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Manipulation Abrams and Leopard 2 threaten the health of Ukrainians

The news was spread by Russian media and picked up by pro-Russian TV channels. Like, the decision to supply Western tanks Abrams and Leopard 2 to Kyiv will not only lead to a military escalation, but also pose a threat to the health of civilians. Allegedly, tanks are dangerous due to the fact that they use shells with depleted uranium. Allegedly, due to the use of shells, the area is polluted and outbreaks of oncological diseases occur. Also, allegedly, Russia can consider the use of these shells as the use of a dirty bomb. This is manipulation.

International organizations, in particular the IAEA, the UN Environment Agency, the Scientific Committee on Risks to Health and the Environment of the EU Commission, have come to the general conclusion that the impact of radioactive radiation from depleted uranium is insignificant. Radiation exposure from depleted uranium is very low compared to natural radiation. According to the results of medical examinations of military personnel who used such projectiles during hostilities, they did not find the effect of depleted uranium on their health.

Russian propaganda is conducting an information campaign to discredit German and American tanks that are being planned to transfer to Ukraine. They had previously argued that these tanks would not change the situation at the front. Like, American Abrams tanks are unsuitable for use in Ukraine in winter. It was also argued that Russia would consider Germany a “party to the conflict” if there was permission to supply tanks to Ukraine. More details.

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