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Fake Lithuania and Poland overturn troops to the Belarusian border

Belarusian media write about this and distribute a video on social networks, which allegedly shows columns of German self-propelled mortars moving towards the border. Allegedly, Polish soldiers are helping the Lithuanians. Also, allegedly, the Lithuanian military had identification marks in the form of red ribbons. This is manipulation. According to the Lithuanian fact-checkers of the Delfi project, in fact, this video was filmed at the international Iron Wolf 2022-II exercises, which began on October 17. In total, 3,500 military personnel and 700 pieces of equipment were involved in the training. Such exercises are held annually in spring and autumn for the Iron Wolf mechanized infantry brigade and its battalions. The purpose of the exercises is to work out the combat coherence not only of the Lithuanian troops, but also of partners from other NATO countries. Russia and Belarus systematically spread fake news that NATO countries are aggressive and dangerous. The propagandists claimed that the goal of the West was to blow up the economic potentials of Russia and Belarus and worsen the quality of life of citizens, and also convinced that the Russian army, with the support of Belarus, could “take” Kyiv in two or three months.

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