Fake Russia used a powerful vacuum bomb to strike the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On social networks and through pro-Russian telegram channels, a video with a powerful explosion is being distributed. The comments note that these are footage of the alleged detonation of the ODAB-500P volumetric detonating (vacuum) air bomb dropped by the Russian Su-34 bomber on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is not true. The video has nothing to do with Ukraine. According to StopFake, it was probably filmed in Syria. This video has been circulating online since at least December 2019, that is, before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, it was the Russian media that published these footage in 2019 and, with the help of military experts, found out whether the explosion of a vacuum bomb was actually recorded on the video, or, perhaps, it was the use of other weapons. Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to demoralize Ukrainians with its "advantages" in armament and "victories" at the front. Previously, Russian propaganda passed off footage from a video game as the “destruction” of a Ukrainian tank division. 

Message Russia has not yet begun to fight in full because of the kindness of the Russians

After the surrender of Kherson, Russian propagandists launched theses on social networks that victory for Russia was inevitable. On November 12, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmytro Medvediev made a statement in confirmation. They say that Russia has so far allegedly not used its "arsenal of means of destruction" and "did not strike at all possible hostile targets located in populated areas", including because of the "human kindness" characteristic of Russians.

Manipulation More than 70% of Germans are against increasing military aid to Ukraine

Such information is disseminated in social networks. The authors of the publications allegedly refer to a survey conducted for the German TV program ARD-Deutschland Trend. Russian media write that the Germans rebelled against the increase in military assistance to Ukraine. This is manipulation.

As StopFake writes, the German company Infratest Dimap really conducted a survey commissioned by the German TV program ARD-Deutschland Trend. Such surveys are carried out systematically. This time, 1,307 Germans with the right to vote expressed their opinion. The survey was conducted over the phone or online from 31 October to 2 November. The question on the supply of weapons to Ukraine sounded like this: “Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February. Germany reacted to this with different steps. Please indicate below in each case whether they are appropriate, excessive or insufficient (…) regarding German arms support for Ukraine?”. That is, in this case, they estimated the number of weapons, and did not investigate issues of support.

A total of 41% of Germans consider the volume of military assistance sufficient, which is 2% more than in August this year. 30% of Germans consider excessive deliveries of weapons - this is 2% less compared to August. 21% called aid to Ukraine insufficient, which is also 2% less than two months ago. The remaining 8% probably found it difficult to answer.

Fake Dozens of dangerous small explosive devices found in Lviv

A fake is spreading in the Ukrainian segment of social networks that dozens of small explosive devices have been found in Lviv that can tear off a person’s limb. One of these pictures was shared almost 65,000 times.

In fact, as fact-checkers from StopFake write, no explosive devices were found in Lviv, this information was provided to journalists upon request by the Lviv police. It is interesting that the photo with the same subject is also distributed by Russian local media, in particular in Rostov. Most likely in the photo it is a broken electronic disposable cigarette without a case.

Manipulation Serhii Prytula's Fund announced another collection of money, inflating the cost of one armored personnel carrier by 2.5 times

Pro-Russian telegram channels write that volunteers have announced another “muddy collection” for British Spartan armored personnel carriers. It seems that the purpose of raising funds is not the purchase of armored personnel carriers for the Ukrainian army, but the desire for profit. Like, Serhii Prytula announced that it is necessary to collect 200 million hryvnia for 50 cars, but in fact they will cost about 58 million. This is not true.

Detector Media received a comment from the Prytula’s Fund regarding car purchases. As the volunteers explained, Spartan armored personnel carriers will be bought from warehouses in the UK. The need to purchase was agreed with the military command. The choice was influenced by several factors: technical condition, price, sufficient quantity in warehouses and logistics. The Fund also explained that the amount of the fee, in addition to the cost of the armored personnel carriers themselves, includes their pre-sale preparation, transportation, and customs clearance. Also, the amount of the fee includes the training of the Ukrainian military by British instructors.

Russian propaganda is systematically trying to discredit the work of Ukrainian volunteers. Earlier, propagandists wrote that Ukrainian volunteers “cynically collect money” during Russian attacks and tried to convince them that it makes no sense to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and help volunteers.

Message Western countries have begun to deny Ukraine weapons because they want to stop supporting the war

Anonymous GRU-controlled telegram channels are spreading an article by the Italian publication Il Messaggero to prove that Western Europe is gradually withdrawing support for Ukraine and cutting off the supply of weapons. In fact, the article is titled “Rome freezes order for new weapons for Kyiv. But the support of Ukraine remains”, it is not said that Italy refuses to supply weapons to Ukraine. But only that Italy is waiting for the visit of NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg to coordinate plans for the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The visit of the head of NATO will take place in the coming days. In addition, the article says that the air defense systems requested by President Zelenskyi are few in Italy, and therefore the delivery of these systems is being postponed for the time being. Russian telegram channels insist that the "supply of weapons" is stopped because they are allegedly smuggled into the EU and the Middle East, where they fall into the hands of criminals. All of them have recently referred to an article in a Finnish publication, which claimed that law enforcement officers from several Scandinavian countries found weapons from Ukraine in local gangs. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine requested such data from law enforcement officers in Finland - and they did not find any evidence of what was said in the article. Russia has been trying to discredit Ukraine in order to reduce the number of weapons provided by partner countries from the first days of the war. To do this, it systematically invents fakes and manipulates.

Manipulation The Tula Cartridge Plant continues to supply cartridges to the United States

Such information is disseminated by pro-Russian information resources. They say that sanction restrictions do not prevent sales of cartridge products in the United States and do not have a significant impact on the work of the enterprise. This is manipulation. The posts cite the company's explanations for the 2021 income statement. In fact, the sanctions against the Tula plant have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine, since they were imposed as a US reaction to the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Oleksii Navalnyi with the Novichok nerve agent. The sanctions limit the conclusion of new contracts for the supply of weapons and ammunition from Russia. However, the sanctions did not affect previously concluded contracts, and therefore it was possible to continue their implementation. Over the period from September 2021 to March 2022, the volume of cartridge imports from Russia to the United States did not really decrease. However, in April 2022, the US government made a legislative decision to stop the usual trade relations with Russia. From April 2022, the duty on the import of cartridges from Russia to the United States is 30-45%. In April-June, the import of Russian cartridges decreased by 88% compared to the previous quarter. In June, the US President set a fixed duty rate for Russian products at 35%. Given that almost half of the products of the Tula Cartridge Plant are systematically exported, the company is now suffering from the loss of one of its main sales markets. In July, out of 1,397 workers, the plant transferred 530 workers to downtime with the payment of two-thirds of their wages, and another 337 workers quit. Thus, Russia is trying to promote disinformation messages that sanctions are not hurting the Russian economy and the West is still secretly trading with Russia despite the sanctions. More details.

Fake A model of an Iskander was created in Ukraine which will be used as a dirty nuclear bomb

 Such information appeared in the pro-Kremlin media. Messages began to spread after Volodymyr Putin in his "Valdai speech" said that Ukraine was creating a "dirty bomb" and Russia even knew "roughly where this is being done". Propagandists claim that Kyiv, on the basis of the projectile of the Tochka-U missile system, made a dummy of the Iskander missile for a provocation with a dirty bomb over the exclusion zone of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. Like, the layout was made by Pivdenmash specialists, and the main cassette part of the dummy is pushed with radioactive material, and then shot down in the Chernobyl area in order to shock the world and accuse Russia of using nuclear weapons. However, this is not true. According to The Insider's fact-checkers, the so-called mock-up shown by the Russian media is fake. “Despite the similar outlines, Tochka-U and Iskander missiles have different sizes. The diameter of the Iskander is 920 mm, and the Tochka-U is 650 mm, almost one and a half times smaller. It is impossible to create a model of the Iskander based on Tochka-U, except perhaps a smaller copy, which is unlikely to convince international experts. And the scenario in which a rocket allegedly launched by Russian troops with a radioactive filling explodes over the Chornobyl exclusion zone, that is, a practically deserted territory where the harm done to Ukraine will be minimal, does not look very plausible,” the fact checkers write. This is not the first time Russia has claimed that Ukraine is going to use a dirty nuclear bomb to blame Russia for it. Read more about this in the text of Hala Skliarevska.

Manipulation Defense Minister Reznikov recognized Ukraine as a "training ground" for Western weapons

Russian and some Ukrainian media reported this regarding the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, interview for Politico.

Russia allegedly understood that the Ukrainian authorities consider their country a "testing ground" for Western weapons, so they warned the world about the danger of using a "dirty bomb." In fact, in an interview, Reznikov talked about the prospects of supplying Ukraine with new weapons from allied countries. And also about the fact that the use of Western weapons by the Ukrainian Armed Forces helps push Russian troops out of Ukraine.

The minister called on the partners to test their weapons on the battlefield against the Russian occupiers and ensure the weapons' effectiveness in combat. "We have a combat test site in Ukraine during this war. I think all countries see how we use these systems. You are aware that we have eight different 155 mm artillery systems in use on the battlefield. So it's like a competition between systems," Reznikov said.

The Russian media took this quote out of context and spread a fake in the spirit of "turning Ukraine into a Western training ground" and a "colony of the collective West." Ukraine allegedly lost its independence while receiving military aid from international partners. Russia, having initiated a full-scale war against Ukraine, wants to destroy our country as a state and uses Ukrainian territory as a training ground for prohibited Russian weapons. More details.

Fake Weapons from Ukraine end up with criminals in Finland

This news was written by the Finnish publication Yle concerning an interview with the senior commissioner of the National Bureau of Investigation (Keskusrikospoliisi), Christer Algren.

The journalist claimed that the official was talking about the availability of data in the criminal police of Finland regarding the probability of weapons intended for the Ukrainian military getting to criminal groups in this country.

The material states that this firearm is already in Finland and was allegedly found in other Scandinavian countries. The Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that there is a reason to believe that the information presented in the article "was a little made up by the journalist and didn't coincide with the words of the police representative who was interviewed."

Moreover, representatives of law enforcement agencies from other countries confirmed the lack of information about a similar channel for illegally transferring weapons from Ukraine. The Finnish commissioner, in this interview, says that the investigation is ongoing and doesn't cite any evidence, only speculation.

However, based on his words, the publication spreads the Russian narrative that the weapons provided by international partners to the Ukrainian military end up with criminals in Europe.

Propagandists regularly throw such theses into social media to sow distrust in the Ukrainian army at the international level and reduce or even stop the support of Western partners.

Fake The USA reacted sharply to another request to supply air defense systems to Ukraine

This information was spread by the Russian Kremlin mass media and anonymous pro-Russian Telegram channels. The Pentagon allegedly told Kyiv that HIMARS is no longer available for Ukraine." Propagandists draw such conclusions based on an article in The New Yorker. However, it isn't true. As StopFake writes, in fact, the US Ministry of Defense has officially announced that it will deliver 18 HIMARS MLRS to Ukraine as part of the following package. The New Yorker's source in the Pentagon assured Ukraine would receive "more weapons of greater complexity and on a larger scale."

Manipulation Ukrainians are advised to defuse the X-55 cruise missile by shouting

The Russian media write that the Ukrainians are allegedly powerless against Russian high-precision weapons, so we invent "victories." The reports say that allegedly at the weapons exhibition in Poltava, the tour guide said that the X-55 cruise missile can be neutralized with the help of a shout. Then it will seem to explode in the air. "If a cruise missile flew towards you, you didn't scream well," Russian media write. However, it is manipulation. The Russian media reports that the weapons exhibition is a project of Ukrainian artists. In fact, there were no real weapons in the exhibits.

As Suspilne writes, the "Decontamination" project aims to allow visitors to overcome their fear and artists to film the consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 3D models of the destroyed equipment were created to implement this idea, which can be seen using virtual reality glasses.

Among other things, models of sugar tanks and a model of a nine-story building in Borodyanka were presented at the exhibition. One of the exhibits was a real-sized model of the Kh-55 missile. According to the idea of ​​the authors, its flight can be leveled with the help of a strong sound. A person shouts at this rocket, and it stops working and explodes at best. It was this explanation that propagandists used to create "news."

In this way, propagandists try to present Ukrainians as inferior, hide the true effectiveness of the Ukrainian air defense system, and make fun of rockets hitting the civilian population.

Message The supply of air defense systems to Ukraine continues the war

The Russian media write about this concerning the press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmytro Peskov. The aid allegedly won't change the goals of the so-called "special operation" and its final result but will only prolong the "conflict" and make it more painful for Ukrainians.

Propagandists have been spreading this message periodically since the beginning of the great war after reports of new weapons supplies to Ukraine. In this way, they are trying to discredit the supply of air defense systems for the protection of the civilian population of Ukraine, which the Western partners reported after the massive missile attacks on October 10-11. As the Center for Combating Disinformation writes, the supply of air defense systems will nullify one of Russia's biggest trump cards — missile attacks.

Previously propagandists wrote that the Ukrainian military refuses to use "Bayraktary" to discredit Western weapons. Supposedly, Ukraine will no longer receive American HIMARS MLRS and their missiles. France is complicit in "crimes" against the civilian population, as Ukraine fires at Donbas from French self-propelled guns, "Caesar," etc.

Fake Russian rockets destroyed the factory in Shepetivka, where weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were repaired

Such information is spread by the Russian mass media and users on social networks.

At dawn on October 6, Russian troops launched a missile attack on the territory of the Shepetiv district of the Khmelnytskyi region. As the head of the regional military administration, Serhiy Gamalii, reported, one rocket fell next to an infrastructure object, and the other fell on a cemetery. There were no casualties or injuries as a result of the missile strike. Partially damaged residential buildings and farm buildings.

Every time after launching missiles over Ukraine, the Russians "report" that they hit the target and allegedly destroyed yet another factory or warehouse with Western weapons, or premises where mercenaries were located. Russian propaganda needs such messages to "wash its hands" of shelling civilian objects and to claim its pretended success.

Disclosure The Russians buried 24 tons of ammunition in the Kherson region in order to film a video report on the "victory"

Military correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko discovered a staged video, which the Russians filmed as a video report on the pretended "victory".

He shared footage from a reconnaissance drone that showed strange containers in the trench.

Later, it turned out that the Russians had placed containers in the trench in the Kherson region, which turned out to be warheads of marine anti-landing anchor mines.

After that, a Russian tank allegedly destroys a warehouse of Ukrainian ammunition with one shot. The Russian occupiers don`t know how else to raise their fighting spirit, except for staged videos about their successes.

Message The Ukrainian Armed Forces offensive was needed to convince the Western allies to give more weapons

This message follows from the publications of pro-Russian bloggers. They say that the need for an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine followed from discussions about the supply of weapons to Ukraine in order to demonstrate to the allies that they should give even more weapons, even despite the depletion of their own stocks.

According to bloggers, we can talk about fighters, tanks and long-range ATACMS missiles capable of hitting targets in Russia. For this, according to the authors of the reports, shortly before the counteroffensive, an article was published by Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi and Lieutenant General Mykhailo Zabrodskyi, which deals with the possible spread of hostilities to other territories.

However, the supply of weapons to Ukraine began long before the counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, and the results of its use, in particular, could be seen in the Black Sea and the sinking of the Moskva cruiser. Also, the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, of course, is not a demonstration of the capabilities of Ukraine, but, above all, an operation to liberate the territories occupied by the enemy, and it was planned from this point of view. According to its results, we recall that more than 2 thousand square kilometers of Ukrainian territory were freed.

The appearance of such messages is a way for pro-Russian bloggers to somehow explain the defeat of Russia on the battlefield and the loss of initiative in this direction, as well as an attempt to kill the wedge between Ukraine and the allies.

Manipulation The United States considered assistance to Ukraine a mistake

The Russian media once again distorted in their own way the content of an article in the American edition of The American Conservative. They write that, according to an article titled “Winners and Losers in the Ukraine War” by founding editor Patrick J. Buchanan, America is responsible for the escalation in Eastern Europe when a number of countries were accepted into NATO, as well as for the confrontation in Ukraine. StopFake writes about this manipulation.

In the original article, there is not a word about the recognition of the fallacy of American assistance to Ukraine. In his material, Buchanan reflects on who can be considered the winner and who will be the loser in the war in Ukraine. He further writes that a new Cold War has been established between the US and Russia and raises the question of whether it is in the interests of the US and how successful foreign policy was then if the Cold War began again.

The Russian media once again used quotes from the text of a foreign publication in order to fit them to their key messages. The text does not say that the United States regrets the support provided to Ukraine, and the only quote given by the propagandists is inaccurate.

This is not the first time that the Russian media have distorted the content of what was written in order to demonstrate the decline in support for Ukraine by Western partners and the United States in particular. Thus, they personify the propaganda cliché about the lack of unity of the Western countries in relation to Ukraine and the war that Russia unleashed.

Fake The offensive of the Ukrainian military in the direction of Kherson is needed to "scam" the EU for new tranches

Russian propagandists decided not to deny the activity and victories of the Ukrainian army in several directions at once, as they could do before. This time they came up with an excuse and circulated it in anonymous telegram channels. It seems that US Secretary of State Blinken, during a meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyi in Kyiv, made him understand that "it will not work to divide the EU countries into new tranches until there is at least some success (albeit temporary)".

At the same time, the Russians are not worried that these new tranches will be used against them. They promote the thesis that foreign weapons end up on the black market, and it is easier to write them off during a counteroffensive. And they reassure themselves that, they say, a counteroffensive is no longer beneficial for Ukraine, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses in the Kharkiv direction.

Thus, they are trying to downplay the success of the Ukrainian military, to attribute the idea of ​​a counteroffensive to the United States or the EU, remembering that the battles were commanded by foreign mercenaries.

This is a typical Russian tactic - instead of voluntarily liberating Ukrainian cities and villages, they are dying on foreign soil, for no one knows why, and they blame the United States and the West for this.

Fake Italy handed over Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine

Such news is spreading through the Kremlin telegram channels. Reports say that a tank set of Italian Leopard 2A4 was overturned in the Kherson direction. However, this is not true. Italy and Ukraine do not have such tanks in service.

According to the StopFake fact checkers, the Italian army has got other tanks, namely the Ariete. As of September 2022, Ukraine has not received Leopard tanks from its partners. At the same time, Germany did not make a decision to start production of these tanks for Ukraine.

The propagandists constantly changed their thesis in relation to the supplying country, since the non-existent “Italian Leopard 2A4” and then the “Italian Leopard 2A6” on the battlefield near Kherson were replaced by the “Spanish Leopard 2A4”. This is also a lie because Spain has not used them for a long time as tanks are in a terrible position.

By spreading this news and constantly changing it, propagandists seek to justify the losses and defeats that the enemy army faced in the context of the Ukrainian army's counteroffensive in the south.

Message The US is using Ukraine as a testing ground for weapons development and is incurring huge debts through the Lend-Lease Act

As the Center for Counteracting Disinformation writes, Russian propagandists circulated almost identical theses in content, expressed by former CIA officer Andrew Bustamante and Russian State Duma deputy from the temporarily occupied Sevastopol Dmytriy Belik. Bustamante said it's critical for Americans to protest their latest weapons in combat, and in Ukraine, that doesn't mean risking their own military. Bustamante also believes that Putin is winning the "conflict" despite the sanctions. Belik believes that in this way the United States is trying to test the combat effectiveness of the Russian army.

The specialists of the Center believe that the dissemination of these messages is the result of the recognition by the Ukrainian military of the coordination of possible targets in the use of American MLRS HIMARS and their combat effectiveness.

Russia has been systematically spreading the message that “Ukraine is being used as a weapons testing ground” to discredit Western military aid. Propagandists recently said that Germany is using Ukraine to test weapons. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz allegedly let slip about this.

Fake Ukraine will no longer receive American MLRS HIMARS and missiles for them

Russian media are spreading such news with reference to US Department of Defense spokesman Colin Kohl. It is not true.

The Russians again distorted the words of the American official, in fact, Colin Cole did not say this. According to StopFake, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kohl noted during a briefing that the United States will continue to help Ukraine resist Russia's unjustified invasion. He also said that the assistance will take into account the actual needs of the Ukrainian army in the battlefield. Answering a question about future deliveries of HIMARS to Ukraine, Kol noted that the Ukrainians are doing a good job with the number of systems that the Americans and other countries have already provided. Now, according to the official, the priority is to provide the Ukrainians with enough ammunition to keep them fighting. There are no any questions about termination of deliveries of HIMARS systems to Ukraine. Allies of Ukraine only note that their number is now assessed as sufficient, and ammunition for them is a priority.

Fake In Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region, there are positions of artillery and anti-aircraft guns on the territory of the church

The Ministry of Defense of Russia disseminates such information on social networks. The head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council, Mykola Lukashuk, assures: "Of course, the church never had and does not have any RSZV (reactive salvo fire systems). The Russians once again prove that the Russian Federation is a terrorist country that always spreads lies to justify its crimes. We will never understand it. But you don't have to understand - you have to win and rebuild the state."

Fake Germany tests experimental weapons in Ukraine

This is reported by anonymous Telegram channels. Allegedly, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz accidentally said that Ukraine is being used as a testing ground for new weapons. It is not true.

In an interview with the Canadian edition of The Globe and Mail, Olaf Scholz said that Ukraine was given some weapons systems that the Bundeswehr does not have. However, Scholz did not call the transferred weapons experimental and did not talk about the fact that they are being tested in Ukraine. He also said that German specialists teach Ukrainians how to use this equipment correctly.

Fake 30-40% of weapons supplied to Ukraine reach the front

This is stated in the film Arming Ukraine on the American TV channel CBS News. It was announced by the pro-Kremlin media, and in Ukraine, it was published by the website "Strana". The film says that the US loses control over military weapons after crossing the border, that only 30-40% of supplies from the West reach the front, and the rest goes to the "black market". That is why a system of weapons supervision should be created.

Fake HIMARS missiles are transported in trams and buses

Rustem Klupov, a veteran of military intelligence, a participant in the First Chechen War, and a Hero of Russia, said this on a pro-Kremlin show on the Telegram channel.

According to him, the Russian army destroyed a lot of ammunition for this system, and the missiles’ deliveries are carried out by Ukrainian public transport, in particular in buses and trams.

Recently, the USA announced new military aid for Ukraine - the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive four HIMARS rocket launchers and other military equipment.

These modern rocket launcher systems are actively used by the Armed Forces, and this brings military victories. HIMARS proved so effective that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered commanders to make their destruction a priority. Thus, Russian propagandists regularly launch fakes about the alleged HIMARS destruction. Earlier, they reported the fake destruction of two, then another, then six more HIMARS installations, and also gave burnt straw for the destroyed missiles for these installations.