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Фейк The Poltava Territorial recruitment and social support center forged the documents of a minor in order to send him to the front

Such information was disseminated in social networks, in particular, on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports state that employees of the Territorial recruitment and social support center in Poltava allegedly forged the documents of a minor in order to send him to the front. In support of this, the authors of the messages distribute scans of the passport and military ID of the minor. According to the information in the passport, the young man was born on July 14, 2006, and he is now only 17 years old. However, in the military ID, he was already 4 years older - in the column “date of birth” 2002 is indicated. It is not true.

The case was noticed by the experts of the StopFake project, who investigated that the scans were edited using a graphic editor. Using a Google image search, StopFake analysts managed to find a scan of the same military ID that was used to create the fake. It turned out to be a document of a man born in 1992. The signature of the military commissar, as well as the series and number of the military ID match the data indicated on the fake military ID. The attackers also partially changed the date of birth: “July 4, 1992” was corrected to “July 14, 2002”. StopFake journalists are sure that this story is fiction.

By spreading this fake, the propagandists are once again promoting the message of total mobilization in Ukraine. Like, there is no one to fight, so they mobilize minors. Allegedly, the Ukrainian authorities are indifferent to the Ukrainians, which does not even take into account the tricks and carelessness of the Recruitment and social support centers, which mobilize “everyone in a row” and even dogs.

We recall that earlier Detector Media denied a fake, which said that Ukrainian underage boys were not allowed to go abroad because they would soon be mobilized, and explained the manipulation of the so-called combat training of Ukrainian children. In addition, analysts explained why Ukrainian teenagers cannot fight and denied the thesis that “women and their children should prepare for mobilization”.

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