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Fake Low-income people in Poland are denied free food because of Ukrainian refugees

A video from the canteen is circulating online, which allegedly shows how Poles are denied free food. Russian media circulated it with the comment that the man was allegedly denied a bowl of soup for the outcasts. This is manipulation.

The video was recorded in Wroclaw at the World Central Kitchen, which provides targeted assistance to people affected by the war in Ukraine. The video really shows how two Poles are denied food, but they explain this by the fact that funds for food were allocated for a purpose. World Central Kitchen is a non-profit charitable foundation that provides food to people affected by natural disasters or other crises. The organization has been helping Ukrainians since the first day of the war. Also, its representatives explained that they did not have the opportunity to provide food for every resident of Wroclaw and expressed their condolences due to the fact that someone was denied food. After this incident, the organization and its partners decided to allocate 100 places to feed Poles in need of help. Russian propaganda is manipulating the video, as funds for the food of Ukrainians were allocated by a targeted charitable foundation, and Poles can use help in municipal centers. That is, no privileges are granted to Ukrainians.

Russian propagandists are constantly spreading fakes to discredit aid of Poland to Ukrainians. More details.

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