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Fake Women were allegedly abandoned to fight near Avdiivka

A video is being circulated online where several women in military uniform claim that they were sent to fight near Avdiivka because of the decision of the Zelenskyi regime. They say that the reason for this is Zelenskyi’s desire to create a “picture” for the Munich Security Forum. However, the video is most likely staged.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to this. Firstly, the women in the video are unlikely to actually be military personnel - makeup, long hair and manicure usually interfere with the performance of combat missions. Also, they do not have the equipment that is necessary during the battle. In addition, there are no identifying marks on their uniforms.

Secondly, in the video the Ukrainian language of the woman trying to speak it is noticeably “broken”. This may indicate that she is not a native speaker.

Thirdly, the video appeared for the first time on a TikTok profile, which was probably created specifically for the distribution of this video. This is the only message on this page that indicates its inorganic appearance. The video is being circulated exclusively by pro-Russian anonymous telegram channels and pro-Russian groups on Facebook, but even users of these channels express doubts about its authenticity.

Propagandists spread such fakes to discredit the Ukrainian government and Zelenskyi personally, especially against the backdrop of active public discussion of possible changes in the mobilization process. Detector Media has already written about other Russian inventions regarding mobilization in Ukraine.

Fake The Ministry of Defense allegedly encourages women to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “to quickly lose weight”

Information is being spread online that the Ministry of Defense has launched a campaign to recruit women into the army: “serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine helped me lose weight, contact the nearest Territorial center of procurement and social support, you deserve to be the best!”, says this video. At the same time, the video itself was allegedly published on the “TikTok account” of the Ministry of Defense. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck specialists analyzed the case and came to the conclusion that the video was fake and compiled from any footage. Moreover, the video does not serve as a video campaign for recruiting women into the army. After all, the Ministry of Defense doesn’t even have a TikTok account. The video about weight loss was also not found on other social networks of the ministry.

In general, only doctors and pharmacists must register with the military from October 1, 2023; however, military registration does not mean mobilization or the establishment of restrictions on travel abroad. The Ministry of Health notes: registration is necessary only to summarize data on the existing reserve of doctors in the country. The travel of this category of women is unlimited. To register for military service, this category of women will have three years - until December 31, 2026.

Fake The Ukrainian military allegedly calls for the overthrow of the constitutional order in the state

The social network TikTok is distributing a video message from supposedly servicemen of the 117th separate territorial defense brigade of the 153rd battalion, calling for the overthrow of the constitutional order in the state.

In fact, the people in the video have never had and have no connection with the 153rd  battalion, as reported by the 117th separate territorial defense brigade on its page on the Facebook social network. This video was created using deepfake technology based on artificial intelligence. That is, it is fake. The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council is already writing about this.

Thus, the creators of this video seek to discredit the Ukrainian military and demoralize Ukrainian society. Previously, we analyzed a fake video message from the ex-commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi, in which he allegedly called for a military coup.

Fake A grandmother in Avdiivka allegedly fed the Ukrainian military with pies with a blade

Propagandists are distributing a video on social networks in which allegedly a Ukrainian military man serving near Avdiivka discovered sharp blades in pies. Like, a local grandmother treated him to these pies. The video was seen by thousands of people, it is actively distributed on social networks with captions like “a grandmother near Avdiivka treats Ukrainian soldiers with delicious pies” and “they hate Ukrainians in this place”. However, this is a staging.

This was found out by specialists from the “Beyond the News” project. They explain that it is doubtful that after the round-the-clock shelling, a multi-storey building with electricity and intact windows remained in the city or its surroundings. However, this is the environment in which filming takes place. In the video, we see two people (one holding a camera) standing in front of a window in a lit room during night time. From a security point of view this is very dangerous. The Ukrainian military would be unlikely to commit such actions. The military clothing that we see in the video has no signs of identification, and the chosen shooting angle does not allow us to see the face of the “victim” from the grandmother. At 6-7 seconds one can see that the man is breaking an already broken product. Probably damage to the “theater prop” was done before filming to insert a blade into it. The audio of the video also has its own characteristics. Firstly, we hear the Russian pronunciation at the 10th second. In addition, the phrase “and here are the blades” sounds strange to denote the singular; it is more likely that a Ukrainian military would say “and here is the blade”. The Russian intonation is especially heard at the end of the video.

It appeared around February 5 on resources publishing Russian propaganda. The video appeared in the domestic segment within a day or two. Unfortunately, it was picked up and spread on some Ukrainian-language pages on social networks.

Propagandists spread such fake news to show that local residents do not really want Ukrainians to fight for them. They say that’s why they feed the Ukrainian military pies with blades.

Fake Economist Kiyosaki allegedly called financial aid to Ukraine nonsense

Users of social networks broadcasting pro-Russian rhetoric are distributing a video allegedly produced by the American media company Bloomberg, with statements attributed to economist and author of the best-selling book “Rich Father, Poor Father” Robert Kiyosaki. Like, he called any financial investments in Ukraine “nonsense”. “He believes that helping Ukraine means passing money through a shredder, because Ukraine will disappear in the near future”, propagandists write. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They noticed that the video material distributed online imitates the design of videos from the Bloomberg news agency, including the company logo in the upper right corner of the frame. However, there is no corresponding material either on the official website or on the social networks of the American media company. Even if attackers use a media company’s logo, a mismatch in the video’s design (font and caption design) indicates that it is a fake. It should also be noted that most Bloomberg videos are published without a logo.

If a publication uses someone else's videos or photographs, the source must be indicated in the story. The video circulating online is a compilation of various video clips from old interviews with Robert Kiyosaki, but nowhere in the story is it mentioned where these clips were taken from. For example, a video clip in which Kiyosaki allegedly expresses his opinion about the absurdity of financial assistance to Ukraine appeared on the Internet four months ago. In it, an economist actually talks about investing.

StopFake was unable to find any evidence that Robert Kiosaki publicly opposed financial assistance for Ukraine. The last statements he made about Russian military aggression against Ukraine date back to February and March 2022. One can also find a video clip online where he expressed condolences to Ukrainians suffering from the war.

The purpose of this fake is to undermine partners’ trust in Ukraine and its financial support. They say that even economists do not consider such actions to be correct, therefore, this support must be stopped.

Fake French farmers allegedly flooded the Ukrainian Embassy with feces

This information is disseminated by pro-Russian resources. They say this happened after the Ukrainian Embassy in France allegedly wrote an official letter of appeal to French farmers calling on them to stop the protests. The letter allegedly said that “the people of Ukraine regret that French farmers, faced with the first economic difficulties, turned their backs on the French government and the Ukrainian people”. Ukrainian diplomats also called on the French to follow the example of the Ukrainians and unite for the sake of their own Motherland. This appeal allegedly angered French farmers, and they resorted to corresponding provocation. To confirm this information, propagandists refer to the “story” of the EuroNews TV channel on this topic.

In fact, this information is not true. The Ukrainian Embassy in France did not write a letter to French farmers, and EuroNews never published such a story. The latter is evidenced, in particular, by the fact that the corresponding video was not published on any of the channel’s official resources. In addition, the “news” about French farmers has already been refuted by BBC journalist Shayan Sardarizadeh on his page on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

It should be noted that the Russian-language version of Euronews is known for its anti-Ukrainian editorial policy and the dissemination of Kremlin propaganda, but even there they did not publish the corresponding fake story.

On behalf of leading news resources, Russians are distributing fake videos online to discredit Ukraine. This video is the last of a series of similar ones. It is noteworthy that propagandists disseminated this disinformation story against the backdrop of France and Ukraine approaching the finalization of a bilateral agreement on security guarantees for the latter.

Message SBU “recruits” men for mobilization attracting sex workers

Anonymous telegrams claim that Human Rights Watch (HRW) has recorded cases in which the Ukrainian Security Service recruited female sex workers to “increase the pace of mobilization”. The point is that in this way the SBU “caught” men. As evidence, the messages add a video from a human rights organization.

The VoxCheck analysts took up this case and found that the human rights organization did not issue such a statement. For example, no such publications were found on the pages of Human Rights Watch social networks. As for the video itself, its design differs from those published by HRW. That is, it is most likely that the video design was compiled, it was presented only for the organization’s video. And some fragments of the video itself can be found in the public domain.

Read also: Greek Catholic believers were allegedly “freed” from mobilization.

Disclosure An unknown person in the uniform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly shoots a serviceman for refusing to fight

Pro-Kremlin telegram channels are distributing a video in which an unknown person in a Ukrainian Armed Forces uniform allegedly shoots a serviceman for allegedly refusing to participate in assault operations. As propagandists write, the victim of the “execution” seems to be a soldier of the 425th Special Operations Brigade “Skala” of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

However, after verifying the information together with the StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other relevant structures of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Center for Countering Disinformation reported that this video was fake. It is impossible to identify the characters and the area, as well as determine the nationality of the participants in the video. In addition, 425th Special Operations Brigade “Skala” is part of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and not the Main Intelligence Directorate, as propagandists are trying to imagine.

Considering all the above-described signs of a fake and the fact that the video is being distributed by Russian resources, the Center reports that the video was probably shot by the Russians as part of the IPSO in order to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is not the first time that fake videos have been created to demonize the Ukrainian army. Here, for example, is an analysis of a video in which the Russian military allegedly captured a pregnant Ukrainian female soldier.

Fake The Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly laugh at the counteroffensive in the video

Propagandists are distributing a video on social networks that they are trying to present as a mocking video on behalf of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It depicts Ukrainian soldiers allegedly laughing at the counteroffensive, repeating the phrase “we carried out a successful counteroffensive in our pants”. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that this video is not on the official pages of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the General Staff on social networks, nor on their official websites. In addition, during editing, the propagandists made a mistake with the symbolism, using the cross of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine instead of the emblem of the Armed Forces. All ten frames from which the video is compiled are taken from open sources. For example, one fragment is taken from a video published on the Insider UA telegram channel, where fighters ask for financial support for the Kraken unit. Another excerpt was found in a video filmed on the day of the liberation of Kherson by the Defense Forces in November 2022.

This is not the first time Russian propaganda has used the phrase “successful counteroffensive in your pants” to discredit Ukraine. President Zelenskyi acknowledged that the Defense Forces' summer counteroffensive did not produce the expected results, mainly due to insufficient allied support and the lack of necessary weapons, but he did not call it a failure. Propagandists manipulate this. Detector Media also wrote about other Russian fakes regarding the counteroffensive.

Fake Valerii Zaluzhnyi allegedly announced a “coup d’etat” after his “resignation”

Anonymous telegram channels broadcasting Kremlin rhetoric distributed a video with Valerii Zaluzhnyi, in which he allegedly calls for a coup. The authors of the publication claim that these are natural actions of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because they are probably trying to remove him from office. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts examined the video and found out that Valerii Zaluzhnyi did not make such statements, and the video was compiled using artificial intelligence technologies. According to a reverse Google search, propagandists used Zaluzhnyi’s address on the occasion of Armed Forces Day on December 6, 2023 to create a deepfake.

Also, the Kremlin is now instrumentalizing for its own needs the message about a likely change in the military leadership of Ukraine. After all, official communications from the state or a publication from the Ministry of Defense, several comments from officials and videos assured that this was not the case, in particular, Zaluzhnyi “was not fired”. And they also said that they would not “comment” on the stuffing of anonymous resources that they themselves legitimized. Now the Kremlin’s mouthpieces are circulating reports about the situation and demonstrating it as “undermining the Ukrainian agenda”. For example, Maryna Symonian, editor-in-chief of the propaganda television and radio company Russia Today, said that “chaos... is useful for Russia”. Read about it here. Thus, the Kremlin’s minions are trying to enrage the Ukrainian information space by talking about the failures of state communication around reports of Zaluzhnyi’s removal from the post of Commander-in-Chief.

Deepfakes remain an effective tool for spreading Russian propaganda. We have repeatedly analyzed such cases, for example, including other “statements” of Zaluzhnyi’s deepfakes. For example, on November 8, 2023, propagandists published a video with a deepfake of Zaluzhnyi, who called on Ukrainians to come to the main squares of their cities, and the military - not to obey “criminal orders of the authorities”.  Anonymous people use deepfake technology on many famous personalities; by distorting their faces, voices and facial expressions, they try to instill confidence in the audience in the “expressions” of the hero.

Among other things, we recommend reading in more detail about the use of artificial intelligence technologies, in particular deepfake ones, in spreading the pro-Kremlin agenda.

Fake A Ukrainian refugee allegedly “desecrated and broke” a statue in a Paris museum

Anonymous telegram channels are distributing a video allegedly from the European media Euronews, which states that a Ukrainian refugee in a Paris museum broke the statue of the Swedish artist Anna Uddenberg “Journey to Self-Discovery”, imitating sexual intercourse with it. It's a lie.

The case was investigated by VoxCheck analysts, who determined that Euronews did not create such a story, and the video was simply assembled from different photos and videos that were not related to each other. For example, no information about such an incident could be found on the official media pages on social networks: on the media website, Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube.

Using a reverse search on Google, it turned out that all the footage was used in the so-called story - can be found in the public domain. In addition, according to the information presented in the video, the statue was damaged and its limbs (arm and leg) were broken off. However, this was not shown on the video. No additional information about the destruction of the sculpture was found in other media.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to present Ukrainian refugees as criminals or terrorists, as a cultural and economic threat to the EU - in order to reduce support for Ukraine. We mentioned this in our own research.

Fake Russians allegedly overcame the “medical collapse” in Melitopol thanks to doctors from St. Petersburg

This information is published by pro-Russian resources and supported by “evidence”: a fragment of a video with an alleged comment by the head of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, on the air of a telethon. Basic Russian-made medicines are also imported into the territory of the Zaporizhzhia region in large quantities.

In fact, the Melitopol mayor did not say anything like this during the telethon, because such a video simply does not exist, and there are no comments on this topic on his official communication channel. This was brought to the attention of the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. The video itself was made using the deepfake method. It can be viewed here. The video shows facial expressions that are not typical for humans, a lack of speech pauses, and desynchronization of lips and direct speech. In addition, the video is of low quality, the date and time of inclusion are blurred. The last broadcast, where Fedorov commented on the medical situation in Melitopol, was on December 16, 2023. There he spoke, in particular, about the fact that the Russians are conducting medical experiments on Melitopol residents.

Thus, propagandists strive to assure that “Russia will come and restore order”. However, the reality is somewhat different. Considering the atrocities of the Russians in Bucha, Hostomel and Izium, it can be argued that this war is genocidal in nature, and Moscow’s ultimate goal is the complete destruction of the Ukrainian people.

• Read also: In Italy, a propaganda exhibition about Mariupol “revived” by the occupiers was banned.

Fake A British magazine allegedly made a video saying that Russian musicians are the most popular in Ukraine

A video allegedly belonging to the British magazine New Musical Express is being circulated online. They say, according to YouTube Music statistics for 2023, Ukrainian musicians have been supplanted by Russian performers, in particular Basta, Aigel, Katia Lel, Instasamka and American singer Taylor Swift. However, it turned out to be a fake video.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found that New Musical Express magazine had not released such ratings. In fact, Ukrainian performers are leading the official YouTube Music rankings in Ukraine. It's important to note that Taylor Swift does not appear in this ranking.

The VoxCheck 2023 study showed that in January and February, Russian artists temporarily made it into the top 5, but throughout the year, the leadership belonged to Ukrainian artists. This indicates that the statement about the advantage of Russian musicians is not objective. Also, according to public research, most Ukrainians avoided Russian-language content, indicating changes in cultural preferences during the war.

Propagandists spread such fake news to create a false impression of the superior status of Russian culture compared to Ukrainian culture, even in times of war. Like, Ukrainians really love Russian more because Ukrainian is a surrogate.

Fake Ukrainian women who “have not given birth before the age of 25” should allegedly register for military service

In the social networks of the Russian segment, they are distributing a story from TSN, where they say that due to the adopted amendments to the law “On mobilization reparation and mobilization”, women who “have not given birth before the age of 25” must register with the military. Moreover, the so-called story said that the Verkhovna Rada seemed to have expanded the list of specialties for women who would be required to register with the military. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts worked on this case and explained that the plot was primarily compiled. After all, the recording itself was created using artificial intelligence technologies. However, earlier there were indeed discussions around the bill on recruiting, mobilization and service: then MP Mariana Bezuhla, known for her scandalous messages on social networks about Valerii Zaluzhnyi and calls for his dismissal, published possible legislative norms on her Facebook. They stated, in particular, that women fit for military service were registered as liable for military service. At the same time, during martial law, women are recruited to combat positions only voluntarily.

However, during a big press conference on December 19, 2023, Volodymyr Zelenskyi  said that he would not sign a bill with clauses on the mobilization of women. But even in these legislative innovations there was not a single clause about “women who did not give birth before the age of 25”. This is simply a fiction of Russian propaganda. The mobilization bill is being finalized; it had previously been submitted to Parliament - without changes to the mobilization of women - but was subsequently withdrawn for revision.

In general, only doctors and pharmacists must register with the military from October 1, 2023; however, military registration does not mean mobilization or the establishment of restrictions on travel abroad. The Ministry of Health notes: registration is necessary only to summarize data on the existing reserve of doctors in the country. The travel of this category of women is unlimited. To register for military service, this category of women will have three years - until December 31, 2026.

Fake The Ukrainian allegedly called on the Poles to go to war against Russia

Krzysztof Sokołowski recorded a video message to the Poles and called on them to go to war in Ukraine and kill Russians. At the end of his speech, he exclaimed: “Hit Moscow, hit it to the last bullet, go ahead to Moscow, for Ukraine our homeland! Death to enemies! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!”. This video was picked up by a Polish pro-Russian politician and distributed on his pages on social networks with the caption: “In one minute, the Ukrainian is warming us up to war with Russia”.

Krzysztof Sokołowski is a Pole, he was born in Warsaw and graduated from the University of Warsaw. Ukrinform journalists write about this. The man began learning Ukrainian in 2022, as evidenced by a message on his Facebook page. Previously, Sokołowski was a lawyer, but lost his license due to numerous frauds. Now he has become a tool in the hands of pro-Russian Polish politicians.

With this fake, Russian propaganda seeks to worsen relations between Ukraine and Poland and to quarrel between the two countries. They say that the Ukrainians are also trying to involve their Polish neighbors in the war. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, has repeatedly noted that Ukraine does not need NATO military, but only weapons and money. Previously, Detector Media denied information that Poland would now issue draft notices to Ukrainians.

Manipulation Now OCU churches allegedly hold concerts instead of divine services

Between January 20-22, 2024, social media users spreading pro-Russian rhetoric circulated the video along with the claim that it was filmed in a church of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The authors of messages with it indicate that the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which, according to them, was liberated from “pro-Russian exarchs”, has now been captured by the “Zelenskyi regime”, which holds musical performances instead of church services. However, this is manipulation.

Specialists from the MythDetector project drew attention to it. They found out that Information about the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is regularly disseminated with fabrications and manipulative descriptions and is directed against the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church. In fact, this video was not filmed in the church of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), but in the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Ivano-Frankivsk, which belongs to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. It clearly reflects the arrangement of religious symbols, chandeliers and ceramic glass windows, thanks to which it was possible to determine the denomination of the temple.

The video was filmed on January 14 and depicts a performance by the orchestra of the Lviv Theological Seminary. According to information published on the official website of the Cathedral, members of the seminary orchestra came to it after the service and played various musical instruments for the clergy and guests of the church.

Propagandists spread such manipulations to reinforce their narrative that the autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church is “blasphemous” and “unreal”. They say that the Zelenskyi regime infringes on the rights of real believers, which means it is not a full-fledged European state.

Fake Zelenskyi allegedly put the Constitution “on pause”

Users of social networks spreading pro-Russian rhetoric are distributing a video where President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi expressed a proposal to suspend the Constitution. Some of them claim that he has already allegedly implemented this solution. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that the quote was distorted by video editing and taken out of context. By performing a reverse quote search, they found the original of this speech by Volodymyr Zelenskyi, which took place on December 22, 2022 at the Conference of Ambassadors of Ukraine. Proof that the excerpt was taken specifically from this event is the same clothes of the president and the background, where part of the inscription of Ukraine and the coat of arms are visible. However, the quote, since, firstly, the President addressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the heads of diplomatic missions. Secondly, the speech said that in conditions of war they should work harder and more efficiently. “All those rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine are now on pause for you and me personally as representatives of our state”, Zelenskyi noted.

This is the only time the Constitution was mentioned in a speech, and the President did not make any decisions that “paused” the operation of the Constitution. Any changes to this document must be approved by the Verkhovna Rada, and in some cases, an all-Ukrainian referendum is held. In addition, according to Article 157 of the same document, changes leading to the abolition or restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens cannot be made. Article 64 provides that conditions of martial law or a state of emergency may lead to the restriction of certain rights of citizens, but this also occurs within the framework of the provisions of the Constitution.

By spreading such fakes, propagandists want to discredit the Ukrainian government. They say that it restricts the rights of citizens and neglects the Basic Law of the state.  Detector Media also wrote about other inventions of Russian propaganda aimed at personally discrediting Zelenskyi.

Fake Valerii Zaluzhnyi allegedly created a petition for the “mobilization” of people’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada

A video is being distributed on social networks where the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi allegedly says that he created a petition to “mobilize” people’s deputies. And also in the video, as he added, if by January 5, 2024 the petition does not gather a sufficient number of votes, Valerii Zaluzhnyi will supposedly “resign from office”. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts looked into this stuff and explained that the video was compiled. The audio recording itself with the words about the creation of the petition was created using artificial intelligence, and then superimposed on an existing video of Zaluzhnyi. Also, on the website of the Office of the President or the Verkhovna Rada there are no petitions created by Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

Using a special tool called AI Speech Classifier, experts were able to find out that with a 98% probability the audio recording was created using AI technologies.

Among other things, we recommend reading in more detail about the use of artificial intelligence technologies, in particular deepfake ones in spreading the pro-Kremlin agenda.

Fake Ukrainian clergy allegedly bless water with a trident

Anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric spread information that Ukrainian priests bless water with a “trident” - as a canonized church element with which such rituals can be performed. In support of such theses, a video was attached to the messages, which showed the process of blessing the water. The authors of the fake add: “Ukrainian priests are engaged in blasphemy, schismatics are performing an incomprehensible ritual, plunging a devilish trident into water”. It's a lie.

The StopFake analysts took up this case and found that the video depicts a three-candlestick symbolizing the Holy Trinity. The fact-checkers also first approached the clergy for comment and explained that such a ritual mainly refers to the Western Galician tradition in Ukraine. That is, the video does not depict a Ukrainian trident. Actually, Russian propagandists hinted that Ukrainian churches were allegedly engaged in profanation and blasphemy, equating state symbols with “sacred”. They say, thus, the Ukrainian church is moving away from the canons, turning into a “pagan” one, when they worship various objects, natural phenomena, and the like.

However, this does not negate the importance of Ukrainian state symbols in people’s lives - for example, if water was blessed with the accompaniment (not direct use) of state elements, there is nothing wrong with that. People only express their patriotism and love for the Ukrainian state.

Read on Censor.NET: The Church of the “Holy Dog Patron” was allegedly created in Ukraine.

Fake On behalf of Ukrenergo, a video was distributed on Facebook about the alleged beginning of blackouts in Chernihiv

A video began to be distributed online saying that in some regions of Ukraine, power outages were to begin on January 15, 2024, in particular in the Chernihiv region. This information was disseminated from the supposedly official Ukrenergo Facebook profile.

In fact, this video is fake. This was reported to JSC Chernihivoblenergo. They warned that the resource that distributed the video was dubious. In addition, the video appeared on Facebook users’ feeds marked as Advertising. Propagandists have repeatedly made similar disinformation advertisements targeting the population of Ukraine.

The Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council urges everyone not to be subjected to Russian IPSO. Masquerading as an official resource of Ukrenergo, Russian propaganda is trying to make the information more truthful and make Ukrainians panic. Previously, we refuted information that the energy situation in Ukraine is allegedly catastrophic.

Fake The mayor of the American city of Denver called a Ukrainian an “animal” because of the exclamation “Glory to Ukraine”

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric through anonymous telegram channels are allegedly distributing a video recording of a live CPR Denver News radio broadcast in which Denver Mayor Michael Johnston allegedly calls a Ukrainian an “animal” for exclaiming “Glory to Ukraine”. However, this is fake.

The specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found that the screenshot showed an audio conference interface on the X network (formerly Twitter) and an identical photo of Johnston. However, on his official accounts and the X network as a whole, there is not a single recording of his conversation with other speakers.

Moreover, the video contains the incorrect name of the publication – CPR Denver News. This publication is actually called CPR News, or Colorado Public Radio. It is a public radio station that covers the entire state of Colorado, rather than operating solely in the capital. There is also no information about the “scandalous audio” on the official pages of the radio station.

The website and social networks of another publication, Denver7, a screenshot of which is distributed by the Russians, also do not contain reports of such statements by Johnston. At the request of StopFake, Denver7 confirmed the fake nature of the screenshot and the editing of the headlines in the screenshot.

After checking the audio with the AI Speech Classifier tool, which determines whether the audio was created by artificial intelligence on the ElevenLabs website, it became known that the probability of the audio being created using artificial intelligence is 98%.

Propagandists spread such fake news to discredit the United States in the eyes of Ukrainians. They say they only help when they need it. Detector Media also refuted other fakes regarding the United States.

Fake Bellingcat allegedly found evidence that Gunther Biden is a monopolist in the production of church supplies in Ukraine

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric on social networks are distributing a video allegedly made by a team from the British broadcaster BBC. It claims that Bellingcat investigators have obtained documents linking US President Joe Biden's son Gunter Biden to the production of church supplies in Ukraine. According to these data, Gunter Biden, with the help of his assistant, collaborating with a Ukrainian manufacturer of church supplies, monopolized their sales in 2020. However, this is fake.

The VoxCheck fact-checker drew attention to it. They found that Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins responded to the video by calling it another Russian fake. In addition, there is no information about this on the official Bellingcat website or the official BBC YouTube channel. The fake video was released on January 6, 2024, but the design of the British media looks completely different. For example, the original BBC videos have black text on a white background, surrounded by a red frame.

The video also mentions the Ros-Vinnytsia enterprise, which is associated with Gunther Biden and is called a monopolist in the church supplies market, but on the Internet you can find many advertisements for the sale of church utensils from companies that are not its subsidiaries. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Biden’s son or his representatives are not among the owners of Ros-Vinnytsia.

Propagandists are spreading this fake news to support their narrative about the Bidens' corruption in Ukraine. It is especially relevant in the context of the election campaign before the US presidential elections in 2024. Detector Media wrote about a conspiracy theory in this regard.

Fake Ukrainian recruiting officer was allegedly killed while serving a draft notice

Propagandists broadcasting pro-Russian rhetoric on social networks and the media are distributing a video that allegedly depicts the murder of a Ukrainian recruiting officer while delivering a draft notice. They say that this footage was “shared by the National Police of Ukraine”. They add that this can be considered “the beginning of the civil war in Ukraine”. It's fake.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found out that the video being distributed did not indicate where this incident occurred, which the territorial center of recruitment and social support was being referred to, or when it happened. Such propaganda methods are used specifically to make it more difficult to identify the video and verify its authenticity. Also, the video itself is of very low quality, trimmed (consisting of 2 seconds) - this method is also often used to make it impossible to prove the falsity of the message.

The StopFake specialists also checked the official communication channels of the National Police in recent days and found neither the publication of this video nor information about the murder of a territorial center of recruitment and social support representative. This also indicates that the information being disseminated is fake.

Shortly after the appearance of this dubious video, the National Police published a refutation explaining what exactly it indicated forgery: “the published fragment of the video does not reflect signs characteristic of a shot from a firearm; the inscriptions on the vest of the person in the video are illegible, probably written in foreign letters, and employees of the territorial center of recruitment and social support, while on duty, wear camouflage clothing and without reflective vests; The “watermark” on the video is a fake of the Ukraine National Police mark and does not correspond to how the official video is marked. In addition, the National Police noted that they had not received any reports of the murder or injury of a territorial center of recruitment and social support employee.

By spreading such fakes, propagandists want to show that public outrage in Ukraine supposedly goes beyond limits. Russian propaganda often uses the topic of mobilization in Ukraine to create fakes and manipulations. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted them.

Manipulation Ukrainian military allegedly showed stunning Russian fortifications on video

Users of social networks broadcasting pro-Russian rhetoric are distributing videos where supposedly Ukrainian soldiers demonstrate underground fortifications recaptured from the Russians. Like, there are hundreds of meters of branched underground tunnels, a high level of engineering equipment. Commentators ask to see Ukrainian fortifications hinting that they allegedly do not exist. However, this is manipulation.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found out that in fact the video is not of the Ukrainian military demonstrating their recaptured positions, but of the Russians showing their underground bunkers. However, it is unknown where these fortifications are located: on the front line, deep in the rear in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine or on Russian territory.

The author of the two-minute video initially introduces himself as “Borman from the 3rd battalion”. However, at 01:26 from the video, it is noticeable that he has a patch with the Russian tricolor on his left hand. It should also be noted that inside the bunkers there are no traces of combat or dirt, typical of military conditions in the fall and winter. Therefore, it is more difficult to determine the date and location of the video shooting.

Despite the fact that the Russian defense line does pose a big obstacle to the Ukrainian army moving forward and liberating the occupied territories, the Russian military also complains to the propaganda media about Ukrainian drones and tunnels.

By spreading such manipulations, propagandists want to incite despair and mistrust among Ukrainians, especially in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, in this way they are also trying to show that Russia is supposedly constantly winning on the battlefield, in particular thanks to its “amazing fortifications”.

Fake Ukraine allegedly spent 1.2 billion on fakes

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric on social networks are distributing a video with the symbols of the British language corporation BBC, which claims that Ukraine allegedly spent $1.2 billion in 2023 to create fakes about the victories of the Ukrainian army at the front. The order, according to the video, was carried out by one of the largest PR companies in Britain. Propagandists claim that, as a result, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andrii Yermak, allegedly “refused to renew the contract for 2024 with the British”, since their activities “did not help in any way to increase the attractiveness of mobilization in Ukraine”. They say that the money went down the drain or “was stolen according to the old Ukrainian tradition”. The video claims that this information was discovered by the independent international research team Bellingcat. However, this is a fake.

Analysts from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found that the BBC had never published such a video on its social networks. This video is likely fake. The attackers deliberately crystallized the logo of the British television company and their design for propaganda purposes. To create the video, footage from open sources was used (in particular, an image of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Andrii Yermak) and stock videos (in particular, with people in suits shaking hands). Propagandists used archival photographs of Ukrainian military personnel taken before the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The portion of the video purported to be Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins talking about his “investigation” was taken from his #ConflictZone interview with DW (December 2022 issue), where Higgins is actually talking about the Russian disinformation against Ukraine and the activities of Russian spies in the West. Official information on Bellingcat resources also does not contain any information about the investigation that propagandists refer to. Previously, Higgins noted on his X (formerly Twitter) account that propagandists had already attributed false statements to Bellingcat several times.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, in order to cover up the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine and create a false impression among the world public about the failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield, Kremlin propaganda has been actively spreading the narrative that Ukraine is creating fake content about the war in Ukraine. They say that Ukraine lies to its citizens, which means there is no point in trusting it.