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Manipulation It’s supposedly time for the Western world to admit Ukraine’s defeat in the war against Russia

Pro-Kremlin resources are spreading information that the West has finally realized that Russia is not going to lose the war to Ukraine. Propagandists also claim that Western countries allegedly realize that they cannot compete with Russia in the production of weapons. In its publications, Russian propaganda refers to an article entitled “It’s time to end magical thinking about Russia’s defeat” by the online newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). This is manipulation.

The fact-checkers from the StopFake project processed this information. They managed to find out that propagandists disseminate only those theses that confirm the narrative that is favorable to them about Russia’s military and economic achievements. In addition, the Russians are distorting the true content of the mentioned WSJ article. For example, the conclusion that the West is unable to compete with Russia in either the volume or quality of weapons production is based on a single phrase in the WSJ article that Russia produces more artillery shells than the West. That is, we are talking about only one type of ammunition, and the quality of the product is not mentioned at all.

The most important thing, as the authors of the article emphasize, is that “contrary to all forecasts, Ukraine withstood the Russian attack, and in less than two years, wiped out an entire decade of Russian military modernization”.

The authors of the material on the WSJ also believe that the West responded quite effectively to the immediate challenges caused by a full-scale invasion, and provided Ukraine with modern weapons and intelligence data in real time, as well as the development of sanctions packages against Russia. It should be noted that the article also says that the war is dragging on, and therefore Ukraine’s allies do not have the right to rely on “magical thinking” that Ukraine will soon win and peace will come. Rather, the authors write, we should move to long-term strategies to combat Russia. Detector Media also previously denied information that the West allegedly revealed the map of its plans, where there is almost no Ukraine.

Manipulation A journalist from the British publication The Telegraph allegedly criticizes the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the “misuse” of Western technology

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric on social networks are publishing an article by the author of the British publication The Telegraph, Lewis Page, claiming that he allegedly writes about the misuse of Western equipment by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) during the counteroffensive. However, this is manipulation.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found out that such an article by The Telegraph really exists, and its author actually writes about the difficulties of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, but does not claim that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are using Western equipment incorrectly. The article notes that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is a difficult task. The author rather criticizes Western experts who say that “properly used” Western tanks will help quickly end the war.

The article also reveals some facts about the supply of tanks to Ukraine, noting that as of August 2023, only a limited number of tanks had been transferred. The journalist adds that criticism of the use of Western equipment by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is unfair, since the West has limited the use of equipment for attacks on Russian territory and delayed the supply of tanks to Ukraine. The article notes the success of the Ukrainian army in conditions of limited access to Western equipment and reveals the essence of the circumstances that determined the development of the situation at the front.

By spreading such manipulations, propagandists want to create a myth that Western media consider the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be insufficiently competent compared to the Russian army. They say that this is why the peoples of Western countries must resist military aid for Ukraine. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted fakes and manipulations of Russian propaganda directed against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Message The West organizes a coup against Zelenskyi

Russian media are spreading information that the West is planning to carry out a coup in Ukraine and wants to deprive Zelenskyi of power. The authors explain: on November 1, 2023, the British edition of The Economist “not without reason” published an article by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi and an interview with him - supposedly the West is trying to show its commitment to Zaluzhnyi, and not to Zelenskyi. After all, on October 30, 2023, the American magazine Time dedicated the cover of its new issue and an article to the Ukrainian president. “No one believes in our victory as much as I do. The lonely struggle of Volodymyr Zelensky”,  said the cover. In fact, the authors of the propaganda correspondence explain that the West is hinting at the “mediocrity” of the Ukrainian president.

Specialists from the EU vs Disinfo project investigated the case and explained that this is a typical conspiracy theory that has no confirmation. Such theses are aimed only at undermining the authority of Zelenskyi, who is allegedly losing the support of the West. And nothing indicates that Zaluzhnyi’s interview once shows the West’s “favor” for the commander-in-chief.

Detector Media analysts analyzed materials from The Times and The Economist - one  can read about it here. In short, the article about Zelenskyi contains manipulative signs, because “all betrayal goes through the stamp of anonymity”. And Russian propaganda  really gloated about this, explaining by this the so-called incompetence of the Ukrainian president.

Fake In Vinnytsia, a fire allegedly broke out at “weapon depots from the West” on November 9

Such information was disseminated on social networks, in particular, on anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The reports say that on November 9, 2023, a fire broke out in Vinnytsia, allegedly at “NATO weapons” warehouses. The authors add to the messages that Zelenskyi allegedly did not turn on the air raid sirens in the Vinnytsia region, and the air defense did not work. It is not true.

In Vinnytsia on the evening of November 9, a large-scale fire broke out in warehouses where laminate flooring was stored. This was reported by the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of the Vinnytsia region. At 22:40 the fire was localized.

This is how the authors try to dispel the thesis about their “irresistible technology”, which is ready to destroy everyone, and as confirmation of this they give an example of “shelling” an object with ammunition. Although it was a fire, experts localized it.

In our Newspeak section we described the Russian phenomenon of “irresistible technology”. In short, this is how the Russians try to convince the domestic audience of constant victories.

Fake Dmytro Kuleba, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, is blackmailing the West to increase the supply of new weapons

Russian media broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric spread information that the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, allegedly manipulates the topic of shelling of critical infrastructure. He declares that Ukraine is preparing for the “worst winter in history”, plays on the feelings of partners and thus seeks to increase aid. And Russia actually carried out “light strikes” on the heating and energy infrastructure in the fall and winter of 2022-2023. It is not true.

The case was investigated by the fact-checkers of the StopFake project. Dmytro Kuleba gave an interview to Die Welt, where he said that Russia may start shelling critical infrastructure again. After all, Russian attacks are not fabrications or blackmail. On October 10, 2022, Russia launched massive missile strikes allegedly “in response to a Ukrainian attack” on an illegally built bridge across the Kerch Strait.

According to the UN, 42 out of 94 (45%) key high-voltage transformers in Ukraine were damaged or destroyed as a result of Russian missile attacks. In the fall and winter of 2022-2023, there will be almost no whole thermal and hydroelectric power plants left in Ukraine.

That is why Dmytro Kuleba said in an interview: “I bought dozens of candles. My father bought a truck full of firewood. We are preparing for the worst winter in history. Therefore, we will turn a blind eye if we do not get Taurus , but we do get air defense systems. We try to protect our power plants as best we can. But the Russians are learning. They will once again test our endurance with their missiles”.

In this way, Russian propagandists are trying to legitimize attacks on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine and devalue the problems of our country. They are also trying to discredit Dmytro Kuleba, hoping that this will reduce Western support. Earlier, Detector Media refuted the fake that there may be blackouts in Ukraine in November even without shelling.

Fake The West is “tired of driving Ukraine into debt”, Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko said

This information was disseminated by pro-Kremlin media. In the messages, the authors wrote that the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance recognized “the West’s tiredness of driving Ukraine into debt”. Allegedly, this was stated by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhii  Marchenko. The authors refer to material from the Reuters news agency following the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Marrakech (Morocco). It's a lie.

The case was examined by analysts from the StopFake project. They found out that the quote about the “pit of debt” was completely made up. The head of the Ministry of Finance did not make such statements. At the same time, the Reuters story states that Serhii Marchenko told the meeting how it is becoming increasingly difficult for Ukraine to receive financial support as the attention of donor countries is now focused on their upcoming elections. And he added that as the war with Russia continues, Ukraine needs to enlist financial support from Western countries to cover the budget deficit of about $42 billion by 2024.

On October 17, 2023, in an interview with Ukrinform, the head of the Ministry of Finance noted that Ukraine really depends on international support because of Russian aggression, which is precisely what hinders the country’s economic development.

According to experts from the International Monetary Fund, despite the Russian-Ukrainian war, the financial system of Ukraine has survived. The IMF also acknowledged that the sharp economic downturn in 2022 has now given way to a gradual economic recovery. For example, Ukrainian GDP growth in 2023 increased to 1-3%, and the Central Bank's reserves strengthened.

Manipulation The West and PACE are “interfering” in the Russian presidential elections

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric in the media claim that the United States and “its European satellites” are allegedly interfering in the internal affairs of Russia and the 2024 presidential elections. This is how they reacted to the adoption on October 13 by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) of a resolution declaring Volodymyr Putin illegitimate after the expiration of his current presidential term. The statement about “interference in the internal affairs of Russia” is unreliable.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to this. They found out that this is manipulation, since the resolution is advisory in nature for implementation and cannot directly influence the presidential elections in Russia. The Assembly only recommended that Council of Europe member states recognize Putin as illegitimate after the end of his current presidential term and cut off all contacts with him except for humanitarian needs and peace. The document notes that Russia ignores the norms of international law and all recommendations of the Venice Commission (a body on constitutional law under the Council of Europe), in particular, changes to the 2021 Constitution. Under these changes, Putin has reset his previous presidential terms and could rule the country until 2036.

StopFake notes that Russians repeatedly reproach other countries for “failure to implement” the recommendations of the Venice Commission. For example, as in the situation with the Law of Ukraine “On Education” of 2017. At that time, Russia actively promoted the narrative of “oppression of Russian speakers”.

By spreading such fakes, propagandists want to create the image of a “victim” and justify the crimes of Russians. They say that Russia started the war to fight against the hypocrisy of Western states, because they want to destroy Russia. Russia constantly victimizes itself within the walls of international institutions. For example, Detector Media has already written about how Russian diplomats regularly spread propaganda in the OSCE.

Fake Zelenskyi “bragged” about a lot of money in Romania

Such information was disseminated on social networks, in particular, on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that Volodymyr Zelenskyi, while on a visit to Romania, allegedly boasted about the large amount of money that Ukraine “received from Western leaders”. The authors refer to the president’s interview with Romanian journalists. It's a lie.

Analysts of the StopFake project investigated this case and found out that Zelenskyi did not say this in an interview. At the very least, there are no phrases that would hint at “bragging about Western money”. The fact-checkers add that during the president’s conversation with journalists, they discussed the war in Israel and how this could affect the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian president responded, in particular, that one cannot compare one war with another, and whoever starts these wars is “crazy”. In addition, he gave answers about the Russian-Ukrainian war itself. He said that Ukraine has enough fears about money and weapons, but, in his opinion, the war is now in its last and most difficult phase.

The fact-checkers suggest that Russian media misinterpreted a quote from the Ukrainian president, where he noted that there are fears about money and weapons. At the same time, Russian propaganda passed it off as “bragging”.

Manipulation Valuable museum exhibits are being transported to the West from the Kharkiv Historical Museum forever

Russian media, broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric, are disseminating information that Western countries are using the war in Ukraine to take away Ukrainian historical values. In the Kharkiv Historical Museum, allegedly under the guise of digitizing monuments, they are exporting them to the west of Ukraine, where “their traces are lost”. They seem to be taken “for temporary storage”, but in fact they are not going to return them. This is manipulation.

The case was investigated by the fact-checker of the StopFake project. The Kharkiv Historical Museum named after M. F. Sumtsov is a participant in the international project “Memory Savers”, the purpose of which is to digitize historical monuments, scientific research of museum collections and enter them into a European database. There is no talk about exporting valuable exhibits abroad.

However, it is Russia that plunders Ukrainian museums and galleries and removes cultural property from temporarily occupied territories.

Russian propaganda uses reflexive tactics: it accuses the West of stealing Ukrainian monuments and valuable exhibits. That is, it accuses it of what Russia is really doing in the temporarily occupied territories in order to divert attention from its crimes. Previously, we talked about the message that Russia does not destroy Ukrainian cultural and historical heritage and refuted the fake that Kyiv agreed with UNESCO to transfer holy relics to museums in Italy, France, Germany and the Vatican.

Fake The West may reduce aid to Ukraine due to the war in Israel

Pro-Kremlin media are disseminating information that the West may reduce aid to Ukraine due to the war in Israel. Russian propaganda referred to Russian “experts”. It is not true.

As fact-checkers at the Center for Strategic Communications note, Western partners assured Volodymyr Zelenskyi that the difficult situation in Israel would not prevent them from helping Ukraine. The President of Ukraine also noted that he discussed this issue with his partners, they “assure that Ukraine will still receive help, no one will abandon Ukraine”.

Moreover, on October 11, the United States announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth $200 million, and Belgium will provide assistance worth €1.7 billion.

Russian propaganda is trying to discredit Western partners, saying that it is more important for them to help Israel than Ukraine. All this should undermine the spirit of Ukrainians and despair of victory. Earlier, Detector Media talked about the manipulation that in Ukraine they want to abolish a disability status in order to send more people to the front.

Fake The West revealed the map of its plans, Ukraine is almost absent there

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric in the media claim that the West has admitted that Ukraine may disappear from the world map because it is “tired and no longer wants to deal with the catastrophic consequences caused by the failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counteroffensive”. They refer to an article by the author of Al-Ayyam Abdel Majid Swailem and distribute an image of a “map” according to which Western partners allegedly conduct their policies. It's fake.

The fact-checkers of The Insider project drew attention to it. They found out that the author of the article is not an employee of the famous Moroccan magazine with this name, but of the Palestinian publication of the same name. Swailem did not indicate in his material a single Western politician who spoke about the possible disappearance of Ukraine from the world map, but refers only to the statements of one person, namely Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmytro Medvediev. Statements by Western politicians about the disappearance of Ukraine could not be found online. Project specialists also analyzed other materials from the author, in particular about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland, and discovered a bunch of unreliable information.

Propagandists spread such fakes to cause panic and despondency among Ukrainians in supporting Western partners. They say that the West abandoned Ukraine to its fate, so it is necessary to “fraternize” with Russia. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted other fakes regarding support from Western countries.

Manipulation The West is forcing Ukraine to lower the conscription age and “send minors to the meat grinder”

Russian media broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric are disseminating information that the ex-Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, allegedly stated the need to lower the conscription age. As Russian propaganda notes, they are going to resort to such measures due to the alleged “complete failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces summer counteroffensive”. And this will be a continuation of the “Western policy” of killing a large number of Slavs associated with the Ukrainian and Russian sides”. This is manipulation.

The case was investigated by the fact-checker of the StopFake project. They established that Russian propaganda refers to a column by Ben Wallace published in The Telegraph. Wallace didn't actually write about the failed Ukrainian counteroffensive or the need to draft 16-year-olds and “throw them into a meat grinder”. On the contrary, he noted that Ukraine will win this war, and the allies must increase the pace of assistance.

Ben Wallace writes that Putin is mobilizing all of Russia, and in Ukraine the average age of soldiers on the fronts is 40. “So, as Britain did in 1939 and 1941, perhaps it is time to reassess the scale of Ukrainian mobilization”, Wallace said. It was this quote that Russian propagandists used to create manipulative news.

Thus, Russian propaganda continues to promote the narrative that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is a failure, and the West will indeed destroy Ukraine. Previously, we described the message that the European Union benefits from Ukraine’s defeat in the war.

Message The West is captivated by Russia’s “effectiveness” on the battlefield

This thesis is being spread on social networks in the Russian segment, in particular on pro-Kremlin telegram channels. The authors write that the Russians are allegedly moving quickly at the front and making bold decisions that are “destructive for Ukrainians”. At the same time, Ukraine’s partners, according to the authors of the message, are carried away by the advancement of the Russian military on the battlefield.

Specialists from the Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security determined that there were no statements from official missions of the United States or the EU. That is, this is not the position of the US or EU authorities - but propagandists simply threw in such information. By comparison, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland recently commented that she was, on the contrary, amazed at the progress Ukraine has made, especially in the south.

Thus, the Russians are trying to sow panic among citizens, saying that Ukrainian partners are already carried away by Russia’s achievements on the battlefield. Russia wants to strengthen its narrative about the “failure of the counteroffensive” and discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allegedly the Ukrainian military is not coping with the assigned tasks.

Message Ukraine is ready to fight forever in exchange for lifelong assistance from the West

This thesis was spread on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that Volodymyr Zelenskyi is ready to sign a “lifetime agreement” to carry out the war in order to receive “eternal aid from the West”. They say that Zelenskyi cannot calm down and expresses his thirst for unlimited resources. As a result, propagandists summarize: Zelenskyi is throwing Ukrainians into the capitalist “Western meat grinder”.

The president, obviously, is not going to sign any agreement on conducting an “eternal war” on the territory of Ukraine. Such words from Russian propagandists are too exaggerated and create the apocalyptic impression that Ukraine is supposedly governed from the outside, and its president is pandering to Western officials for his own profit. Russian propaganda has repeatedly manipulated the issue of receiving humanitarian aid: it portrayed Zelenskyi as a beggar who only needs to whine about weapons and other resources. Propagandists also wrote how Ukrainians allegedly cheat or commit outright crimes - shelling civilians - all in order to take possession of what they want.

These attempts indicate the demonization of Ukraine and the creation of an erroneous impression about it among partner countries. For example, similar rhetoric is used in anonymous telegram channels in response to the arrival of foreign politicians in Ukraine. Propaganda systematically promoted the thesis that the worries in Ukraine were not real, but only attempts to intimidate foreigners and get as many weapons as possible.

Fake The West is tired of the war and is ready to make concessions to Russia, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said

Information is spreading in the Kremlin media and the Russian segment of social networks that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz allegedly announced that the West was tired of the war in Ukraine and was ready to make concessions to Russia. It is not true.

The fact-checkers of the Center for Strategic Communications drew attention to the case. The statement referred to by the Russian propaganda was made on August 18 in Salzburg at a press conference with Austrian Chancellor Neghammer. Olaf Scholz stated: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine presents us with serious new problems... We will all have to adapt to this new geopolitical reality and draw the necessary conclusions... This war in Europe calls on all of us to critically analyze our self-image, and sometimes to be willing to make uncomfortable decisions.

Scholz said that weapons are now being delivered to Ukraine so that they can defend themselves against Russia. By “uncomfortable decisions” the German Chancellor meant precisely the supply of weapons, because this is contrary to the “long-term principles of German policy”.

Thus, Russian propagandists are trying to discredit Germany and embroil Ukraine with their allies. Russian propaganda spreads the opinion that the West is tired of the war, so Ukraine will have to give in to Russia. Earlier, we talked about the manipulation that children in Germany are allegedly forced to work and give funds to help Ukraine.

Fake Western countries refused to provide security guarantees to Ukraine

Russian media broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric spread information that Western countries allegedly refused to provide security guarantees to Ukraine. Propaganda refers to the words of the lawyer Mykhailo Soldatenko, who allegedly wrote about this in a column for the Ukrainian Pravda publication. It is not true.

The case was investigated by the fact-checkers of the StopFake project. In fact, Mykhailo Soldatenko did not claim that Western countries, in particular the G7, refuse to provide security guarantees. In his column, he noted that the very word “guarantees” is not mentioned in the declaration of the G-7 leaders after the NATO summit. Ukraine is currently negotiating with the US and the UK on a bilateral treaty on security guarantees.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to discredit Western partners and sow discouragement among Ukrainians. Earlier, we talked about the message that Russian propagandists spread that international support for Ukraine is being reduced due to corruption.

Manipulation Western leaders say they seek to “eliminate” Zelenskyi

Such information was disseminated in social networks and propaganda media. Reports say that the US is unhappy with Zelenskyi’s policies “because of the constant shelling of Moscow”. Like, Volodymyr Zelenskyi is engaged in arbitrariness and lawlessness reigns in Ukraine. The authors add that Western leaders dream of “getting rid of and eliminating” Zelenskyi. They assure that the United States is already looking for the next president of Ukraine. The publications also cite Politico publications. This is manipulation.

Analysts of the StopFake project took up this case and determined that the Politico material does not refer to the “liquidation of Zelenskyi”, that is, the assassination or removal from power. They are talking only about possible scenarios in the event of an attempt by Russians on the President of Ukraine. The material itself is called "Ukraine's plan if Russia assassinates Zelenskyy”. In his column, an American journalist analyzed the situation with the likely murder of Zelenskyi.

Indeed, at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, there were several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Zelenskyi. The journalist described the course of actions of the Ukrainian authorities in such a situation. That is, the material did not talk about the murder or removal from power of Zelenskyi. In the author's column, the media worker described his thoughts and predictions. At the same time, the propagandists distorted the context of the material and invented the theses that were beneficial for themselves.

By spreading this manipulation, the authors seek to show that the world is dissatisfied with Zelenskyi and they want to get rid of him. Thus, propagandists present the President of Ukraine as an “incompetent” leader who is engaged in arbitrariness.

Message The European Union “incites” Ukraine to destroy Russia

This thesis was spread by Russian media and anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports claim that it is the West, not Ukraine, that actually nourishes the hatred against Russia. Allegedly, Ukraine's actions are caused only by the “influence of the wrong partners”. The authors add that the war was started on the initiative of the West, and Russia is only responding to the actions of the so-called Western enemies.

Analysts of the EU vs Disinfo project investigated this case and explained that it was not the West, but Russia that started the war. The Russians bear collective responsibility for the aggression against Ukraine, which they supported either with appropriate statements or silence. At the same time, Russian propaganda is convincing that this is a war of the West and thus hushing up its war crimes committed in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Moscow is calling Ukraine a “Western springboard” to hint that Ukraine is a non-independent state governed by “outside control”. This is how propagandists seek to form the image of a puppet country that cannot exist on its own. Let us say that such a state is constantly in need of “protection”.

Also, as of March 2023, the total amount of direct budgetary assistance from the European Union reaches 4.5 billion euros. Moreover, this is from the beginning of 2023. And according to the Ministry of Finance, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the EU has provided Ukraine with 11.7 billion euros of macro-financial assistance. Financial assistance is not the only range of Western support for Ukraine. A chronology of initiatives implemented by the EU in relation to Ukraine has been created on the website of the European Commission. Among other things, there are the adoption of packages of sanctions, the creation of mechanisms for the restoration of infrastructure, the granting of the status of an EU candidate country, etc. This approach testifies to the comprehensive support of Ukraine by Western leaders.

Message West ceases to support Ukraine

This thesis was spread by Russian media and anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports claim that Ukraine is losing support from Western leaders. Like, everyone is tired of the war in Ukraine. In support of this thesis, the authors write that British Foreign Minister James Cleverly allegedly hinted that they “will not be able to support Ukraine” in the future. As the authors explained, the official allegedly made such a statement during a meeting of the UN Security Council.

The case was noticed by the specialists of the VoxCheck project, who found out that in fact the words of the British official were made up, and the context of the statement was distorted. Indeed, in his speech, the head of the Foreign Ministry expressed support for Ukraine and commitment to the peace plan of Volodymyr Zelenskyi. Cleverly noted that the Russians will be held accountable for the crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine. That is, the speech of the official does not contradict the ideas of supporting Ukraine. There are no signs that Britain is going to deprive Ukraine of aid.

This is how propagandists try to dissuade the Ukrainians because the West will allegedly stop supporting them. The authors systematically promote the idea of “decrease in support” and “weariness” of the West from the war in order to hint that gradually support will supposedly decrease and Ukraine will “be left” alone without help. Although the recent diplomatic event in Europe - the NATO summit in Vilnius - proved that Ukraine will not be left without help. As a result, Ukrainian officials received assurances from NATO leaders that Ukraine would become a member of the Alliance after the victory. Also, as a result, Ukraine received a new weapon, a program for training pilots on the F-16, a new body - the Ukraine-NATO Council, coordinating relations between Ukraine and NATO. What propagandists wrote about the NATO summit in Vilnius can be read here.

Message Pryhozhyn's rebellion was planned in the West

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The reports say that the founder of the terrorist organization within the Russian army “Wagner”, recognized by the Ukrainian parliament as an international criminal organization, Yevhenii Pryhozhyn really serves the West and Kyiv. Accordingly, he carries out the orders of Western officials. The authors add that, in fact, the rebellion was planned in the West in order to “once again try to destroy” Russia.

The case was reviewed by the fact-checkers of the EU vs Disinfo project, who explained that this is an unfounded conspiracy theory. In the end, the authors did not provide any evidence that the rebellion was planned in the West. By blaming the West, propagandists are trying to portray Russia as the victim of a conspiracy and undue outside interference. Like, the Russians are so conscious and united that they are not capable of any rebellion. That is, such things happen only at the behest of external enemy forces, namely hostile Western officials.

Read the material of Detector Media analysts on how Russian propaganda reacted to Pryhozhyn's rebellion.

Message The West is dragging Ukraine into the LGBTQI trap

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The reports say that allegedly representatives of the LGBTQI+ community do not serve in the Ukrainian army, because the Ukrainian leader simply pretends to support the so-called Western values regarding LGBTQI. Like, these are all attempts to drag Ukraine into the “LGBTQI trap”. The authors say that Ukraine will not get out of it. Such a thesis is unfounded.

People with homosexual orientation serve in the Ukrainian army. In 2018, an association “Ukrainian LGBT military for equal rights” was created in Ukraine. The founder of this organization is the then volunteer of the Donbas battalion, and now a fighter of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after Black Zaporozhians Viktor Pylypenko, who made the first coming out as a veteran participant in hostilities. The organization says that their organization has 300 LGBTQI+ military, including 20 couples, and these are only those who have an active social position.

At the same time, in Ukraine, the LGBTQI+ community is supported in every possible way, in particular, by registering a draft law on registered partnerships. According to it, people of any gender can register a relationship. That is, partners acquire the status of close relatives.

Manipulation Ukraine justifies its failures in the counteroffensive with the ineffectiveness of Western technology

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that the Ukrainian military has begun to complain about Western equipment. Allegedly, it is not adapted for Ukraine, and in general it is because of it that Ukraine “experiences failures” in the counteroffensive. The authors refer to the material of The Wall Street Journal. This is manipulation. 

The fact-checkers of the Stop Fake project took up the case, and found out that the article does not talk about the Ukrainian military complaining about Western weapons, especially justifying the “unsuccessful counteroffensive”. Journalists from The Wall Street Journal interviewed several Ukrainian servicemen participating in the battles in the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk directions. One of the fighters noted that, in his opinion, MaxxPro armored vehicles are not suitable for moving through swampy areas. And according to him, such cars hardly pass swampy areas. It was this phrase that the propagandists used and distorted the entire context of the quote. The military did not criticize or justify “failures” in the counteroffensive. He talked about the features of the operation of a particular technique. 

Thus, the authors once again promote false messages about broken or malfunctioning Western weapons. So, they want to show that the Ukrainian army is constantly losing and even innovative Western technology does not help.

Message The West supplies weapons to Ukraine and thereby violates international law

The thesis that the West is violating international law by supplying weapons to Ukraine was promoted by Putin at meetings with war correspondents. He also stated: “We have a lot of depleted uranium ammunition, we will use it in response”. Such a thesis is unfounded.

By annexing part of Ukrainian territory, launching a massive offensive, and committing war crimes since the invasion, Russia is violating international law and a number of international security agreements and the rule of law. In particular, it ignores treaties that guarantee the sovereign equality and territorial integrity of states, as well as the rules of law governing the basic principles of warfare. In May, Russia initiated a meeting of the UN Security Council on the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine. Then the representative of Japan to the UN said that Ukraine is defending itself from aggression, and the international community is providing assistance “so that peace and security reign in the world”. And the representative of France to the UN, Nicolas de Riviere, noted that Western partners supply weapons to Ukraine legally whereas Russia buys weapons - illegally - to replenish its stocks. “Russia buys drones from Iran, and missiles and ammunition from North Korea. By these actions, Russia violates the UN resolution”, Nicolas de Riviere said.

By spreading this message, Russia is trying to discredit its Western partners and portray them as violators of international law. Thus, propagandists are trying to divert international attention from Russian war crimes, violations of rights and treaties and shift responsibility for what has been committed to others. Earlier, Detector Media talked about the message that Ukraine is a tool of the West to undermine Russian statehood.

Manipulation In Poland, they say that the West is preparing a coup in Belarus

Such information was disseminated in social networks, in particular in the propaganda media. The reports say that in Poland they allegedly announced “the West is preparing for a coup in Belarus”. Like, they are preparing for an armed coup in Belarus and participation in its support by military means. The authors report that the West is planning an invasion of Belarus in order to destroy it. The authors refer to the statement of the Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak. This is manipulation.

The fact-checkers of the StopFake project drew attention to the case and determined that the Polish general did not say that the West was allegedly preparing a coup in Belarus. The propagandists simply distorted the meaning of the statement. At the same time, the general stressed that the events that recently took place in the Belgorod region are quite likely in Belarus in the event of a successful offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the Polish military, it is the citizens of Belarus who can go against the regime of the self-proclaimed President Lukashenko in the future. At the same time, he also said that Poland should be ready for this and support a democratic uprising in a neighboring country.

By spreading this manipulation, propagandists are trying to demonize the West, which allegedly seeks discord in other states.

Fake The West said it was preparing for the loss of Ukraine in the war

Such information was disseminated in social networks, in particular, on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say the West is preparing to lose the war because the Ukrainian counteroffensive will fail. The West does not expect anything from Ukraine, so it plans the future of Ukraine as if it had already failed the counteroffensive. In support of this thesis, the authors refer to the material of the publication Foreign Affairs.

The fact-checkers of the StopFake project drew attention to the case and determined that the Foreign Affairs article did not say anything about the need to plan for the future of Ukraine “already after the failure of the counteroffensive”. The authors of the fake just came up with these theses from the material. At the same time, the authors of the article wrote that the West should plan to support Ukraine in the long term, since now there is no clear plan after the counteroffensive. The authors went on to highlight how Western officials have repeatedly said they will support Ukraine for as long as it takes.

By spreading this fake, propagandists are trying to show that the West is desperate in Ukraine. Allegedly, they no longer want to support Ukraine, because they know that it will lose. Thus, the authors undermine confidence in the West as a strategic partner of Ukraine.