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Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Фейк On Google map, Romanians marked the Odesa region bombing best view place

Such information was disseminated on social networks, in particular, on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The messages say that Romanian users allegedly indicated on Google Map the place where it is most convenient to “observe shelling” in the Odesa region. A screenshot with a tag is added to messages. It is not true.

The VoxCheck fact-checkers analyzed the case and determined that there was no such mark on the card. It is most likely that such information was simply made up. At the place that propagandists recall in their messages, there is only a mark “Observation platform”, and there are no marks in Romanian. The analysts explain that the inscription “vedere asupra bombardamentului Ucrainei” - “view of the bombing of Ukraine” could have been added in a photo editor or created their own label, which is not displayed to other users.

Propagandists demonstrate that foreigners are supposedly mocking the war in Ukraine and even creating “observation platforms” to watch the daily shelling of Ukraine by Russia.

Із перших днів повномасштабного вторгнення експерти «Детектора медіа» щодня протистоять російській дезінформації. Ми спростовуємо фейкові новини, деконструюємо російські наративи та меседжі. І гартуємо медіаграмотність читачів.

Наша команда закликає долучитися до Спільноти «Детектора медіа», щоб разом боротися з російською пропагандою.