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Фейк Medical mission FRIDA Ukraine allegedly deals with organ transplants

Accusations have appeared on the Internet regarding the FRIDA Ukraine medical mission project, which receives support from the UN Development Program and the Japanese government. The accusations are that the mission, instead of providing medical care to people in the front-line territories, is allegedly engaged in “organ transplants”. The underlying assumption behind these accusations is that Japan needs donors, while Israeli doctors are recognized as the best transplant surgeons in the world.

However, these accusations are unfounded. Analysts of the VoxCheck project drew attention to this. The Ukrainian-Israeli medical mission FRIDA Ukraine was founded by Israelis Roman Goldman and Mark Nevy; it unites 980 doctors from Ukraine and Israel. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, they have been providing medical care to children, people with disabilities and the elderly in the hottest spots of Ukraine. It is important to note that they do not perform organ transplants.

With the support of the Government of Japan and the UN Development Program, the organization is implementing only one of its projects - “Strengthening awareness of the acceptance and understanding of mine victims among volunteer doctors, members of territorial communities and the general public”. The project does not involve any operations or transplants, and its goal is to raise awareness among volunteer doctors and community members about the rules of working and interacting with victims of mine-explosive activities, purchasing equipment and attracting public attention to this problem. The implementation of the project includes training and an information campaign on the Internet.

Propagandists spread such fakes to discredit Ukrainian doctors and the government in general. This is not the first time they accuse the Ukrainian side of “black transplantology”, as Detector Media has already written about.

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