Fake Cars donated by Latvia as humanitarian aid are being sold in Ukraine

Propagandists are spreading information that Latvian cars which were donated as humanitarian aid are being resold in Ukraine. Like, cars confiscated from Latvian drunk drivers can already be found in the car markets of Lutsk and Rivne. The authors of these posts even add a “screenshot” from the video, supposedly proof of the veracity of this information. It's fake.

Analysts of the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found a video from the “screenshot” in the TikTok and found out that there was no inscription “Confiscated from Latvia” on it. In addition, the authors of the video do not say that the cars in the video were brought from Latvia and do not indicate the date the video was shot. The account on which it appeared is dedicated to auto-selection and car reviews.

VoxCheck analysts remind that on February 16, 2023, the Latvian Saeima decided to confiscate cars from drunk drivers. The seized cars are handed over as humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian military. As part of this initiative, eight cars have already been handed over, and on March 14, the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia decided to hand over another eighteen state-owned cars.

Thus, Russian propagandists want to accuse Ukrainians of neglecting the help and sympathy of foreigners. Like, ungrateful Ukrainians are begging for everything out of Europeans in order to resell it later. For the same purpose, propagandists wrote about how Ukraine allegedly plundered European humanitarian aid worth 342 million euros.

Fake Kharkiv regional military administration employees resell humanitarian aid from France

Such a message was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that the Kharkiv OVA (regional military administration) is allegedly reselling generators that France provided to Ukraine as humanitarian aid. As proof, the authors of the messages provide a screenshot of the sale of generators of the same brand in one of the online stores. It is not true.

The fact-checkers of the VoxCheck project drew attention to the case and investigated that there is no evidence to confirm that the site sells generators from the humanitarian aid cargo provided by the Kharkiv OVA. On the official page of the head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleh Syniehub, fact-checkers found a message dated January 20, 2023, which stated that France had transferred 188 generators as part of the “Light and Warmth for Ukraine” project. As the experts explained, they plan to use them in the new Invincibility points.

The fact-checkers examined the photographs published by the head of the Kharkiv OVA and found out that various brands of generators can be seen in the general photo, including the Kohler brand, which the propagandists cited as an example in the screenshot. Experts say that they were unable to find an advertisement for the sale of the Kohler generator, the screenshot of which was used in the message. However, on the official website of the Kohler company in Ukraine, they found several ads for the sale of a generator of this brand. Fact-checkers are convinced that this does not prove in any way that Kharkiv OVA is selling generators specifically for humanitarian aid as on the pages of various online stores there is a wide selection of generators from Kohler.

We recall that earlier Detector Media also explained the manipulation in which it was claimed that people in the Kharkiv region allegedly do not receive humanitarian aid.

Manipulation In Kharkiv region, people do not receive humanitarian aid

Telegram channels spread messages that there is a problem with humanitarian support in the Kharkiv region. Allegedly, problems arise in different settlements after the de-occupation. Volunteers seem to be unable to deliver aid for various reasons. They also write that the Kharkiv regional military administration reported that they had received a large batch of humanitarian aid from the UN, but people did not receive anything. Like, the products hit the shelves of stores. This is manipulation.

On the website of the Kharkiv regional administration, information is published on the provision of humanitarian assistance to the population. In particular, over the past week (January 16-22), about fourteen thousand food packages were handed over to the communities of the region. The website of the Humanitarian coordinating center has a map for tracking humanitarian assistance to the population. As the Kharkiv anti-corruption center notes, there may indeed be problems with receiving humanitarian assistance in some settlements of the occupied territories. However, Russian propaganda distorts the real state of affairs, in particular, humanitarian aid from the UN. It contained mattresses, bed linen, solar lamps, dishes, hygiene products and other household items, and not food, as the propagandists claimed.

Thus, propagandists are trying to create the illusion that Ukraine not only does not help people in the de-occupied territories, but is more comfortable with “hell for civilians”. Like, people are allegedly arrested for organizing sporting events or baking bread during the occupation; or they do not issue humanitarian aid and punish others for receiving it from the occupiers.

Manipulation The Minister of Justice of Ukraine uses an official car that was stolen in Germany

Such messages are distributed in social networks to foreign audiences. The messages also provide a link to a website that allegedly confirms the car theft story. Social media users linked these messages to the war in Ukraine and donations for the needs of the Ukrainian army. Like, after this Ukrainians do not deserve help. This is manipulation.

This story has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine and the current minister Denys Maliuska. In the photo in the messages you can see Oleksandr Lavrynovych, Minister of Justice of the Yanukovych era (2010-2013). The story that his company car was stolen in Germany and legalized in Ukraine was spread back in 2011. The fact checker of the dpa.factchecking project drew attention to the spread of the old story.

Fake Nuns with Russian passports were hospitalized in the Rivne region

Such information appeared in social networks, in particular, in the Ukrainian segment. Reports say that after the Security Service of Ukraine raided a local monastery in November, rumors began to circulate in the Rivne region that three nuns with Russian passports had been admitted to a local hospital. Like, there are Russian women among the novices of the monastery. However, this is not true.

According to fact-checkers of Brekhunets (Lier), the representative of the monastery, nun Savatiia, assured that there were no Russians among their inhabitants, the novices were Ukrainians. The Directorate of the Security Service in the Rivne region also does not confirm the information that people with Russian passports were found among the nuns in the Koretskyi Holy Trinity Convent.

Message Invincibility points are ineffective and dangerous

Immediately after the appearance of invincibility points, which were introduced for Ukrainians suffering from the lack of light and heat due to Russian shelling, Russia launched a disinformation campaign against them. At first, Russian propagandists and anonymous telegram channels wrote that the points were not effective at all, and even “provoked” the enemy to strike, because they were unprotected and they had a lot of people. Then - that three people have already died at the invincibility point in Kharkov - although this is a refuted fake. Now, telegram channels supervised by Russian military intelligence are spreading unconfirmed information that men are issued a draft notice at points of invincibility.

Fake In Italy, Ukrainian refugees are being evicted from hotels

The Russian media and social networks are spreading information that allegedly Italy has tightened its policy towards Ukrainian refugees. In support of this, a video from an Italian TV news story is being distributed about how the police massively evict Ukrainian refugees who refused to voluntarily leave the hotel. This is manipulation.

The video of the Italian TV channel tells about the situation with Ukrainian refugees, but it is taken out of context. They are not talking about any "harder conditions". Moreover, Ukrainian refugees in Italy were given separate housing instead of a hotel. That is why the authorities asked the Ukrainians to leave the hotel for separate apartments. However, some Ukrainians did not want to move to new housing, since it is located in another settlement. Because of the move, you need to look for work and school again, to change language courses and so on. Also, some refugees are being treated at a local hospital. That is, it was about the fact that Ukrainian refugees, for certain reasons, do not want to move to another city, and not move out of the hotel.

Fake Humanitarian aid has not been provided in Kharkiv region for the third week

Such information is disseminated by Russian propaganda media and telegram channels. Allegedly, in the communities of the Kharkiv region, humanitarian aid has not been given for three weeks. Like, people are being starved, the authorities said to tighten the belts, not to walk and not to ask for anything. The reports do not indicate specific villages where there is allegedly a problem with the issuance of humanitarian aid. This is not true.

As the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center notes, the situation with the distribution of humanitarian aid is different in different communities. Even in communities located nearby, there may be a different intensity of the issuance of assistance. However, on the pages of different communities almost every day there are messages about receiving humanitarian aid. There is a Unified Humanitarian Coordination Center in the region that helps to direct humanitarian aid to communities where the needs are more urgent.

Manipulation Ukrainians will be punished for receiving Russian humanitarian aid in the occupied territories

Such messages are spread by pro-Russian telegram channels and Twitter accounts. Allegedly, such a crime is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The propagandists also refer to the "law on collaborationism", which supposedly came into force on August 16. It is not true.

Ukrainian legislation does not provide for liability for receiving Russian humanitarian aid in the occupied territories. According to StopFake, the new bills, on the contrary, are designed to include humanitarian aid in the list of activities that are not considered collaborationism, if there is no cooperation with the Russian occupiers.

There is no single “law on collaborationism” in Ukraine yet. On March 15, separate rules on liability for cooperation with the occupiers came into force. There is also no single punishment for collaborators yet. Depending on the circumstances, it can be different: from a ban on holding certain positions to life imprisonment.

Disclosure German edition spreads Russian propaganda about “speculation with the help of the West” in Ukraine

German fact-checkers of Correctiv found out that Unser Mitteleuropa (Our Central Europe) published a false article alleging that the director of the Economic Security Bureau, Vadym Melnyk, admitted that "Ukraine is selling military aid" to the West and "mass appropriation of Western funds." It seems that he said this in an interview with the Ukraine 24 channel.

Neither the Correctiv publication nor the editors of the Media Detector could find Melnyk's interview with the Ukraine-24 channel of July 5, where he stated this. Also, no other sources contain such a statement by Melnyk. The article in the German edition is, in fact, a literal translation of the news of the Russian media that was massively distributed on July 6. It was in them that Melnyk's statement was quoted and noted that he told the Ukraine-24 channel about this, and there is no link to the interview in both Russian and German media.

Fake Russian soldiers in Avdiivka distribute aid to local residents

Military correspondent Andrii Tsaplienko drew attention to a photo of Avdiyivka, which was apparently captured by the Russians, where they distributed humanitarian aid to the locals.

The photo shows Ukrainian volunteers who help people survive in the hell that the Russian invaders have created for them.

"The boys freaked out a bit when they saw how their photos were used on Russian resources. If you enlarge the photo, you can see Ukrainian inscriptions and even a map of Ukraine," Tsaplienko noted.