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Маніпуляція British colonel believes that Ukraine will not be able to return the Crimea

Propagandists are spreading information that allegedly the former commander of the British contingent in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, in his opinion column for The Daily Telegraph, said that Ukraine will not be able to seize Crimea. Like, Kemp “dispelled the dreams of Ukraine”. This is manipulation.

StopFake analysts drew attention to it. They found that Kemp's article titled “A total Russian collapse is surprisingly close” does not mention that Ukraine will not be able to return the previously annexed Crimea. On the contrary, the colonel concludes that Ukraine will be able to take back the peninsula and “achieve the complete collapse of Putin's forces, but only with boosting our support”. In the column, Kemp notes that contrary to the expectations of many people, Ukrainians continue to successfully lead resistance against Russian soldiers. He is surprised that many Western observers still underestimate Ukraine and notes that “Far from being cowed, Zelensky’s government is emboldened. Kyiv is openly preparing its own major thrust against Russian ground forces in the spring”. The colonel also says that “It is a crying shame when the possibility of a total Russian collapse remains within reach”.

Thus, propagandists are trying to demoralize Ukrainian society and convince them that Europe is tired of helping Ukraine. Like, the West does not see progress, and the Ukrainian armed forces are incompetent. Detector Media has already written about how the Russians repeatedly try to use the statements and materials of foreigners against Ukraine, taking words out of context.

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