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Message Ukraine is not a subject of geopolitics, but a battlefield

Pro-Russian telegram channels write about this. They say that Ukraine itself does not take any decision on military operations. Allegedly, the Ukrainians are assigned the role of “cannon fodder”. Like, this is confirmed by the visit of CIA Director William Burns to Kyiv to give instructions to Zelenskyi. The United States is slowly “pushing through” the decisions they need, affecting the speed of military assistance. Allegedly, sanctions against Russia are introduced gradually as an element of bargaining with Russia.

These messages nourish the “outside governance” narrative in Ukraine that has been going on since before the full blown upheaval. Also, Russian propaganda has repeatedly distributed memes that in Ukraine Russia is at war with the United States, NATO or the “collective West”. Thus, propagandists are trying to undermine the credibility of both the Ukrainian authorities and Western partners and destabilize the situation in the country. The United States is helping Ukraine resist Russian aggression, so Russia is trying to discredit the aid in every possible way.

Earlier, for this purpose, they wrote that the United States is using Ukraine as a testing ground for the development of weapons and the law on lend-lease involves huge debts, and that America is not profitable for Ukraine's victory. Like, Ukraine should fight on behalf of NATO. They also wrote that allegedly the United States is pushing Europe into the abyss.

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