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Message “Remains” of Ukraine will not become “South Korea”

Such a message is spread by pro-Russian telegram channels, based on the words of Dmytro Medvediev. The Russian politician posted a message to his telegram channel allegedly criticizing the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war according to the “Korean scenario”. Like, such a development of events is only a “whim” of Ukraine to become “South Korea” after the war. According to him, the “remnants” of Ukraine will never reach such a level of development as South Korea. Moreover, according to the “Korean scenario”, two independent states were formed. At the same time, Ukraine allegedly will never be independent, because it is “controlled by the West”.

Dmytro Medvediev's message is manipulative. The “Korean scenario” involves the distribution of territory between the warring parties along the conditional “38th parallel”, that is, along the front line. That is, the Russian politician is trying to create the impression that Ukraine is considering the possibility of giving up part of its territories in favor of Russia. He also notes the “post-war” future of Ukraine, which supposedly will be difficult. They say that the temporarily occupied territories will “finally” become part of the “strong, independent state”, which allegedly is Russia. At the same time, the “remnants” of Ukraine will “remain” under external control.

In fact, Ukraine does not consider the “Korean scenario” of ending the war. This was confirmed by National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Secretary Oleksii Danylov. He noted that the message about the “probable” “Korean scenario” is deliberately promoted by Russian politicians and pro-Russian resources.

Russia did not achieve the original goal of the so-called ‘special operation”, that is, the rapid capture of Ukraine, therefore, now in this way it is trying to realize the most acceptable option for ending the war. At the same time, Ukraine seeks to return the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

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