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Маніпуляція Russian missiles “Avanhard” became a “headache” for the United States

Russian media and pro-Russian resources write that, according to Japan, Avanhard hypersonic missiles have become a “real headache” for the United States. They say that even American air defense systems are not capable of intercepting such missiles. The original source is the Japanese edition of Shukan Gendai. This is manipulation.

In fact, an article in the Japanese edition of Shukan Gendai “Fear of the latest Russian nuclear weapons Avanhard” refers to the danger of this system for Ukraine, and not for the United States. The material does not mention that these Russian weapons “became a headache for the United States”. Moreover, Putin spoke about the fact that such missiles cannot be shot down by any air defense and missile defense system, but there is no evidence of this. At the same time, the United States has never said that it is providing Ukraine with the Patriot air defense system to counter the nuclear threat. According to StopFake analysts, this article is contradictory, and the conclusions made by the author indicate a superficial knowledge of the situation in Ukraine.

Russian propaganda distorted the content of the article and added non-existent quotes to promote the message of their own “power”. Previously, propagandists manipulated photos of new Russian tanks.

Із перших днів повномасштабного вторгнення експерти «Детектора медіа» щодня протистоять російській дезінформації. Ми спростовуємо фейкові новини, деконструюємо російські наративи та меседжі. І гартуємо медіаграмотність читачів.

Наша команда закликає долучитися до Спільноти «Детектора медіа», щоб разом боротися з російською пропагандою.