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Fake German citizens allegedly advocate the forced extradition of Ukrainian refugees from the country

On social networks in the Russian segment, they are allegedly distributing data based on infographics on the Eurostat website (this is the EU statistical office), which notes that the majority of German citizens surveyed support the forced extradition of Ukrainian refugees. It is not true.

The VoxCheck analysts investigated the case and found out that there are simply no such statistics on the Eurostat website, which the propagandists refer to. Moreover, no German media mentioned such a survey. Therefore, this is simply a fiction of Russian propagandists. Experts also cite as an example another survey by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the results of which determined that 62% of German residents agree that the country should accept refugees from Ukraine. The study was conducted in September 2023.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to present Ukrainian refugees as criminals or terrorists, as a cultural and economic threat to the EU - in order to reduce support for Ukraine. We mentioned this in our own investigation.

Fake An Indian publication allegedly made a cover where it compared Ukrainian refugees to rodents

Social media users spreading pro-Russian rhetoric are distributing an image that is described as the cover of the new issue of the Indian edition of Rodip Reb dated December 30. On one side of the cover one sees Ukrainian refugees, and on the other - rodents. It is accompanied by an English inscription: “BATTLE FOR EUROPE. Moles and refugees: the situation in Europe is becoming increasingly tense”. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the MythDetector project drew attention to it. They found out that it was a photomontage. Indian edition called Rodip Reb. None of the search engines, including Google and Bing, have results for this edition. The image being circulated contains the website address www.rodipreb.in, but the said site cannot be accessed. After publishing the cover of the same non-existent publication, MythDetector verified its authenticity with the Indian fact-checking organization FACTLY MEDIA & RESEARCH. It confirmed that an Indian publication called Rodip Reb does not exist. The image is also impossible to find on the Internet outside of the telegram channels and Facebook communities where it was distributed.

Propagandists regularly resort to spreading “fairy covers” to create the false impression that the world is gradually ceasing to support Ukraine. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted other publications with false covers from various world publications.

Manipulation Artificial intelligence supposedly sees Ukraine only as a problematic country

Recently, generated illustrations have begun to be actively posted on social networks, which some believe reflect on the reputation of Ukraine. In the captions to such images they try to assure that this is exactly how artificial intelligence perceives reality in Ukraine. However, this is manipulation.

Specialists from the Beyond the News project drew attention to it. They explained that the artificial intelligence generates an image based on the information it has been taught, the user queries entered, and the instructions provided. For example, for the query “Polar bears counting money in the Arctic”, the AI will easily create images with elements corresponding to these words. Understanding this process should convince people of the importance of reviewing content before sharing it, especially if it is accompanied by emotional headlines and AI-generated images.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify the author of generated images that present Ukraine in a negative light. According to project specialists, there is a possibility that this may be an initiative of Russian users. Owners of Ukrainian social networking groups that publish such content may even unintentionally help the enemy. They do this for the purpose of gaining reach, abuse and shares, since emotional content is the easiest to attract people's attention during a difficult period.

Propagandists create such information campaigns to test the reaction of Ukrainians and create a negative impression of Ukraine. They say that even the AI, which is led in the West, understands what problems Ukraine has.

Fake In Ukraine, women are allegedly mobilized and sent to attack

Propagandists spreading pro-Russian rhetoric in the media are disseminating information that despite the fact that the mobilization bill has not yet been adopted, women are already being sent to the front, especially those aged fifty. They say that most often nurses are mobilized, who, according to the authors of messages on this topic, then work in front-line hospitals, and sometimes are even used as attack aircraft. Propagandists claim that the supply situation for mobilized women is dire and therefore hold online fundraisers to meet their needs. The authors allegedly attached a screenshot of a message about such a collection. However, this is fake.

Analysts from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They discovered that the photograph in the post, presented as evidence of the forced deployment of nurses to assault teams, was in fact of volunteers. They produce equipment for the military, without reference to gender.

In addition, Bill No. 10378 does not mandate the mobilization of all women. In the bill “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine to improve certain issues of mobilization, military registration and military service”, which the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on December 25, there are no ideas about mandatory mobilization for all women. Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Roman Kostenko said that the Ministry of Defense proposed making registration mandatory for all women, but the majority of deputies rejected this idea. “90% of our committee is also against returning to this issue... I think that this issue will be resolved when a comprehensive plan for mobilization in Ukraine is developed, and we will not return to it again”, Kostenko said.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ruslan Stefanchuk, expressed a similar opinion, arguing that women can only be mobilized with their consent. Even President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that he would not sign a law providing for the general mobilization of women.

On January 11, the Cabinet of Ministers withdrew the bill on mobilization for consideration. So, women with related military specialties can register for military service at their own request. At the same time, women with medical and pharmaceutical education must register with the military by the end of 2026. Although theoretically they could be called up for military service or involved in defense work (currently no such cases have been recorded), the information that nurses are being forced into assault teams is unfounded.

The screenshot attached to the message shows the name of the author - Nataliia Lychman. She is the leader of the Crazy Needles volunteer group, which makes camouflage nets, suits, first aid kits, pillows and balaclavas for the military. Lychman actually posted these posts on January 12th. In one of the distributed screenshots, she reports that the detachment is sending equipment to the 56th brigade, and in another she asks to donate money to purchase fabric. There is no mention on her page that the equipment is intended specifically for women.

On January 13, a video appeared on Lychman’s page where military personnel (only men are visible in the video) are walking in camouflage suits made by the detachment. Also, videos of gratitude for the help were recorded by servicemen from other units, usually men. There are women stormtroopers in Ukraine, but they are all volunteers.

Another screenshot shows women in camouflage suits, but these are Crazy Needles volunteers, not military personnel. Members of this detachment can be recognized from previously posted photographs. This photo was also used by a representative of the Pishchanski People charity foundation, indicating that these were Crazy Needles volunteers.

Propagandists spread such fake news to cause anxiety and panic among the population. Like, everything is so bad that we have to mobilize women. It also deepens mistrust of Ukrainian government institutions and officials.

Fake French activists allegedly created an anti-Ukrainian campaign calling on citizens to stop supporting Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin media are disseminating information that French activists from the organization “attac” are posting leaflets in Paris calling for the withdrawal of all cash, supposedly as a sign of protest against Ukraine. According to propagandists, the organization is asking to withdraw all cash from bank accounts so that “not a single penny” goes to Ukraine. Photos of leaflets with the inscription “Take (withdraw from accounts - DM) the money before it’s too late” are added to the publications. This is a lie.

The fact-checkers at the Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council analyzed the case and sent a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to refute the propaganda stuff there. The department confirmed to fact-checkers that the information about the “anti-Ukrainian campaign” is not real, since the activists’ initiative has nothing to do with Ukraine and the Russian-Ukrainian war. This is an internal protest of French citizens, associated, as noted in the Center, with “tightening control of financial markets”.

Moreover, the organization itself condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and did not create any initiatives that could discredit the Ukrainian state.

Fake Zelenskyi allegedly got himself a tattoo with the text “There is no God”

Information about an allegedly new tattoo on the hand of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi with the inscription “There is no God” was distributed by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the social network X (formerly Twitter). However, this is an absurd fake.

In the general photographs of Rishi Sunak with Volodymyr Zelenskyi and the military Armed Forces of Ukraine, which were published by the Russian Foreign Ministry, it is clear that in fact the tattoo belongs to the Ukrainian serviceman standing next to Zelenskyi. This is especially noticeable in the frame where the President of Ukraine stands opposite the military man and photographs him together with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, writes the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. In addition, one can make sure that Zelenskyi has no tattoos on his hands by watching any of his latest videos.

Russian propaganda continues to systematically discredit Zelenskyi in the hope that the Ukrainian people will rise up against the President of Ukraine. Moreover, these photos were tied to the fact that, supposedly, “hence the persecution of Orthodox Christians”  (obviously, believers of the UOC-MP) in Ukraine. However, let us recall that at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, Patriarch Kyryl of the Russian Orthodox Church blessed Russian troops for a bloody war in Ukraine. Subsequently, the SBU began to conduct searches at the facilities of the UOC-MP throughout Ukraine and identify there Russian passports, St. George ribbons, anti-Ukrainian materials, party cards of the Communist Party of the USSR, etc. And all these things are evidence of a threat to the national security of Ukraine.

Disclosure How Russia tests the mood of Ukrainian society through pseudo-Ukrainian Facebook pages

In the Ukrainian segment of Facebook, enemy groups and pages that masquerade as Ukrainian, but are actually controlled from Armenia, are again becoming popular. Specialists of the NotaYenota project drew attention to them. For example, on one of the pages there is the same type of text with different emotional photos generated by artificial intelligence. The messages also contain images of military or wounded people, but often these are photographs from open sources depicting people not involved in the war in Ukraine. Examples of the names of such pages are “We are Ukrainians, We are Strong”, “I am from Ukraine”, “Prayer”, “My Ukraine”, “Life is Beautiful”.

Moreover, project specialists pay attention to one of the messages containing the Russian-language caption “It’s a pity that this photo will score less than a naked singer”. This indicates that the pages are maintained by native languages. This message received more than 80 thousand likes, and according to NotaYenota, it was designed to emotionally influence the audience of the page.

The contact information of these pages indicates an email with the Russian domain mail.ru (the same on all pages). In addition, in some messages one can notice the replacement of Cyrillic characters with Latin ones, such as a, u, x, i, k, 0, which allows one to bypass blocking systems.

In general, according to NotaYenota, such groups are used by Russians for information interventions aimed at dividing society on trigger topics, testing the audience for vulnerability to patriotic and emotional fakes. People interacting with such content can then be used to target advertising campaigns and plan further information attacks using the discovered vulnerabilities.

Fake Zelenskyi dances an oriental dance to the Russian song “New Year” (photo fake)

A video is being circulated in the Bulgarian TikTok segment in which a seemingly barefoot Volodymyr Zelenskyi dances in an oriental costume. Mirella Petkova from the Facthceck.bg project drew attention to this video.

A video with Zelenskyi’s face appeared in December 2023 on a page on the TikTok network. However, this video is technically flawed. The original video, filmed in 2020, shows Russian dancer Vusal Mehdiyev, with Zelenskyi's face superimposed later.

The video from which the deepfake of Zelenskyi was compiled consists of two parts. The first part was first uploaded to TikTok on the profile of Vusal Mehdiyev on October 16, 2020. And the second – January 12, 2022. The second post received over 20 million views on TikTok.

In the original video, the music is different from the one put on by the fakers. In the initial videos, the music has oriental motifs, while in the fabricated version the Russian song “New Year” is played.

This is not the first time that artificial intelligence has been used to add Volodymyr Zelenskyi's face to dance videos. A similar video was distributed in July 2023. Then Zelenskyi’s face was put in place of the Argentine dancer and choreographer. This deepfake was debunked, in particular, by France Presse and Deutsche Welle.

The real Volodymyr Zelenskyi has many videos of him dancing. When he was an artist, he took part in many dance and singing performances of Kvartal 95 in KVN and on television, which were mandatory elements of the humorous program. And in 2006, he and dancer Olena Shoptenko won the first season of the Dancing with the Stars TV show.

Fake Map from a bar in Baghdad proves that Ukraine was going to conquer Russia and Georgia (photo fake)

On January 8, a Georgian Facebook user posted a photo of a card that was described as being sent from one of the bars in the so-called Green Zone in Baghdad. There this card is used as a table cover. On the map, the contours and names of states have been changed, and the territory of Georgia has been merged with Ukraine. The user writes: “It turns out that our Ukrainian friends not only planned to conquer Russia, but also consider Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan part of their territory”.

Georgian fact-checkers from the Myth Detector project drew attention to this post.

In fact, the photo shared by a Facebook user shows a card from the board game Risk and has nothing to do with Ukraine's attitude toward other countries' territories or its plans for conquest. The borders of states on the map of the game are placed arbitrarily and cannot be perceived as a source of information about geography.

Since February 24, 2022, when the Detector Media team has been conducting the Disinformation Chronicles, this is the first time a board game map has been used as evidence of the propagandists’ worldview. Maps have long been used to justify territorial claims or intimidation over the seizure of territories. For example, Russians say that the Poles are planning to occupy Halychyna and Volyn, because when these territories were part of the Polish-Lithuanian Rzeczpospolita. They also say that all Ukraine’s neighbors have territorial claims against each other. Despite these reports, Russia is the only state on Ukraine's border that has invaded other states in the 21st century. The Russians invaded Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014.

Fake A huge sticker of Zelenskyi with the “beggar” inscription was allegedly placed on the window of a French store

Pro-Kremlin media are distributing a photo of a French supermarket, on the window of which a Zelenskyi sticker with the “beggar” inscription was allegedly placed. It's a lie.

This case was investigated by Myth Detector fact-checkers - and first of all, they contacted the store administration to refute the information. Indeed, in the distributed photographs one can see the name of the store, namely Franprix. The company administration denied the fact that such a sticker was placed on the doors of any stores in the French chain. In addition, the image of Zelenskyi, that is, the sticker on the window, was created using graphic editors and inserted into a regular photo of the Franprix store.

We have repeatedly documented hoaxes involving fake graffiti or covers on foreign magazines, newspaper columns or advertisements. Thus, propagandists seek to show that their rhetoric (for example, that Zelenskyi is hated by the whole world) is also repeated in the West. So it may seem to readers that the public is really dissatisfied with Ukraine. And especially when the authors use elements of popular culture, hinting that people are laughing at the situation in Ukraine, and that the Ukrainian agenda for Europe is a reason to laugh.

With the help of Russian propaganda, Zelenskyi was able to appear in various roles, in particular: a vain person who spends all budget funds only on himself; a punitive satanist destroying Ukrainian church property; a person with drug addiction; theft of Western money; a puppet controlled by the West; a monster who throws “everyone in a row” to the front, etc. This is how the Kremlin uses the tactic of imposing shameful epithets.

Fake Viral pneumonia is allegedly spreading in the Kharkiv region

Anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric disseminate information that viral pneumonia is “massively spreading” in the Kharkiv region. As evidence, they add a photo allegedly from a Ukrainian military doctor in an ambulance with people who “get pneumonia”. And they claim that local doctors cannot fully determine what kind of disease it is: they suggest that it may be a form of COVID-19 or another disease. It is not true.

Analysts from the VoxCheck project investigated the case and found out that there are no statistics yet on the number of people infected with any type of pneumonia. Moreover, in the Kharkiv region, influenza and COVID-19 diseases do not exceed the epidemic threshold. And using a reverse search on Google, analysts found the original source of the photo - on Facebook, a military man posted a photo of an ambulance and wrote that he pulled a fellow soldier from the battlefield who had a fever due to pneumonia. According to the author of the message, after treatment the guy recovered and returned to service.

That is, the anonymous people used a reliable photograph that illustrates a military man suffering from pneumonia, but distorted the context in their own way. Allegedly, disease epidemics are approaching in Ukraine.

Fake Now Diia allegedly sells tickets for “Evening Kvartal” (Evening Quarter)

Pro-Kremlin resources are disseminating information that Diia, the online government service, has begun selling tickets to the commercial show Evening Kvartal (“Evening Quarter”). Propagandists claim that in this way the state is promoting business, in the creation of which the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi is involved. “Proof” of such information is a screenshot from the phone, which shows that the Diia mobile application offers the user to buy tickets, also at a discount.

This case was analyzed by the fact-checkers from the StopFake project and they found out that the information was not true. There is only one service in the official Diia app that could potentially offer a concert ticket purchasing feature: Entertainment. However, you can only watch TV, listen to the radio or play the game Drone Army. There is no “buy tickets” option there. It was also not possible to find the corresponding service on the official website of the Diia and the online service’s Facebook page.

In addition, specialists from StopFake contacted the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, which is responsible for Diia, with an information request whether Diia really offered users to buy tickets for the Evening Kvartal concert. The press service of the Ministry responded that it was “undoubtedly fake”.

This information dump is intended to discredit Volodymyr Zelenskyi, as well as the online public service service Diia, which allegedly cannot be considered trustworthy under these conditions. Moreover, according to Russian propaganda, such a “service” as selling tickets through Diia allegedly appeared in addition to another “service” of the mobile application - sending out draft notices for those liable for military service. However, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly denied information about “draft notices in Diia”. 

Fake A Ukrainian woman allegedly demands that a deaf-mute taxi driver be fired “for refusing to speak Ukrainian”

Pro-Russian users spread the “news” that a taxi client in Zhytomyr was allegedly indignant because her driver did not speak to her in Ukrainian, although he is deaf and mute. As proof of this event, screenshots from the application of the taxi service in question are provided, as well as correspondence between the client and the support service in the application chat.

This information is false. It was investigated by the fact-checkers from the StopFake project. To create the fake, one of the screenshots from the site was used, where customers can leave their reviews. The fact that this is the same screenshot that the propagandists used is evidenced by the same time on the phone, phone data and the time when the client corresponded with the support service.

In addition, one of the first to spread this story was the telegram channel Digital Army of Russia, which gives the task to Russian volunteers to misinform Ukrainians or write mass complaints about Ukrainian accounts on social networks.

With this fake, Russian propaganda once again speculates on the topic of the Ukrainian language in order to sow discord among Ukrainian society. More rebuttals from the Detector Media on the topic of language can be found here.

Fake In Ukraine, civil defense buildings are allegedly being repaired by collecting funds from locals

Pro-Kremlin media are disseminating information that civil defense structures (shelters) are being repaired in the Khmelnytskyi region at the expense of region residents. They plan to do this, they say, by adding additional amounts to utility bills. As proof, propagandists add a “screenshot” from a local chat to the message. It's a lie.

The fact-checkers of the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council examined the case and analyzed the official social networks of the Khmelnytskyi State Military Administration. The local administration confirmed that such information is false. The region does not plan to collect money from Khmelnytskyi  residents to repair shelters.

Fake The church calendar, edited by the OCU, allegedly celebrates Zelenskyi’s birthday and the “day of Saint Javelin”

On anonymous telegram channels they are distributing a photo of the church calendar of the OCU, which supposedly states: January 7, they say, one cannot celebrate Christmas, since then only “Russians and their accomplices” celebrate. And on January 25, the calendar allegedly (at the state level) marks the birthday of Volodymyr Zelenskyi. At the same time, May 25 is the “day of Saint Javelin”. It's fake.

Analysts from the StopFake project investigated the case and found out that the Orthodox Church of Ukraine did not publish such a calendar; it was created by Kremlin minions and then presented as the work of the Ukrainian church. The real church calendar was published on the official website of the OCU - and there is no mention in it of the Ukrainian president or the so-called Saint Javelin. The calendar indicates that on January 25, Orthodox Christians commemorate St. Gregory the Theologian, and on May 25, the Third Finding of the Head of John the Baptist.

Moreover, the false calendar contains numerous errors: the author of “Saint Javelin” is considered to be Christian Borys, and not Chris Shaw, as the fakes wrote; There was also a mistake in writing the surname of the head of Ukraine - they wrote “Zelinsky” instead of “Zelenskyi”. And the word “accomplice” is in most cases used in criminal or judicial contexts. The literary version is “supporter”.

And “Saint Javelin” was never canonized to mark the day in church life. Even during the creation of a mural in Kyiv dedicated to the concept of Our Lady holding a Javelin in her hands, the Ukrainian Council of Churches - an association of Ukrainian religious leaders - opposed its creation. Subsequently, they had to sketch the halo at the request of the local administration.

Fake From January 1, 2024, it is allegedly impossible to get to a doctor in Ukraine without a military ID

Pro-Kremlin telegram channels are distributing a photo of an “announcement” allegedly posted in one of the Kyiv hospitals. It says that from the beginning of 2024 it seems impossible to get to a doctor “without a military ID”. The “announcement” refers to the so-called Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 147 of December 26, 2023. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts investigated the case and found out that such a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers simply does not exist. There are only three documents on the government portal for the specified period (26.12.2023). However, they in no way relate to the procedure for visiting medical institutions. Moreover, only those liable for military service have a military ID. That is, this is a person who has served in the military, has a military education, or has reached 27 years of age. In other cases - if the man has not reached the specified age, and also without military service or education, is a conscript and has a registration certificate. At the same time, after 60 years of age, men no longer become liable for military service - they are removed from the register. That is, it is illogical to demand a military ID from men during an appointment with a therapist, because everyone has such a document. Therefore, the announcement photos were most likely compiled using image editors.

But according to the director of the Department of Health of the Ternopil Military District, Olha Yarmolenko, for planned care (long-term treatment or planned surgery), military registration documents, including a military ID, may be requested from men of military age. The VoxCheck specialists add: according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 30, 2022, this is necessary for the timely maintenance of military records.

Moreover, men do not need a military ID to sign a declaration with a family doctor. All one needs is a passport, identification code and telephone number.

Fake In New York, an advertising banner was allegedly created “calling” Zelenskyi to seek treatment for drug addiction

Anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric distributed a video with an advertising banner that appeared to be located in New York. The likely video says, “If Snoop Dogg gave up drugs, you can do it too”. Subsequently, a photo of Volodymyr Zelenskyi appears on the screen. It is not true.

The VoxCheck analysts were able to analyze the case and found out that the video is not real. After all, while watching a video with an advertising banner, they noticed the logo of one of the rehabilitation centers for people with various types of addictions in the United States - namely Wish Recovery. That is, the fake news suggests that it was this establishment that distributed the video on its own behalf. The VoxCheck specialists checked whether the rehabilitation center used a video with Zelenskyi in its advertising communications. It turned out that the Ehab clinic did not publish a similar video on its pages on social networks and it was also not possible to find any mention of it either. Essentially, the “advertising” was compiled using special editors.

Other advertising banners placed alongside the fake video of a rehab clinic indicate that the area itself was filmed at least in the fall. For example, on the screen one can see an advertisement for the song Lollipop by Darell, which was released back in July 2023, and the video was published on October 8, 2023; Allegedly, the song has been advertised for two months. Or an advertisement for the cosmetics brand Charlotte Tilbury, a collection dedicated to the festive period, starting with Halloween 2023. That is, the advertising banners were filmed in advance, and then a video with Volodymyr Zelenskyi was inserted.

With the help of Russian propaganda, Zelenskyi was able to appear in various roles, in particular: a vain person who spends all budget funds only on himself; a punitive satanist destroying Ukrainian church property; a person with drug addiction; theft of Western money; a puppet controlled by the West; a monster who throws “everyone in a row” to the front, etc. This is how the Kremlin uses the tactic of imposing shameful epithets.

Fake The Nation published a cover with Zelenskyi with a credit card, and Kissinger and Biden in hell

Propagandists are circulating a cover on social media that they claim is a special issue of The Nation magazine. It depicts Volodymyr Zelenskyi, Joe Biden and Henry Kissinger. It is noted that the issue is timed to coincide with the death of Kissinger, who, according to the cover, went to hell and is trying to take Biden with him. In the picture you can see the publication date – November 30, 2023. However, this is fake.

The VoxCheck team noticed it. It found out that The Nation magazine had not published a single issue with such a cover. The publication's website and its pages on social networks do not contain the mentioned issue. In addition, the publication does not have a November 30, 2023 issue.

Propagandists continue to create and distribute fake covers of global publications to create a false impression of resistance to support for Ukraine among foreigners. Thus, they also want to personally discredit the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi.  Detector Media also refuted other propaganda fabrications directed against him.

Fake One of the Indian publications allegedly predicts that 2024 will be a tragic year for Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin propagandists are spreading information that the Indian satirical publication Rodip Reb published an issue on December 16 with a broken Christmas tree decoration in the colors of the Ukrainian flag on the cover. In addition, the cover contains the text: “Dragged into darkness: Ukraine’s tragic prospects in 2024”. However, this is fake.

The fact-checkers from the Georgian project Myth Detector found out that in fact such an Indian satirical publication as Rodip Reb does not exist and has never existed, and the photo with the supposed cover from the magazine is fake. Investigators also note that the photo with a broken decoration in the colors of the flag of Ukraine is distributed only by Russian-speaking users on social networks, and the likely primary source of distribution is Olesia Losieva, a Russian propagandist who has previously distributed fake photographs to discredit Ukraine.

Russian propaganda regularly creates fake covers of the world's leading magazines or invents them in order to tarnish the reputation of Ukraine in the international arena. We have repeatedly refuted fakes on this topic.

Read on Censor.NET: A German satirical magazine allegedly released a cover depicting the severed legs of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers

Fake The American publication Washington Monthly allegedly dedicated a cover to Zelenskyi depicting him with a “full belly”

Pro-Kremlin telegram channels are distributing what appears to be a new cover of the American political publication Washington Monthly. It depicts a Thanksgiving dinner. Volodymyr Zelenskyi is at the table with the Americans, who seem to have eaten all the food, sitting with a full belly and saying: “Thank you! But I need more!”. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts investigated this case and found that none of the issues of Washington Monthly magazine had such a cover. For example, the fake cover states that this is a November-December 2023 issue. The actual cover from this period depicts American President Joseph Biden. There is no mention of Volodymyr Zelenskyi on the cover of this issue.

Thus, propagandists seek to show that their rhetoric is also repeated in the West.

Fake A German satirical magazine allegedly released a cover depicting the severed legs of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers

This information is disseminated by pro-Kremlin resources. It’s as if on the cover of one of the issues of the German magazine Titanic, instead of socks for gifts, the severed legs of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers are depicted. It's fake.

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council investigated this case. They found out that in fact there is no issue with such a cover, as evidenced by the pages of the German edition on social networks. The latest, December issue of the magazine was published under number A 4352 and has a different cover.

By spreading disinformation, in this case, propagandists are trying to discredit Ukraine and its armed forces. We have repeatedly refuted such fakes, when Russian propaganda creates false covers of the world's leading publications for its own purposes. Here, for example, is an analysis of misinformation about the already mentioned German magazine, which allegedly published a cover with a caricature of Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Fake A German charity allegedly posted an advertisement opposing the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Propagandists say a German charity allegedly ran an advertisement comparing the cost of a Leopard tank sent to Ukraine with the cost of operations for 10 sick children. Like, they wrote about it in Reuters. Some people also claim that after the publication of this information, “defenders of Ukrainian refugees” criticized the philanthropists and called them Nazis due to the fact that German children were more important than Ukrainian ones. However, this is a fake video.

The VoxCheck analysts drew attention to it. They found out that the photos and videos distributed by propagandists were edited. The charitable organization Bunter Kreis Rheinland, against which the fake was created, stated that it did not place such advertising. It was also debunked by a reverse search of video frames via Google Images, which showed that the photos were only being distributed by Russian-language resources or users spreading pro-Russian rhetoric. The subtitles on the video also look like they were added during editing, as they contain errors in how words are related, and in some frames there are additional spaces between words.

Deutsche Welle contacted the charity Bunter Kreis Rheinland, which is listed as the author of the ad, and received confirmation from finance director Ralf Orth that the organization had no connection with the ad as their finances are based on donations and they cannot fund such things in Berlin .

The fake posters featured the logos of Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband and Aktion Mensch; both organizations denied any involvement in the advertising and said their logos were used without their permission.

The blue inscription on the billboard belongs to the company Wall GmbH, whose representatives stated that they did not produce such billboards at all.

Propagandists spread such fake news to create skepticism among European audiences about the war in Ukraine. Like, why should Europeans waste their resources on other people’s children when they have problems with their own? However, such comparisons are inappropriate, since the life of every child is priceless.

Fake “The Last Ukrainian” sweaters are sold in Ukraine

Propagandists in Russian media are actively spreading information that New Year's sweaters with the inscription “The Last Ukrainian” have appeared in Ukrainian stores. They say that Ukrainians “have completely come to terms with their role as ‘cannon fodder’”. However, this is fake.

The specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. Based on the distributed image, they found out that the propagandists tried to fake the page of one of the large online stores in Ukraine - Rozetka. It is important to note that this screenshot does not contain any detailed information that would allow such an “ad” to be verified: neither the seller, nor the name of the product, nor its price are indicated.

The StopFake specialists also analyzed the Rozetka pages in detail in search of a similar sweater and did not find a single product with the inscription “The Last Ukrainian”. An image search using various search engines also yielded no results. Therefore, it is likely that such an image was created using a graphics editor and was disseminated to support one of the Kremlin’s disinformation narratives.

A similar narrative about the “last Ukrainian” has been spreading in Russia since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In particular, Russian President Volodymyr Putin expressed the idea that the West is ready to fight with Russia at the hands of Ukrainians to the last Ukrainian. By this, propagandists want to show that Russia is waging a war not with Ukraine, but with the West, and therefore the advance of Russian troops is not as rapid as it should be. On the other hand, the purpose of this narrative is to show that the Ukrainian government treats its people as a resource that is not valued and is thoughtlessly thrown into pre-lost attacks.

Fake Ukrainian women are offered “model jobs” in advertisements for the Ukrainian Defense Forces

Such information was disseminated on social networks in the Russian segment. The reports say that Ukrainian women are allegedly “lured” into the army with beautiful pictures - and as proof they cite a probable screenshot of correspondence between the public organization “Ukrainian Valkiria” and a user of Instagram. In the correspondence, the organization invites the woman to come to the training ground to take “some good photos” to promote women’s service in the Defense Forces. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts took up this case and turned to the Civil Defense for comment on refuting the information. They were told that the screenshot of the correspondence had nothing to do with their activities, because the organization conducts voluntary training for women in self-defense.

Thus, propagandists are trying to convince that the Ukrainian leadership is allegedly resorting to “total mobilization” and is trying to “lure” people into the army by any means.

Read also: information messages from the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly “hint” that women will soon be mobilized.

Disclosure Turkish publication LeMan allegedly published a cover with a caricature of a dead Joe Biden

Propagandists are spreading images on social media of a purported cover of the Turkish satirical magazine LeMan, depicting a dead Biden and a calm Xi Jinping. Along with the illustration is a Turkish phrase: “If you sit by the river for a long time, you can see the body of your enemy floating by”. The reports came after Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping from November 15 to 17 in San Francisco, during which Joe Biden called him a dictator. However, this image is fake.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that LeMan magazine had not published an issue with such a cover. It contains the following data - date and issue number: November 17, 2023, issue 45 since the beginning of the year, as well as another issue number - 1652. However, they did not find confirmation of this cover on the official LeMan pages on social networks. VoxCheck also checked to see if issue number 45 or 1652 was published on November 17th and found that LeMan had not published any new issues at that time. Issue number 45 (or 1652) did not appear until November 22 and had a different cover dedicated to living conditions in the hostels.

By spreading such fake news, propagandists want to create the impression that the foreign press is skeptical not only of the United States, but of the West as a whole. Creating false covers of foreign publications is a regular practice of Russian propagandists, as Detector Media has repeatedly written about.