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Manipulation NATO reconnaissance aircraft collects information to seize the West of Ukraine

Social networks and telegram channels spread information that the NATO reconnaissance aircraft Boeing E-3 Sentry, which recently arrived in Romania, will participate in Poland's operation to seize the territory of the western regions of Ukraine. One of the sources of these messages is Illia Kyva's telegram channel. This is manipulation.

An American Boeing E-3 Sentry aircraft used for early warning radar recently arrived in Romania. It will monitor Russian military activity on NATO's eastern border. “Operations to seize the territory of Western Ukraine” is a fiction of Russian propaganda. As StopFake notes, it was Russian aggression and a full-scale invasion of Ukraine that forced NATO to increase security measures on its eastern border.

Russian propaganda constantly promotes the narrative that Poland intends to take over the West of Ukraine. Earlier, as part of this narrative, propagandists said that Poland considers the West of Ukraine to be its “colony”. Russian propaganda also spread fakes about a referendum on the accession of the West of Ukraine to Poland and convinced that the West of Ukraine would be given to Poland if Warsaw paid the US debt instead of Kyiv.

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