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Message Ukrainian military are guilty of the tragedy in Bucha

Russian propaganda is again spreading the message that civilians in Bucha during the occupation were shot by Ukrainian artillery. Like, foreign experts came to such results, but they “keep silent” whose artillery killed local residents.

EU vs Disinfo analysts drew attention to a new wave of message dissemination. In the spring of 2022, Russian propaganda said that the Ukrainian military allegedly shelled people's houses in Bucha because they accepted help from the Russians. For this, a specially edited video of eyewitness accounts was used.

The New York Times journalists investigated and identified dozens of soldiers of the 234th airborne assault brigade of the Russian army, who in March 2022, during the temporary occupation of Bucha in the Kyiv region, deliberately killed civilians.

By spreading such messages, Russian propaganda is trying to shift the responsibility for the death of civilians to the Ukrainian army. Propagandists deny the numerous war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine, despite the existing evidence.

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