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Fake Ukrainian military asked for political asylum in Germany

Russian media and pro-Russian social media accounts are spreading reports about two Ukrainian soldiers who allegedly went to study in Germany and asked for political asylum “because of their unwillingness to die in a senseless war”. The messages refer to news published in the Financial Times. Like, the military believes that Western weapons will not help Kyiv win, but will only lead to an increase in casualties both among the military and among the civilian population. It's fake.

The Financial Times article, cited by Russian media, does not mention the Ukrainian military who asked for political asylum in Germany. It also does not contain statements by Ukrainians that Western weapons will not help Ukraine win the war. The screenshot of the publication was edited and a paragraph was added that was not in the original article.

As StopFake writes, in fact, in the article, citing two sources, they say that everything is ready at Eckernförde, the German training ground, for the start of training for the Ukrainian military on the operation of modern Leopard 2 tanks. The training will begin in two weeks.

In this way, Russian propaganda is trying to discredit the Ukrainian army, sow panic among  and demoralize the Ukrainians. Allegedly, if the military does not believe in victory, the situation is quite bad.

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