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Fake The French released the cartoon “Stop nazi games” about Ukraine

A cartoon with the same name is distributed on social networks. It seems to show what is really happening in Ukraine. In the story, Volodymyr Zelenskyi becomes a puppet of Western rulers and launches an attack on the Donbas. The animated video was allegedly produced by the Barracudas agency, positioned as a “French independent studio”. It is fake. There is no information on the web about the so-called Barracudas studio, its creation or work, except for one cartoon about “Nazi Ukraine”. The studio does not have pages or channels on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. At the same time, the video upload date on many platforms is the same - August 14-15. As VoxCheck fact-checkers note, this may indicate forced distribution from fake accounts. Fact-checkers of the Delfi project from Latvia noticed that the style of the Stop nazi games cartoon resembles the work of the Armenian animator David Sahakyants, who created the Kill Dim cartoon series two years ago. This is a political satire about Azerbaijan, which is portrayed as a puppet of Turkey and a threat to the security of Armenia. The cartoons use very similar artistic and visual imagery. For example, the dolls of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Volodymyr Zelenskyi are put on the arm. Later, in both cartoons, these puppets press a button with the inscription “war”, and tanks leave for Armenia and the Donbas. The cartoon "Stop Nazi Games" promotes the key narratives of Russian disinformation about Ukraine: that Ukraine is a Nazi country that started a "civil war" against its own population in the Donbas. Previously, propagandists distributed anti-Ukrainian cartoons created by a Russian woman from Sochi, with comments that allegedly it was made by Israel.

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