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Manipulation The British complained of being tired of Zelensky after his speech at the festival

Publications are circulating online that the British allegedly condemned Volodymyr Zelensky's "inappropriate" performance at the Glastonbury music festival and "complained about being tired" of him. It is not true.

The publication summarized the opinion of all UK residents, using one user's comment on the Daily Mail article. It talks about Zelensky's speech at the festival and a call to spread the truth about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and help Ukrainian refugees. After Zelensky's address, the audience supported the president with applause. Russian media chose one comment for manipulation. According to VoxCheck fact-checkers, it is unknown whether its author was a participant in the festival and whether he is a citizen of Great Britain because anyone can leave a comment on the site. In addition to the above, there are other negative comments about Zelensky's speech, but they are not enough to objectively assess the level of support for Ukraine in Great Britain.

Russian propaganda systematically uses messages about the "fatigue" of foreign citizens from Ukrainians to discredit international partnerships and aid Ukraine. This technique was also used to generalize the "negative attitude" towards Ukrainians among the French, Germans, Poles, etc.

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