case and found out that there is no information that Romania is prioritizing the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens. Evacuation from the Gaza Strip is not yet possible, so propagandists manipulate information when they write that the Romanian authorities are saving Ukrainians, but not Romanians. On October 8, 2023, Romania made its first flight, evacuating 346 Romanian citizens from Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv, Israel), as reported by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Almost a week later, the first evacuation plane to Romania with Ukrainians on board took off from the same Israel on October 14 - there were 207 Ukrainian citizens on board, mostly women, children and the elderly. Due to the fact that Ukrainian airspace is closed to aircraft due to Russia’s armed aggression, Ukrainian citizens are forced to fly first to Romania, a neighboring country, and only then travel overland to Ukraine.

Russia is trying to “create a quarrel” between Ukraine and its neighboring states, one of which is Romania, in order to reduce their support for the Ukrainian people from Russian aggression. Previously, pro-Kremlin media also spread disinformation about the rescue of Ukrainians from Israel in order to once again discredit the Ukrainian government for its inaction.

Fake From October 25, 2023, curfew schedules will be “changed” in Ukraine

In the Ukrainian segment of TikTok they are spreading information that starting from October 25, 2023, the curfew schedule in Ukraine is supposedly changing. The authors seem to refer to the statement of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk. The publications claim that this decision is due to “population control” during the winter period. In addition, such videos encourage people to follow a link to find out the curfew in a particular region. It's a lie.

The fact-checkers at the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council examined this case and explained that there are no new curfew schedules. And the links that fake bots add lead to anonymous telegram channels and third-party sites. Accordingly, this is the work of scammers who are trying to artificially increase the number of audiences on their pages on social networks. Moreover, Ruslan Stefanchuk also did not make such statements, this is simply a Russian propaganda fiction.

Actually, the decision on the curfew schedule falls within the competence of the heads of regional military administrations, and depending on the region, the schedule may vary.

Message Ukraine will not receive reparations as it did not declare war on Russia

In the Ukrainian segment of Facebook, information is being spread that Ukraine will allegedly not receive reparations from Russia, because Volodymyr Zelenskyi “did not introduce a state of war”, and minor citizens of Ukraine will not have the status of “children of war”. It is not true.

The message was investigated by the fact-checkers of the StopFake project. They turned to the former Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine in 2015–2019, a teacher at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Serhiii Pietukhov, for comment. He said: “Russian reparations are a matter of international law. Reparations are a form of compensation for harm caused by one state to another. In this case, the international community has no doubt that there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, or in the terminology of international law, an international armed conflict. A formal declaration of war has long been no longer required in international law and is not a criterion for assessing damages or the debt to pay reparations”.

Pietukhov also explained that the status of children of war can be accepted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, regardless of the declaration of a state of war. This is a domestic decision and “no one within the country questions the existence of war”.

Consequently, the message that Ukraine will not receive reparations because it did not declare war on Russia is intended to create distrust in the Ukrainian authorities. Earlier,  Detector Media talked about the message that Ukraine did not declare war on Russia.