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Message Western countries have begun to deny Ukraine weapons because they want to stop supporting the war

Anonymous GRU-controlled telegram channels are spreading an article by the Italian publication Il Messaggero to prove that Western Europe is gradually withdrawing support for Ukraine and cutting off the supply of weapons. In fact, the article is titled “Rome freezes order for new weapons for Kyiv. But the support of Ukraine remains”, it is not said that Italy refuses to supply weapons to Ukraine. But only that Italy is waiting for the visit of NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg to coordinate plans for the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The visit of the head of NATO will take place in the coming days. In addition, the article says that the air defense systems requested by President Zelenskyi are few in Italy, and therefore the delivery of these systems is being postponed for the time being. Russian telegram channels insist that the "supply of weapons" is stopped because they are allegedly smuggled into the EU and the Middle East, where they fall into the hands of criminals. All of them have recently referred to an article in a Finnish publication, which claimed that law enforcement officers from several Scandinavian countries found weapons from Ukraine in local gangs. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine requested such data from law enforcement officers in Finland - and they did not find any evidence of what was said in the article. Russia has been trying to discredit Ukraine in order to reduce the number of weapons provided by partner countries from the first days of the war. To do this, it systematically invents fakes and manipulates.

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