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Message Georgians protest against restrictions on freedom of speech but support Ukraine where it does not exist

Pro-Russian telegram channels write that Georgians bring Ukrainian flags to the protests, but this is inappropriate. Like, they are protesting against the law, which will allow the authorities to close the media and “crush” the opposition. And in Ukraine, all “opposition” media were allegedly closed and the opposition as such was “legally banned”. Allegedly, in Ukraine there is no freedom of speech, for which the Georgians are fighting.

Spreading such messages, Russian propaganda uses a substitution of concepts and calls opposition only pro-Russian political parties, which were really banned in Ukraine after the start of a full-scale war. The same applies to the media: those who spread messages supporting Russian propaganda were banned. That is, in Ukraine they are fighting not with the opposition, but with pro-Russian forces. Actually, in Georgia they are also protesting against changes in the legislation that imitate the Russian legislation on “foreign agents”.

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