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Manipulation The British have decided when they will kick Ukrainians out of their homes

The Russian media are spreading another manipulation about refugees - this time they write that the British have decided when they will kick Ukrainians out of their homes. As always, the Russians are manipulating the data of the survey conducted by the National Statistical Office of Great Britain. StopFake drew attention to the manipulation.

The purpose of the survey was to find out the portrait of people who took part in the Homes for Ukraine program, as well as to establish the period during which they are ready to provide housing to refugees and under what conditions.

“There were differences in how long the current sponsors wanted the long term appointment arrangement, with 19% intending to provide accommodation for the originally agreed period of six months, while just under a quarter (23%) intended to provide accommodation for more than 12 months', write the authors of the study.

In addition, the survey showed that of those planning to provide housing for a period of 6 to 12 months, 70% said that further monthly payments of 350 pounds sterling encourage them to make Ukrainians leave longer. 21% of program participants noted that their willingness to help Ukrainians is influenced by the rising cost of living. But it does not follow from the data of this survey that the Ukrainian refugees are being “expelled”, or that the British are tired of the “Ukrainian refugees”. On the contrary, almost half of the respondents propose to provide housing for refugees for a period longer than originally planned. And the British authorities, for their part, are working to expand and extend assistance to the British participating in the program so that they continue to host Ukrainians. There are currently 100,000 Ukrainians in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine program.

Fake The British "raked in all" energy-saving light bulbs on the eve of the price increase for utility services

Pro-Kremlin Telegram channels are circulating a photo of empty storefronts allegedly from a supermarket in Great Britain, which had energy-saving light bulbs on them. It looks like the British bought up all the energy-saving light bulbs and think "that they will save utility bills for years to come." It is not true.

The original pictures were taken in the USA and posted on the popular online resource Alamy, where any user can purchase them. The photo caption says the empty shelves and rationing sign for this item were taken at a Target retail store in Contra Costa, San Ramon, California on March 12, 2020. Photos of the shelves on which there were hand sanitizers and other essential items were already published by the American media Newsweek on March 15. These goods were actively bought in the first days of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the original photos, there is the following inscription on the banner: "The number of disinfectants is limited to six in one hand."

Fact Checks from Stop Fake revealed that the inscription was subsequently edited in a photo editor: the inscription on the banner was changed, packages with light bulbs were added, and price tags were changed. But the angle from which the shots were taken, the location of the shelves, even the size of the banner, and the creases on its margins are completely identical to the photos taken in the USA two years ago.

Fake On the cover of Charlie Hebdo, Volodymyr Zelensky, in the form of a dog with a torn-off arm of Azov's soldier

The cover of the cartoon magazine, on which Great Britain "spits out" Boris Johnson and Zelensky, was used by anonymous Telegram channels for numerous manipulations. However, such a cover does not exist.

The fact-checkers of the VoxCheck project refuted the information. The fake cover of the magazine states that the issue was published on July 9, 2022. The Charlie Hebdo website has an archive of all magazine covers. The cover with the caricature, which Facebook users share, is not on this page. In the section with pictures published in the magazine and on the official Twitter account, there is also no cartoon with Johnson and Zelensky. It is unknown who the author of this caricature is, but it has nothing to do with the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Cartoons allegedly published in foreign magazines are used by Russian propaganda to ridicule and devalue partnership relations between Ukraine and foreign countries.

Fake In the airports of Great Britain, special posters in Ukrainian urge "not to litter and not to break equipment"

Russian propaganda media and anonymous Telegram channels write about this. The British allegedly are beginning to "see through" the chaos Ukrainians are creating at airports and have introduced fines for plagiarism of 5,000 pounds.

The reports add that allegedly blue-yellow posters were specially installed to inform and guarantee to draw the attention of Ukrainians. It is a fake.

Airports in Great Britain do not conduct an information campaign to warn Ukrainians about fines for violating the rules. StopFake fact-checkers checked these "warning" posters and found a video showing a completely different text of such posters. In fact, they inform Ukrainians in three languages ​​about how to get to the aid stations at the airport. The text on the banner was edited in a photo editor.

The British government has issued a special handbook for Ukrainian refugees. It does not contain any information about special fines for Ukrainians of 5,000 pounds (about 220,000 hryvnias) for breaking the rules of conduct.

In this way, Russian propaganda is again trying to discredit Ukrainian refugees, to accuse them of being ungrateful to foreign citizens who help. 

Message Armed Ukrainians will break through to Great Britain

The British Daily Mail published a story about armed migrants entering Great Britain through the English Channel. The Center for Combating Disinformation draws attention to the fact that the Kremlin media referred to this material, although there is no mention of Ukrainians. The Russian mass media added the assumption that due to the increase in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, Great Britain would have to face armed Ukrainian refugees in the future.

The purpose of such a message, according to the conclusion of the CPD, is to create the impression that helping Ukraine with weapons will threaten the security of allied countries. The official position of Great Britain to support Ukraine remains unchanged, as does Russian propaganda on the British front. In particular, messages about fatigue from Ukraine and Zelensky are spreading on social networks.

Manipulation The British complained of being tired of Zelensky after his speech at the festival

Publications are circulating online that the British allegedly condemned Volodymyr Zelensky's "inappropriate" performance at the Glastonbury music festival and "complained about being tired" of him. It is not true.

The publication summarized the opinion of all UK residents, using one user's comment on the Daily Mail article. It talks about Zelensky's speech at the festival and a call to spread the truth about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and help Ukrainian refugees. After Zelensky's address, the audience supported the president with applause. Russian media chose one comment for manipulation. According to VoxCheck fact-checkers, it is unknown whether its author was a participant in the festival and whether he is a citizen of Great Britain because anyone can leave a comment on the site. In addition to the above, there are other negative comments about Zelensky's speech, but they are not enough to objectively assess the level of support for Ukraine in Great Britain.

Russian propaganda systematically uses messages about the "fatigue" of foreign citizens from Ukrainians to discredit international partnerships and aid Ukraine. This technique was also used to generalize the "negative attitude" towards Ukrainians among the French, Germans, Poles, etc.