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Фейк Three commemorative matches in memory of 300,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers announced in Ukraine

Anonymous telegram channels spreading pro-Russian rhetoric report that Ukraine allegedly lost 300,000 soldiers in the war with Russia. And that is why the Ukrainian Football Association posted a video with the announcement to hold “for 300 thousand heroes who died for Ukraine” “three matches with empty stadiums so that the souls of the dead would be with them on this day”. It's fake.

The case was noticed by the Ukrainian Football Association. On the eve of 200,000 “demilitarized” Russian soldiers, according to the information of the General Staff, a fake appeared about “the UAF and three memorial matches of the UPL clubs in empty stands”.  As the UAF notes, “to divert attention from their own large-scale losses in the war of conquest against Ukraine”.

Thus, propagandists are trying to divert attention from their own losses and sow discouragement among Ukrainians. Neither the president nor the military leadership of Ukraine are voicing figures and will not estimate the number of dead. Earlier, Detector Media denied the fake that, according to the Red Cross, Ukraine is suffering huge losses of fighters.

Із перших днів повномасштабного вторгнення експерти «Детектора медіа» щодня протистоять російській дезінформації. Ми спростовуємо фейкові новини, деконструюємо російські наративи та меседжі. І гартуємо медіаграмотність читачів.

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