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Fake In Ukraine, NATO helicopter was shot down

A video allegedly shooting down a helicopter that NATO provided to Ukraine is being circulated on social networks. Like, as soon as these helicopters cross the border of Ukraine, they deal with Russian missiles. Allegedly, the Russians shot down more than one such helicopter. Like, only China shows these videos, and the rest of the countries hide the information. It's fake.

The video of the helicopter shooting down is footage from the video game Arma 3. Reuters fact-checkers found the origin of this video. This footage is likely taken from a YouTube video uploaded in April 2022. It was labeled as a representation of the video game's origins, and was subsequently uploaded in lower resolution without such information. It is difficult to see the animation from the video of the worst quality, so the video may be perceived as real.

Russian propaganda has previously distributed video game cards to illustrate military events. In particular, in this way they were convincing people that Russia “had destroyed” the Ukrainian tank division. Video game footage was also passed off as an online broadcast of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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