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Маніпуляція Countries that voted against Russia's resolution at the UN session support Nazism

Such messages are circulated on social networks and propaganda media. They say that at the session of the UN General Assembly a resolution was put forward on the initiative of Russia “On the fight against the glorification of Nazism”. Consequently, they say, the countries that voted against this resolution are supporters of the Nazi ideology. However, this is a substitution of facts.

As StopFake project fact-checkers say, the fact that 50 UN member states voted against the Russian resolution to combat the glorification of Nazism does not at all indicate that these countries support Nazi ideology.

The document notes that all states are obliged to prohibit any “honoring of the Nazi regime, its allies and organizations associated with them, official and unofficial”.

Serhii Kislytsia, Ukraine’s representative to the UN, said the Russian resolution is Russia’s latest attempt to justify its military intervention, which they allegedly made to eradicate neo-Nazism in the country. Since Nazism and similar terms are purely subjective concepts. That is, who is considered a Nazi and who is called a fascist, as a rule, depends on the point of view of the speaker.

The propagandists spread this manipulation to discredit the international community, which allegedly supports Nazism and despises Russia “fighting” it.

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