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Фейк Ukraine staged a provocation in Poland to disrupt the grain agreement

It's hard to imagine, but Russian "experts" are spreading a new version of what happened in Poland. According to them, on November 15, Ukraine launched two rockets into Poland, which killed two people, in order to “derail the grain agreement”, and thus “blame Russia for creating a food crisis” in the world. It is not entirely clear how the murder of two farmers can lead to the cancellation of the grain deal, and how Ukraine is interested in this disruption, but it is obvious why such a thesis is spread by the Russian propaganda media: they now need to explain why the agreement was extended by 120 days, despite the fact that Russia, and Putin himself, has constantly threatened to withdraw from the agreement.

Now, despite such incomprehensible arguments, one can say: although Ukraine tried to disrupt the grain agreement, Russia resisted, won and extended it in order to show the whole world that it does not want to provoke a famine. In fact, Russia has already caused a global food crisis: it stole grain and agricultural products from Ukraine; burned fields and destroyed elevators; blocked almost all seaports from which Ukraine could supply its products. And at some point it even announced that it was terminating the agreement due to fake reports that it was Ukraine that attacked the Russian Black Sea fleet launching drones from ships carrying grain.

But both Ukraine and Turkey ignored Russia's threats to terminate the agreement and continued to export grain, and that is why Russia stopped claiming to have withdrawn from the agreement. And today, the agreement itself was extended automatically, however, on November 19 the agreement could be terminated if one of the parties has significant comments or objections. No one, not even Russia, had such, so the agreement was automatically extended for another 120 days. Now Russian propagandists are trying hard to explain why Putin said two weeks ago that Russia would withdraw from the agreement, and now it has been extended for four months, and Russia has not even bargained for additional terms. That is why they come up with explanations about how heroically they did not allow Ukraine to disrupt the agreement.

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