Message Ukraine lost Crimea and part of the East due to Poroshenko, and the loss of territories is even bigger due to Zelenskyi

Such a message is spread by pro-Russian telegram channels in the context of the fact that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognized that Russia's aggression against Ukraine began in 2014. Russia, thus, uses the tactics of substitution of concepts and shifts the responsibility for the events in Ukraine to the Ukrainian authorities.

Russia in 2014 sent troops to the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The Russian President launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. This has been recognized by the whole world. Russia is trying to divide Ukrainians with such messages, sow internal discord, playing with sympathies or antipathies for the current and former president.

Russian propaganda is systematically trying to shift the responsibility for the full-scale invasion and war crimes of the Russian army to Ukraine. They say that it is not Russian missiles that are guilty of civilian deaths, but the work of Ukrainian air defense; the Americans are guilty of provoking Russia to attack Ukraine; Ukrainian officials are to blame, because they are allegedly “asking” Russia to deliver a new strike to the Ukrainian energy system.

Fake Russia is to attack places with Ukrainian top security officials because of the explosion in a restaurant in Donetsk with Rohozin

On December 21, an explosion occurred in a restaurant in the temporarily occupied Donetsk, as a result of which the former head of “Roskosmos”, the head of the Russian military advisers group, Dmytro Rohozin, and the head of the so-called “government” of the Donetsk occupied territory, Vitalii Khotsenko, were injured. After that, Russian propagandists began to intimidate Ukrainians with new shelling in telegram channels.

They say that American satellites track high-ranking officials of the Russian leadership and bring in the Ukrainian military, who only follow their instructions. Allegedly, such explosions ignite a war and now Ukraine will be hit in response. It seems that Russia will begin to strike at the places where the Ukrainian top officials of law enforcement agencies are located. As a result, civilians will also suffer.

Russian propagandists use such messages to increase the ideological informational pressure on Russian society so that they want to destroy Ukraine with even greater cruelty. On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine with massive attacks throughout the territory, including law enforcement agencies. Russia doesn't need a reason to launch hundreds of missiles in one day into Ukraine. At the same time, by presenting Ukraine as the executor of American instructions and that these actions of the Ukrainian military provoke the outbreak of war, propagandists shift responsibility for their crimes and unleashing the war.

Manipulation Residents of Kherson complained about the worsening of life after the arrival of Ukrainian troops

This information was disseminated by the Russian media and propagandists. Allegedly, local residents of Kherson told the journalists of the British edition of Sky News about this.

From the article “Ukraine war: Freedom comes at a price as Russia switches from occupier to attacker of Kherson” propagandists singled out from several stories of the townspeople the words of only one woman, who believes that it has become “worse, they give help, but not everyone”.

The propagandists used the quote without context and presented it as if it reflected the position of the entire population, saying that it was better in Kherson under Russian occupation.

According to Myth Detector project analysts, the Kremlin propaganda media is trying to create the impression that the terrible living conditions in Kherson are the result of the liberation of the region by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In fact, most of the Kherson residents mentioned in the Sky News story told reporters they were happy that the city was back under Ukrainian control, even if they now expect more trouble from Russian shelling. It was the daily rocket and mortar attacks by Russian troops that led to the death of more than 40 civilians, including at least one child, which affected the stability of the city's infrastructure.

Message Poland considers the West of Ukraine its “colony”

This message is spread by the Russian media. They say that in Poland the western part of Ukraine is considered its territory. The propagandists also cite an article in The Conversation and “own sources” in Russian intelligence who have repeatedly warned of Poland’s “occupational intentions” in Ukraine. This is not true.

In the Conversation article, there is no mention of the fact that Poland allegedly calls the Western part of Ukraine a colony of Warsaw. As StopFake writes, such messages are an invention of propagandists. The authors of the article discuss the historical context of Polish-Ukrainian relations, in particular, that when part of the Ukrainian lands were part of Poland, however, they were not ethnically considered Polish.

Message "Points of invincibility" kill people

Users of telegram channels and social networks write about this, commenting on fake information about the fire allegedly in one of the “Points of invincibility” in Kyiv on December 12.

The Kyiv police denied the information about the fire at the "Points of invincibility". The video circulating on social media was actually filmed in Russia. The police say that the purpose of distributing such content is probably to whip up worrying moods among Ukrainians.

Fake Ukrainian army shelled Ukrainian-controlled Lysychansk to blame Russia

This information was disseminated by Russian resources. Like, the residents of Lysychansk told a Russian propagandist about this. Allegedly, according to them, the Ukrainian military shot at civilians from March to May 2022 in order to film propaganda materials. It is not true.

According to The Insider fact-checkers, from March to May, there were Russian troops near Lysychansk that could have shelled the city.

From the 20th of March, Russian troops tried to take the city of Rubizhne, located 18 km from Lysychansk, that is, they were directly on the outskirts of it. On May 13, the city was completely occupied. The effective range of the Russian Grad multiple launch rocket system is 21 km, the Msta-S howitzer is 24.7 km, and the Giacint-S is 28.4 km.

Message Poland needs the territory of Ukraine without Ukrainians

This message is spread by Russian propagandists in telegram channels. Allegedly, the Poles need Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhhorod, the Carpathians, but they can’t stand the Ukrainians. Like, they have a much better attitude towards the Russians.

Since the beginning of the war, Russia has been spreading all sorts of disinformation to quarrel Poland and Ukraine and create the image of tension between the countries supporting each other. Propagandists constantly repeat the narrative that Poland seeks to annex part of Ukraine and has already begun to prepare for this. In particular, they wrote that Poland began the "economic seizure" of Ukraine and the western regions of Ukraine.

Message Ukraine is not engaged in the restoration of sacked settlements

Pro-Russian telegram channels write about this. Like, the government prefers stabilization measures, rather than the restoration of populated areas. In particular, allegedly recently liberated Kherson is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Allegedly, there is no water and energy supply in the city, there is not enough medicine, fuel, etc. Like, the situation is the same in the de-occupied Kharkiv region. Allegedly, this is how the Ukrainian authorities “thank” the Ukrainians who were waiting for the de-occupation.

Russian propaganda continues to manipulate information about the de-occupied territories of Ukraine. Kherson was on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe during the Russian occupation. After the de-occupation, life support systems are being restored in the city, despite daily shelling from the Russian army. As of December 4, Kherson resumed power supply by 85%. Also, “Points of invincibility” were opened in the city and additional centers for issuing humanitarian aid were deployed. Gradually in Kherson, the work of a supermarket chain is resumed.

Fake Explosions heard in Lviv region

Russian propagandists and anonymous telegram channels spread information that there were explosions in the Lviv region. According to the head of the Regional military state administration Maksym Kozytskyi, this is a fake. “I officially declare that as of 15:00 the information is untrue”, Kozytskyi wrote and urged people to stay in shelters.

Message Citizens of Ukraine are divided into Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians

Such a message is promoted by pro-Russian telegram channels. Allegedly, the division of Ukrainians will take place thanks to the draft law “On national minorities (community) of Ukraine” and that people’s deputies consider this to be more important than solving the issue of supplying water and electricity to homes.

The requirement to reform legislation on national minorities is one of the conditions that the European Union puts before Ukraine on the way to full membership. The bill was finalized on the basis of the opinion of the Council of Europe and in close cooperation with its experts.

People's deputies pass laws, but do not supply water and electricity to homes. Problems with this arose due to Russian rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities. Blackout is another Russian war crime for which it should be held accountable.

Message The vast majority of those who had the opportunity to compare the Ukrainian and Russian authorities do not want to go to the territory of Ukraine

Pro-Russian telegram channels write about this. They say that only 28 people from Kupiansk applied for evacuation, despite problems with heating and electricity. As if the same situation was in Izium. They say that only a “few dozen residents” also wanted to evacuate there. The propagandists conclude that people allegedly do not want to “move to the territory of Ukraine” because they had the opportunity to compare the Ukrainian and Russian authorities.

Disclosure A fake letter about preparations for a referendum on the accession of the Ukrainian western regions to Poland is being distributed on the network

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation reports that another fake letter is being distributed on Twitter, allegedly on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine. The letter refers to the holding of events "aimed at studying the public opinion of the residents of the Lviv and Volyn regions of Ukraine", which "they propose to implement according to the previously established plan".

A photo of the fake letter is being circulated with comments that allegedly Polish diplomats are trying to seize the Western regions and are preparing to hold a referendum.

The representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Lukasz Jasina, denied the existence of such a letter and noted that the message about preparations for a referendum on the accession of the western regions of Ukraine to Poland is disinformation and another attempt to foment disunity between Poland and Ukraine.

Manipulation All schools in Zaporizhzhia switched to Russian standards

This information was disseminated by Russian TV channels. Like, the students told reporters that it was hard for them to study when the teachers spoke to them in Ukrainian. Now teachers explain in class that Ukrainian language is inconvenient and how Ukrainians themselves get confused with it.

As an example, the TV report shows one of the schools in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, which has been under the control of Russian troops since February 25. Since then, the inhabitants of Melitopol, who stay in the city, have been persecuted by the Russians. For a blue and yellow ribbon or the Ukrainian language, Russian invaders can shoot them, and if, while checking the phone on the street, they find Ukrainian content in instant messengers or somewhere else, they punish people with a fine or imprisonment.

Schools in the Zaporizhzhia region continue to work online. In schools that began to work offline in the occupied territory of the region, children are taught according to Russian textbooks, where history is rewritten according to the KGB manuals, many teachers are brought from Russia, as the locals refused to cooperate with the occupiers. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that all schools in Zaporizhzhia have switched to Russian standards; rather, operating schools have been forced to switch to Russian standards.

On the other hand, to date, about 80% of the Zaporizhzhia region has been occupied by Russians. The city of Zaporizhzhia has never been under occupation, so no one has taught schoolchildren of Zaporizhzhia city and is not teaching now according to Russian standards.

Message In Kyiv, there are kilometer-long queues at ATMs and taped outlets in restaurants

Such messages have been spread by Russian propagandists in telegram channels over the past few days. As proof, they use screenshots of posts from the telegram channel "Kyiv Dvizh" (Kyiv movement).

They say that Kyiv was left without electricity, people are panicking, it is impossible to withdraw cash and there are no places where you can recharge phones or other gadgets. In fact, propagandists would like an atmosphere of despair and helplessness to prevail in the capital of Ukraine. But the real picture is quite different. Among the dozens of reports on the impact of a power outage on the city on the Kyiv Dvizh channel, there are only two pessimistic photographers: on one of them, after rocket attacks, people began to queue up at one of the ATMs, because the other ATMs did not work without a power outage, and in supermarkets they accepted only cash; one of the establishments in Kyiv really taped the outlet. At the same time, all the other messages on this channel were about how people support each other, how cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and even pharmacies allow the use of sockets and electrical cords, how the people of Kyiv pay for each other in cash so that no one is left without the necessary thing. Propagandists filed isolated cases for mass ones in order to show a paralyzed Kyiv, sow panic among Ukrainians and cause people to revolt against the government, which allegedly led to a blackout due to the fact that it did not agree to Russia's ultimatum.

Fake Ukrainian military detain people in the liberated territories to increase the exchange fund

Russian propagandists write about this on social networks. Allegedly, citizens of Ukraine are being detained and accused of collaborating with the Russian occupiers.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that such information is not true.

Message Russia withdrew from Kherson because Ukraine wanted to blow up the Kakhovka dam

This is the message Russian propaganda is spreading to Western audiences. Allegedly, Russian troops retreated from Kherson due to fears that Ukrainian forces would blow up a dam at the nearby Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. The flood could have caused the death of many military and civilians.

The fact-checkers EU vs Disinfo drew attention to the spread of the message. In fact, Ukrainian military intelligence reported on October 21 that the Russian army had placed two military vehicles loaded with explosives on the road crossing the dam. The dam of the Kakhovska HPP is 30 meters high and holds back 18 million cubic meters of water. Undermining the dam could lead to huge flooding of Kherson and smaller settlements around. It would also have a significant impact on the operation of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, since this facility is inextricably linked with it. After the retreat of the Russian army from Kherson on November 11, the US satellite company Maxar reported that significant new damage to the dam in Nova Kakhovka in southern Ukraine was visible.

Fake Ukrainian authorities prevent the departure of the population from Zaporizhzhia

Russian media write about this with reference to the words of collaborator Rohov. Like, the Ukrainian authorities use people as a human shield to cover military facilities. Allegedly, even large families, the elderly, and students were banned from leaving. Allegedly, in Zaporizhzhia, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use the “layer cake” tactics, when the military live surrounded by civilians, and the military depots are surrounded by civilian objects. It is not true.

There are no restrictions for residents of Zaporizhzhia to travel within Ukraine or abroad. For example, there are available tickets on the Ukrzaliznytsia website. For the security of Ukrainians, there are restrictions on leaving for the occupied territories after the shelling of a column of civilians at the checkpoint on October 2. Propagandists also systematically report that supposedly Ukrainian servicemen are hiding behind the civilian population. However, such information is denied every time by local authorities.

Fake EU countries seek to take control of part of Ukrainian territories

Such news is spread by propagandists and anonymous telegrams. The reports say that the European Commission is moving military forces to the east, to the borders of Ukraine, which indicates that the EU allegedly seeks to take control of part of the territory of Ukraine because of economic interests. Like, all EU countries will divide a part of Ukraine among themselves. However, this is not true.

In fact, according to EU vs Disinfo experts, the assertion that other EU countries will take Ukrainian territories is unfounded. EU member states respect international law regarding state borders, fully support the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and do not put forward any claims to Ukrainian territory.

The very statement about the transfer of military forces to the eastern borders of the European Union, distorted by propagandists, was announced during the development of the Action Plan for military mobility, which regulates a simplified procedure for the response of the Armed Forces on the territory of the EU.

Пропагандисти поширюють цей меседж, аби залякати українців та продовжувати підсилювати наратив про те, що ніхто не зацікавлений в Україні як повноцінній державі. Мовляв, усі країни лишень хочуть її розділити. Однак активна підтримка європейської спільноти свідчить про інше.

Message Ukraine is preparing a "new Bucha" in Kherson

After the de-occupation of the right bank of Kherson, Russian media are spreading reports about “provocations” that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are allegedly preparing in the territories liberated from the invaders. In particular, the pro-Kremlin media claim that the Ukrainian government “forbade visiting Kherson” allegedly because “a new provocation like Bucha is being prepared there”.

According to StopFake, the “new Bucha” is a Russian propaganda message that emerged after Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine. With such messages, the Russian media react to every fact of the crimes of Russian soldiers against civilians, which can be considered as war crimes.

Russian media made the "news" that Zelenskyi "refused to let people into Kherson" by manipulating the President's words about the need to clear mines and check objects before allowing civilians into the city. According to propagandists, this allegedly indicates the "preparation" of some "provocations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

Proceedings have begun in the Kherson region. As of November 13th, investigators have documented more than 400 Russian war crimes, and continue to uncover the bodies of those killed - both civilian and military. First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin said that torture dungeons were found in the liberated part of the Kherson region, in which the invaders probably abused and tortured the Ukrainians.

Message Poland will take the West of Ukraine for its debts

Russian media and pro-Russian telegram channels once again spread information that supposedly Poland wants to return "its territories". They say that Kyiv and Warsaw agreed on the occupation of Western Ukraine, and the plan should be implemented by Polish mercenaries, a large number of whom are fighting for Ukraine.

Stanislav Zharyn, a spokesman for the Coordinating Minister of the Polish Intelligence Services, drew attention to this on his Twitter.

He noted that Russian propagandists spread misinformation, allegedly "the Polish government approves of such participation of these mercenaries".

According to him, Russian propaganda has actively worked to introduce these messages into the Western information environment, and these hostile efforts are "perfectly in line with the Kremlin's attempts to portray Poland as a warmonger and isolate Warsaw on the international stage".

"Russian propaganda is activating the information war in order to break the will and readiness of the allies to continue to support Kyiv, and comes up with far-fetched pretexts for striking civilian and energy infrastructure in Ukraine", Zharyn added.

Fake The Ukrainian army is preparing to attack Bilhorod and Kursk regions

Russian media write about it. Allegedly, Ukraine plans to "launch an offensive" on Russian territory with the onset of cold weather, so that "it would be easier to drive with military transport". As proof, they published a video in which this information is allegedly confirmed by a Ukrainian prisoner of war. It is not true.

Propagandists often use prisoners of war who, under pressure, are forced to say fictitious things on camera in order to then spread fakes in the information space.

The Ukrainian army is not an occupier unlike the Russian one. Ukraine seeks to liberate only Ukrainian territories from the occupation of Russians, and there is no talk of any “invasion” of Russian territory.

The military-political leadership of Ukraine has repeatedly spoken about reaching the internationally recognized Ukrainian borders in 1991 as the main goal, and Ukrainian soldiers are doing everything possible to achieve it.

Russia regularly claims that someone wants to attack it. In particular, one of the reasons for the start of a full-scale war against Ukraine, Russia calls the threat of an attack from Ukraine. Like, if they had not started the war, Ukraine would have attacked first.

Fake Enterprises of Zaporizhzhia fell under EU sanctions

Russian media write about this with reference to the words of collaborator Rohov. They say that as a result of new EU sanctions, enterprises located in the part of the Zaporizhzhia region controlled by Ukraine also “suffer from sanctions”. Allegedly, after the introduction of the 8th package of EU sanctions, European banks refuse to transfer money to companies and entrepreneurs from Zaporizhzhia, explaining this by the fact that the Zaporizhzhia region is included in the sanctions list. Rohov says that supposedly EU officials know something about the future of the city of Zaporizhzhia and have already come to terms with the fact that this is Russia. This is not true.

The new package of sanctions adopted by the European Union against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, refers to a ban on the import of goods from non-government-controlled parts of the regions. In particular, a ban was introduced on imports from the temporarily occupied regions of the Zaporizhzhia region. The European Union continues to constantly support the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

According to StopFake, the EU has approved extending the ban on the import of goods from non-government controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to non-government controlled areas of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. We are not talking about individual enterprises in Zaporizhzhia, as well as about enterprises located in the controlled areas of these regions. The sanctions refer only to a ban on the import of goods from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Fake Ukraine prepares law on "association of Poland and Lviv oblast"

Russian information resources and social networks are circulating reports that Ukraine is allegedly going to sign a bill on the association of Poland and the Lviv region. The messages allegedly quote Volodymyr Zelenskyi saying that “Poland will come to Ukrainian land not as an occupier, but as a brother and ally” and that “it doesn’t matter who formally is the host of the land, what matters is the well-being and prosperity of the people living on it” . It is not true.

There is no draft law on the association of Poland and the Lviv oblast. Zelenskyi's quote was also made up. At the same time, there is a law in Ukraine that establishes the rights and guarantees for Polish citizens who are on the territory of Ukraine. The law was developed in gratitude to the Polish people for their solidarity and support for Ukraine in the face of a full-scale Russian invasion.

Fake The map of Russia with Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and the occupied territory of Donbas appears in Spanish textbooks

The Russian media spread this information. The Russians assured that the book was published in Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia. This action also hints at Catalonia's desire to separate from Spain through referendums. It isn't true.

Stopfake analysts found that the Russians distributed a map from a sixth-grade geography textbook, not published in Spain, but by the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico and published in 2016. The original map shows that Ukraine is depicted within the boundaries of 1991. In Russia, an ordinary map was edited with the help of a photo editor for propaganda purposes. Russian propagandists try to convince that the EU allegedly recognized the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

In fact, the EU didn't recognize the so-called referendum. In response to the annexation of the Kherson Region, Donetsk Region, Luhansk Region, and Zaporizhzhia Region EU introduced sanctions for its organization.

Message Poland is building an energy bridge from the Khmelnytskyy NPP to Rzeszów because it wants to take over Ukraine

The Russian propaganda media spread this thesis. Reports say that Poland allegedly continues preparations for the division of Ukraine and, for this purpose, has started the construction of an energy bridge.

The reports' authors claim that the energy bridge construction is taking place within the framework of the project of reintegration of "historical" Polish lands. The Poles have allegedly been working for a long time to take control of the energy infrastructure of the western regions of Ukraine.

They believe this will allow Poland to strengthen its influence in Ukraine significantly. Online media drew attention to the message. It isn't the first time Russia has leaked information about Poland's so-called plans to occupy part of Ukraine. Propagandists have already spread information that Poland is trying to annex part of Ukraine and are preparing for this in every possible way. In particular, Poland is allegedly preparing a referendum in the Lviv region.

However, it is a fake, as is the case with the power system. It isn't Poland that wants to destroy the Ukrainian energy system and take it under control, but Russia, since October 10, has been systematically shelling energy facilities throughout Ukraine.