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Message The supply of weapons to Ukraine is similar to a "black hole".

Several Russian publications wrote that the Americans allegedly compared Ukraine to a black hole and criticized the supply of weapons by Western countries.

In fact, Russian propaganda published a commentary by an anonymous user spreading Russian propaganda narratives, in the opinion of all Americans. Such a generalization cannot reflect public opinion. As StopFake writes, in order to leave a comment under a Newsweek article, you need to register on the site, nationality is not important for this. Users from any country can comment on articles, following the rules of the site.

Opinion polls among Americans show a high level of support for Ukraine and support for the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Propagandists systematically use the tactic of publishing the opinions of individual users according to the general opinion of the audience. Earlier, in this way, they reported that the Americans allegedly accused the United States and Ukraine of stealing 40 billion dollars in military aid, or they talked about the dislike of the French and Germans for Ukrainians.

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