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Маніпуляція The British have decided when they will kick Ukrainians out of their homes

The Russian media are spreading another manipulation about refugees - this time they write that the British have decided when they will kick Ukrainians out of their homes. As always, the Russians are manipulating the data of the survey conducted by the National Statistical Office of Great Britain. StopFake drew attention to the manipulation.

The purpose of the survey was to find out the portrait of people who took part in the Homes for Ukraine program, as well as to establish the period during which they are ready to provide housing to refugees and under what conditions.

“There were differences in how long the current sponsors wanted the long term appointment arrangement, with 19% intending to provide accommodation for the originally agreed period of six months, while just under a quarter (23%) intended to provide accommodation for more than 12 months', write the authors of the study.

In addition, the survey showed that of those planning to provide housing for a period of 6 to 12 months, 70% said that further monthly payments of 350 pounds sterling encourage them to make Ukrainians leave longer. 21% of program participants noted that their willingness to help Ukrainians is influenced by the rising cost of living. But it does not follow from the data of this survey that the Ukrainian refugees are being “expelled”, or that the British are tired of the “Ukrainian refugees”. On the contrary, almost half of the respondents propose to provide housing for refugees for a period longer than originally planned. And the British authorities, for their part, are working to expand and extend assistance to the British participating in the program so that they continue to host Ukrainians. There are currently 100,000 Ukrainians in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine program.

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