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Message Olena Zelenska’s statements about victims of sexual violence by Russians are nonsense

Propagandists scoff at the statements made by the wife of the President of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, regarding victims of sexual violence by the Russian army as part of the war against Ukraine. They say that the data that she announced on March 4 at the United for Justice international forum, which was attended by lawyers from all over the world, are not true, and the very topic of sexual violence against women, children and men in war conditions is not of great importance.

In fact, the problem of sexual violence in war is becoming a “gambling” character. The Russian military perceives rape as revenge, and the victims of sexual violence and their suffering as a reward and trophy. Although it refers to women, there are also men among the victims of rape by the Russian military. Olena Zelenska said Ukrainian prosecutors are investigating 171 cases of sexual assault by the Russian military. 39 men and 13 minors are among the victims. In this case, we are talking only about those persons who dared to tell law enforcement officers about the rape. On the other hand, the number of victims may be even higher due to the fact that the topic of sexual violence in Ukraine still has its “taboos” in society.

By mocking the words of Zelenska, propagandists are trying to devalue the dignity of Ukrainians. Like, Ukraine is already known only for its prostitutes. Russian propaganda is stamping Ukrainians with sexual violence. This serves as repeated evidence of a lack of understanding of the rules of warfare. Detector Media has already investigated how propagandists mock Ukrainian women, speculating on stereotypes as part of gender disinformation.

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